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We all know how the petite SIG P365 stole our hearts since its launch. Back in 2018, the pistol underwent some fixes. Because it had many problems before.

As of now, the SIG P365 has been modified. But we still hear some issues with this model.

Some of the most common SIG P365 problems include a terrible striker design, not returning to the battery, TRS issues, slide failures and loading problems.

In this article, you will find the fix to these problems. Additionally, you will find what the users currently experience with this product. Read the entire article to find out!

Features & Specifications of SIG P365 Gun:

SIG P365 Gun Specs
Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum, .380 ACP
Capacity10+1/12+1 rounds
Barrel Length3.1 inch.
Weight17.8 oz (500 g).
Length5.8 inch.
Width1 inch.
Height4.3 inch.
SafetyOptional ambidextrous manual safety (magazine release, slide stop and takedown lever, striker-firing trigger).
SightsTritium XRAY3 Day/Night Sights, Three Dot.

5 Common SIG P365 Problems and Their Solutions – GunAnalyst (3)

Common SIG P365 Problems and Solutions

Some of the most common SIG P365 problems are discussed below.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Bad Striker DesignPurchase the new P365 striker assembly.
Gun Not Returning to BatteryA light tap on the magazine; rack the slide.
Poor TRS-Related IssuesChange the TRS; upgrade to the new model (September 2018 onwards).
Slide FailuresTroubleshoot the lever.
Loading ProblemsGet the Uplula.

1. Bad Striker Design:

It is the infamous firing pin breakage problem with the early striker design. It happened due to repeatedly firing them dry, most likely into an empty chamber (i.e., no snap cap use), by the users.

The idea of the design was that the firing pin would eventually break completely and separate from the rest of the striker assembly.

It will be due to repeated blows against the back side of the breech face.

This condition increased the stress on the firing pin because many early guns also showed a large degree of firing pin drag across the case primers during live discharge.

The Fix:

SIG’s mistake was that they didn’t make the striker strong enough for the material they were going to use. This was corrected in models after 2018.

Purchase the new P365 striker assembly to upgrade your old striker. Less money is spent, and any problems are resolved.

2. Gun Not Returning to Battery:

The SIG P365 is often unable to return to the battery. Malfunctions may happen with one particular magazine. A tight fit or inadequate lubrication may occasionally result in a failure to return to battery.

The Fix:

A light tap on the magazine well is enough to make it return. Take it up every day and rack the slide twice or thrice.

Moreover, its simple to fix it with lubricant. With continued use, the tight fit should become less of an issue.

First, ensure the weapon is greased and cleaned correctly.

Slowing factors include excessive dirt, fouling, etc. It is known that SIG has replaced RSA and polished the feed ramp barrel transition area to solve this problem.

3. Poor TRS-Related Issues:

You may find telltale scuffs or scratches on the finish of your gun’s box magazines, usually on the back side near the top.

These scratches were caused by a wrongly sized trigger return spring (TRS). It was too long at the end that faced the magazine.

As a result, this long end would come into contact with the back of the magazine. When the magazine was put in and taken out, it scratched the back of the magazine. This may cause a “rattle” movement or “hammering” on the end of the TRS.

It continues until the return spring finally comes loose from its connection point on the fire control housing, leaving a dead trigger.

The Fix:

SIG has fixed this problem by making sure that the TRS meets the right specs before it is put into the trigger group. You can change the TRS with the one from Midwest. However, it’s better to have the newer models.

It is because replacing the gun parts is not always safe.

4. Slide Failures:

The slide will partially move forward with every magazine discharged one to two times. As a result, it may get stuck or locked when reassembling it after cleaning.

The Fix:

It might happen due to tight slide release lever release. Fully engage the takedown lever’s rotation.

If it isn’t entirely down, slide the frame off, push up on the slide lock, and rotate the lever 90 degrees.

Look at the gun’s back on the right side. There’s a tiny lever there. It will halt the sliding if it is sticking up.

The lever is stuck just where you slide. Find out whether that is it.

Additionally, if you fire the trigger while the gun is disassembled, a “Safety Lever” – a small finger sticking out over on the right side of the 365, prevents the slide from being put back on.

Don’t squeeze the trigger while it’s dismantled. Instead, use a little screwdriver or punch to push it down.

5. Loading Problems:

The 12-round magazines work flawlessly. The Sig P365 15-round magazines, however, don’t work correctly. Loading with a Maglula may not help either. Springs in magazines can’t be loosened by using a lubricant.

The Fix:

Get the Uplula. It facilitates the process of loading the 15-round mags.

User Feedback on SIG P365

Although there is a bad reputation, most users vouch for their beloved gun. Furthermore, according to the customers, most SIG P365 pistols manufactured before June 2018 are also reliable. And the actual percentage of problematic firearms was rather low.

