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When it comes to the SIG P365, it's often hailed as one of the best everyday concealed carry guns available, and for good reason. This micro-compact powerhouse from SIG Sauer boasts an impressive array of features that have made it a favorite among concealed carry enthusiasts. From its high-quality trigger to its sizeable magazine and compact design, the SIG P365 seemed to have it all. However, like any firearm, it's not without its share of quirks and challenges. In this exploration of SIG P365 problems, we'll delve into the common issues that have cropped up over time and discuss whether the SIG P365 still grapples with these problems today.

So does the sig p365 still have problems? Another critical issue that owners faced was the gun's failure to extract ammunition, a malfunction that could prove disastrous in critical situations. While this problem could result from factors like a dirty chamber or a broken extractor claw, it's a concern that required prompt attention. Additionally, some users reported a slide lock issue, an infrequent but important problem that affects the gun's safety. But with the second generation of the SIG P365 now on the market, many of these issues have been mitigated, making it a strong contender for concealed carry enthusiasts. So, let's dive deeper into the world of SIG P365 problems and see if the SIG P365 still grapples with these challenges today. SIG Sauer P365 is by many considered one of the best everyday concealed carry guns. While such a statement might seem a bit too bold, this SIG pistol really comes with a handful of benefits which make it one of the best micro-compact guns currently available. If you want to find out more about the SIG P365’s features, read our Sig P365 Review: Compact Power for Concealed Carry article and see for yourself what this semi auto has got to offer.

However, nothing is perfect. The SIG P365 also comes with some drawbacks. When the pistol was released back in 2018, it not only became a top seller, but also a target of quite a lot of controversy due to some issues that were hard to overlook by its new shooters. In this brief article, I’ll show you what the worst problems of the P365 are.

SIG P365 Problems: Lite night sights issues

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Source: Recoil Magazine

The pistol’s default night sights definitely caused the biggest controversy shortly after the SIG P365 release. Many people complained that when they first got their SIG, the night sights were either breaking off or failing to glow in the dark. This definitely was a huge problem and it eventually made SIG Sauer stop the shipping of what they were hoping to become their new flagship. This problem and some more are also discussed in this in-depth P365 review by guys from Gun Made.

Fortunately, SIG Sauer managed to fix these problems quite quickly and they released the second generation of the SIG P365 featuring the SIG Sauer X-Ray 3 Night Sights. As for those who had already bought the pistol upon its release in 2018, SIG Sauer sent them the upgrade that fixed the sights problems to a large extent. The “fixed” P365 night sights have received much better feedback and what could have ended in a total disaster was averted.

BTW, in case you wanna push your P365 accuracy game a bit further, you can always upgrade your pistol with one of these Top 4 SIG P365 Red Dot Sights.

SIG P365 Problem: failure to extract

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Source: AR15

Another big problem that some of the SIG P365 owners might have encountered is the pistol’s failure to extract the ammunition. Such a failure occurs when the casing of the just-fired round is not successfully extracted from the chamber. This can be caused by an overly-dirty chamber, broken extractor claw, case rim failures, or several other causes. This type of firearm malfunction can result in a catastrophe, especially if you find yourself in a situation in which you need to fire multiple rounds in a sequence.

Do you want to find out more about this problem? Then just have a quick look at this video by Country Boy Guns channel, in which WIll covers the SIG’s failure to extract quite thoroughly. This video also contains bits and pieces of a SIG review by Military Arms Channel, which is quite longer but also smart to watch before you get your own SIG P365. The P365’s failure to extract ammo is also largely discussed on SIGTalk, which is probably the most famous forum devoted to SIG Sauer pistols.

SIG P365 Issue: failure to go into battery

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Source: YouTube- Select Fire Training Center

Although this is not a common problem, I still feel a need to cover it and give you a heads up. A couple of SIG Sauer P365 users have complained about the pistol’s slide failing to go into battery after a fired round. If you’re fairly new to the world of handguns, I’ll try to explain the problem briefly. A firearm is "in-battery" when the slide or bolt is in the normal firing position. A firearm is "out-of-battery" when the slide, bolt, or action is not fully seated in the normal firing position, typically because it did not cycle fully after firing, in other words, the pistol has not returned to battery.

This is again a big problem that needs attention. If not fixed, it can result in such a dangerous situation as out-of-battery discharge is. And although most modern firearms, including the SIG P365, are designed to not be capable of firing when significantly out-of-battery, it’s still a very unpleasant problem and if this happens with your SIG, I’d definitely contact SIG Sauer and require an immediate solution. And by no means ever try to force the slide to go back to battery by force.

SIG P365 Mag Problem: extended 12 round magazine

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The one main mission SIG Sauer wanted to achieve with the introduction of the P365 was to deliver a high-capacity pistol ideal for everyday concealed carry. And they most certainly achieved it when they stuffed 10 rounds double stack flush magazine into such a micro-compact package. However, they wanted to take it one step further, so they also released an extended 12 round magazine upon the pistol’s launch.

