Wings Of Fire: The Forgotten Tribes (2023)

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Wings Of Fire: The Forgotten Tribes (1)

Wings of Fire: The Forgotten Tribes

Lost tribes Prophecy:

(credit to moonwolf-foxx for this prophecy)

Terror lurks once more in his Mind,

Poor Dragons lost to fate unkind.

The the Lost Tribes now freed or left Rotten,

Lost Wonders here musn't be forgotten.

If there means to be free, come fourth now, dragonets so legendary.

But Fear the one who lurks in the Mist, For 'Fireweiler' is first on darkened list.

If this fate is to be, one must die for Dragonkind to be Free.

Pro log

Jerboa stood in the middle of the intense sandstorm, flinching. She had just given birth for Jerboa 3, and needed some time to herself.

She stood for a long time, and after a while, the intense sandstorm stopped. She was confused, and she started walking back to her home.

But, a jingling sound caught her attention, and she turned. There stood a kind of crack in reality, but what was inside shocked her the most.

She walked up to the mysterious crack, and peeked through. she saw plants, scavengers, trees, and dragons.

Wait what? she looked closer and saw two dragons with 4 wings, flaming tails , and they also had very tough-looking scales.

She gasped, but that caught the attention of the two dragons. She immediately put her head back into reality.

The two dragons approached the crack with interest, and then ripped it open. they rushed through, seeming like they were relieved.

Jerboa exlaimed, "Who are you?" She was very confused. The first dragon, answered. "We were trapped by an animus in there. May we ask though, where the hell are we?"

"You are in Sandwing territory, in Pyrrhia." "We are from the Flame Kingdom, in Barthus."

I must report this to queen scorpion, she thought. She started flying towards the sandwing palace, leaving the confused and lost dragons behind.

One of them shouted, "Just remember that the animus was called Fireweiler!"

She flew for a while, and finally saw the Sand wing palace. She saw a kind of blackish yellow dragon down in the gates of the palace.

It must be another hybrid, she thought. She approached the guards. "I must talk to the queen. Immediately.", she said.

The guards looked at eachother and said, "Come in.", and Jerboa entered. She walked through the halls, full of overexaggerated painting of the queen.

She went to the throne room, where a line of subjects were there. After all of them departed, she finally saw the queen. sitting on top of a gold

throne. She looked very serious. "So Jerboa, what have you got to report today?", she hissed. Jerboa answered, telling the queen everything, from the

sandstorm to the dragons shouting "fire wielder". "And what does this have to do with me may i ask?" Before Jerboa could answer, the "hybrid"

aproached. But it wasn't a hybrid. It was a Nightwing. The queen hissed, "Exuse me, can't you see that"-

The Nightwing didn't wait for her to shout at him. With one quick slash, she slit the queen's throat.

"Why....." The queen stuttered. Then she collapsed onto the rocky floor, smearing the ground around her red. Jerboa was horrified.

She dashed out of the throne room as fast as she could to the gate.

With her legs and claws covered in blood, she rushed to the guards. The guards had been notified of the queen's death, and were horrified.

With the blood on her claws, she looked like the queens killer. "Stop right there", a guard demanded. "An Nightwing slit the queens throat!" "What!?"

Jerboa led the guards to the throne room, to prove that she was innocent, but the Nightwing was gone. She saw that there was no hope, so she walked up to the balcony, and flew away, never to be seen again by the guards. I'm going to help them myself, she thought.

Chapter One

Scorch, Barthus

Scorch was very happy. His continent of Barthus had everything they needed, including cows, pigs, and other prey. He was lying on a lounge chair, and was sipping cold water in a cup.

He lounged for a while, until, a messenger from the south came to him. "Sir, your parents want you in the palace for a meeting." He sighed. Being a prince meant more meetings in the palace than he thought.