You can be misled by YouTube though. It is an echo chamber, and many gun channels are members of a clique that mostly worships one brand. They criticize SIG’s innovation by reiterating the same misinformation.

It is the absolute worst place to learn about the p365 (or most firearms, for that matter). The truth is that the problems were limited to early guns and were mostly brought on by bad parts batches from the relevant vendors.

The trigger springs were fashioned poorly with too-small mounting legs that readily disengaged. Users also report that the strikers were improperly heat-treated and rapidly snapped.

Both problems were swiftly identified, and new parts built to specifications were used to fix them. You can see from the most recent data that issues with the P365s are not particularly widespread. They are comparable to those with other handguns.

If you have been considering a P365, now is an excellent time to get one. Because they’re getting easier to locate and the cost is finally going down a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Would a P365 or P365XL be preferable for CCW?

The regular 365 can be hidden in a smaller frame better. And, the XL is pointless if you want to carry a 12-round magazine.

Is it preferable to purchase the P365 with or without a manual safety?

If you mistakenly squeeze the trigger, a manual safety will help prevent you from blasting something you don’t want to. The manual safety seems redundant in this case.

Will a Sig P365 with Wilson frame fit in P365 Kydex holster?

Yes, the Wilson frame fits every holster for a P365X.

Can I safely dry-fire my P365?

Yes.For any firearm, it should always be advised to use a snap-cap or comparable tool during dry-fire training although it is not necessary.


The good news is, SIG has these 365’s problems figured out currently. And for the small proportion which may suffer an issue, they are swiftly and easily resolved with a call to CS.

I know nobody wants to have an issue with their EDC, but it is reassuring that Sig would take care of it no questions asked (or very few, anyhow).

So feel free to go for this one without a shred of doubt in your heart. You will not be disappointed.

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The SIG P365 is a popular pistol that has gained a lot of attention since its launch in 2018. While it has undergone some modifications, there are still some reported issues with this model. In this article, we will discuss the common problems associated with the SIG P365 and provide solutions to address them.

Common SIG P365 Problems and Solutions

  1. Bad Striker Design: One of the infamous problems with the early striker design of the SIG P365 is firing pin breakage. This issue occurred due to repeated dry firing without snap caps, causing the firing pin to eventually break and separate from the rest of the striker assembly. The fix for this problem was implemented in models produced after 2018, where SIG made the striker stronger. To resolve this issue, users can purchase the new P365 striker assembly [[1]].

  2. Gun Not Returning to Battery: Another common problem reported with the SIG P365 is the failure to return to battery. This issue may occur with a specific magazine and can be caused by a tight fit or inadequate lubrication. To fix this problem, a light tap on the magazine well can help the gun return to battery. Additionally, ensuring proper lubrication and cleaning of the weapon can help alleviate this issue [[2]].

  3. Poor TRS-Related Issues: Some users have experienced scratches or scuffs on the finish of their SIG P365 box magazines, particularly near the top backside. These scratches were caused by a trigger return spring (TRS) that was too long and came into contact with the back of the magazine, resulting in movement or hammering on the TRS. SIG has addressed this problem by ensuring that the TRS meets the correct specifications before being installed. Users can replace the TRS with one from Midwest or consider purchasing newer models that have resolved this issue [[3]].

  4. Slide Failures: Slide failures can occur when the slide partially moves forward after discharging one to two magazines, causing it to get stuck or locked during reassembly after cleaning. This problem can be resolved by ensuring that the takedown lever's rotation is fully engaged. If the lever is not entirely down, sliding the frame off, pushing up on the slide lock, and rotating the lever 90 degrees can help resolve the issue. Additionally, users should check if the small lever on the right side of the gun's back is stuck, as it can prevent the slide from being put back on [[4]].

  5. Loading Problems: Some users have reported issues with loading the 15-round magazines of the SIG P365. Loading with a Maglula may not help, as the springs in the magazines cannot be loosened with lubrication. To address this problem, users can consider using the Uplula, a tool that facilitates the process of loading the 15-round magazines [[5]].

It's important to note that while these problems have been reported, the overall reliability of the SIG P365 is still considered good. Most users vouch for the pistol, and the percentage of problematic firearms is relatively low. It's worth mentioning that early production models before June 2018 may have had more issues, but SIG has addressed and resolved these problems with newer models. It's always recommended to do thorough research and consider user feedback before making a purchasing decision.

In conclusion, the SIG P365 is a popular pistol with some reported issues, but the manufacturer has taken steps to address and resolve these problems. With the availability of fixes and improvements, the SIG P365 remains a reliable choice for many gun enthusiasts.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

5 Common SIG P365 Problems and Their Solutions – GunAnalyst (2024)
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