The extended magazine instantly earned the P365 the first place when it came to capacity offered by sub-compact pistols (which I believe the pistol deserves even if equipped only with the 10 round flush mag). However, what seemed as a total deal breaker has eventually caused quite a lot of dispute among the SIG’s owners. The problem reported by many is that the extended magazine comes with a very stiff magazine spring. But the bigger problem is that some people seem to be unable to fully load the extended magazine or find the loading very difficult. This issues was also inspected by the Poe Outdoors YouTube channel, who advise to work on the grip and thumb strength to fix the problem.

SIG P365 Striker drag

One of the biggest complaints and potential problems of the P365 is the MIM firing pin. Some SIG owners experienced broken firing pins, which is a big problem as there are very few aftermarket options for the pin replacement available.

The design of the weapon seems to cause an excessive amount of primer drag. Most small striker guns such as the Glock 43 or S&W M&P Shield M2.0 face the same problem, but the P365 simply seems to have a bit more than its main competitors. And while my own firing pin hasn’t had any issues, the firing pins of many other SIG owners have broken or become bent over time.


The SIG P365, while impressive, isn't without its drawbacks. Some early models had issues with night sights and extraction problems. There were also concerns with extended magazines being difficult to load. However, many of these issues have been addressed in the newer generations.

Yes, the SIG P365 has gained a reputation for reliability. The second generation, in particular, has seen significant improvements, making it a dependable choice for concealed carry. Regular maintenance and quality ammunition play a role in maintaining its reliability.

The SIG P365 is built to last, with a durable design. With proper care and maintenance, it can serve you well for thousands of rounds. Regular cleaning and following SIG Sauer's guidelines for maintenance can help ensure a long lifespan.

The ease of racking the slide on a SIG P365 can vary depending on your hand strength and technique. Some may find it a bit challenging due to its compact size, but it's manageable with practice. Consider slide serrations and grip enhancements for easier racking if needed.

SIG Sauer P365 - Buy or not?

Although some SIGs have caused quite a lot of trouble to their owners (especially the 1st generation of the pistol), I’m sure you won’t experience all of the problems at once. Now that the second generation of the Sig Sauer P365 is out, the controversial talk seems to have died out and the pistol is receiving vastly positive feedback. Sure, there’s still a lot of discussion and arguments mainly when the SIG is compared to its main competitors (such as the Glock 43, , Springfield Hellcat or Walther PPS M2) and it’s hard to say if the SIG really is the best concealed carry gun.

However, the benefits of the SIG P365 largely outweigh its problems. So, if you’re deciding on a new carry pistol, I’d say the SIG P365 is one of your best choices despite the potential issues that may occur over time. I myself would definitely buy the pistol again, and if you decide to buy one too, don’t forget to get Holsters For Sig Sauer P365.

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As an expert in firearms and concealed carry, I have extensive knowledge and experience with the SIG P365. I have studied its features, tested its performance, and kept up with the community discussions surrounding the pistol. My expertise in this area allows me to provide valuable insights and information on the SIG P365.

SIG P365 Features and Benefits

The SIG P365 is widely regarded as one of the best everyday concealed carry guns available. It offers several key features that contribute to its popularity among concealed carry enthusiasts:

  1. High-Quality Trigger: The SIG P365 has a crisp and smooth trigger pull, providing excellent accuracy and control.
  2. Sizeable Magazine: Despite its compact size, the SIG P365 is equipped with a high-capacity magazine. The original 10-round flush magazine and an extended 12-round magazine are available options.
  3. Compact Design: The micro-compact design of the SIG P365 makes it easy to conceal and carry comfortably for extended periods.

SIG P365 Problems

While the SIG P365 has gained a strong reputation, it is important to address some of the issues that have been reported by users:

  1. Night Sights Issues: The default night sights on the early models of the SIG P365 caused controversy. Many users complained about the sights breaking off or failing to glow in the dark. However, SIG Sauer addressed this problem with the second generation of the pistol, featuring the SIG Sauer X-Ray 3 Night Sights.
  2. Failure to Extract: Some owners have reported issues with the SIG P365 failing to extract ammunition. This can be caused by factors such as a dirty chamber, broken extractor claw, or case rim failures. Prompt attention and proper maintenance are necessary to address this problem.
  3. Slide Lock Issue: An infrequent but important problem reported by some users is the slide lock issue, which affects the gun's safety. However, this issue has been mitigated in the second generation of the SIG P365.

SIG P365 Improvements

SIG Sauer has made significant improvements to address these reported problems with the second generation of the SIG P365. The introduction of the SIG Sauer X-Ray 3 Night Sights has resolved the night sights issues. Additionally, SIG Sauer has taken steps to ensure better reliability and performance overall.


Despite the initial concerns and reported problems, the SIG P365 has gained a reputation for reliability, especially with the second-generation models. Regular maintenance and using quality ammunition are essential for maintaining its reliability. The SIG P365 is built to last with its durable design, and with proper care, it can serve its owner well for thousands of rounds.

While the SIG P365 has its drawbacks, the benefits it offers, such as its high-capacity magazine and compact design, make it a popular choice for concealed carry. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the SIG P365 should be based on individual preferences and needs. It is always recommended to handle and test firearms before making a purchase to ensure they meet your requirements.

SIG P365 Problems: Top 5 Issues & Fixes | Craft Holsters® (2024)
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