He flew towards the palace at full speed, and landed on a balcony. It turns out, it was exactly the balcony his parents where on."Scorch! How many

times do i have to tell you, don't land on the balcony", said his mother. "alright, alright", he answered. They got to the meeting area and they all listened to his dad's speech.

Everyone was not paying a lot of attention until, he said "Our island is not suitable for us anymore. Flame wielder has cursed us all. Our meat is now

rotting. We must all fly to another continent!

With this, everyone started pounding Scorch's dad with questions. In the meanwhile, Scorch didn't think a lot about it, and he decided to sneak away to get some fresh food.

but, when he got to the dinning room, All the meat was rotten. same with the others. He now thought alot about it. But then he had a crazy idea.

What if i summon fire wielder to free us from this? Only the victors wrote the story. So, he started finding ways to do that.

Then, he had an idea. He started rushing to his parents' room, where they had a safe. The always told him to NEVER ever open it. But he did so anyway.

He cracked the safe combination somehow, and he took out what was inside. It was apparently a scroll. When he opened it, he saw many texts.

He read them, and it seemed like they where animus enchants. But, he saw something.

The back of the paper had some text that could only be read with a mirror. So, he put it up to a mirror and saw the words.

Flamewelier , It said, and Scorch knew that this was it.

He read the enchants, and one of them caught his eye.

It said: "Enchant this scroll, when burned, to unbury me if i am buried."

Scorch was taking a second thought as of summoning Fireweiler. It was not a good idea, but why not? So, he decided for it.

He burned the scroll with the tip of his tail, and the ground started to rumble.

Chapter 2

Moon, Jade mountain

It was early in the afternoon, and Moon was visiting the Jade Mountain Academy, along with Turtle, Winter, and Qibli. They walked up to the entrance,

and were greeted by Sunny and the others. They toured the academy, and then went out. "Too be honest, that was kinda boring.", Winter mumbled.

Moon suddenly had the white eyes again. "Guys, look at moon!", Turtle shouted. They turned to moon, who had white eyes. "Not another prophecy", Winter said, and out tumbled a prophecy from Moon.

"Terror lurks once more in his mind,

Poor dragons lost to fate unkind.

The the Lost Tribes now freed or left Rotten,

Lost Wonders here mustn't be forgotten.

If there means to be free, come fourth now, dragonets so legendary.

But Fear the one who lurks in the Mist, For 'Fireweiler' is first on darkened list.

If this fate is to be, one must die for Dragonkind to be Free."

"Wow, that seems like a job not for us. I mean, we saved the world from like, two evil dragons. Queen Wasp and Darkstalker. ", said Winter.

Qibli, on the other hand, thought the exact opposite thing.

"YAY! We get to save the world again." Turtle on the other hand, was lying on the ground mumbling, "Maybe tomorrow? I'm too tired."

Meanwhile, a whole lot was happening in Moon's brain. So, we have to save the world again. Yay? Welp, i probably can't fly that far, but those poor dragons...

Moon decided to ask Jerboa 3 about this. So, the next day, Moon and the others flew toward's her hut.

Knock Knock. Moon and the others were at the doorstep, waiting for her. A second later, she opened the door. "What seems to be the problem?", she asked.

"Long story short, we have to save the world again because of a prophecy made by Moon.", Qibli said.

Jerboa 3 opened her eyes real wide. "What?!" "It's true", Moon said. "So, do you have any information about this?"

Surprising, She had some information about it. Jerboa 3 first invited them inside her hut, and she started telling them. "So, apparently i have my mom's journal, right here." Jerboa 3 put a old looking book on a table. "There was a section for some werid dragons talking about a dragon called "Fireweiler".

"I never thought much about it, since it was around the time she kinda lost her soul." Moon read it, and was surprised how detailed it was. From the portal to the killing of queen scorpion, it said it all.

"So, do we have another Darkstalker to deal with?", asked Turtle "I mean, he's animus, he's kinda evil, so i would say so.", Moon said.

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