My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (2024)

My Child’s Bedroom is the second post in the series,My Minimalism.It’san ongoing tour ofposts with photos sharing the areas and itemsI’ve minimized. You will see areas I have simplified, what minimalism currently looks likefor me,and what itmaylook like foryou.

Minimalism will look different for all of us and I think it’s important we don’t make stuff the focus of this journey. Minimalism is only a vehicle to remove the nonessential so that you can live a more intentional and meaningful life. So please, take my minimalismas just a drop in the bucket andcreate what works for YOU.

We have four children, ages 3, 4, 8 and 11. Our two and three-year old share a bedroom whileour seven and ten year old have their own. In this post, I’m sharing my seven-year-olds bedroom.

But beforewe get to the contents I want to mention a few things that have helped shape the simplicity in his room.

Conversations.We always look for opportunities to cultivate contentment, gratitude, and thankfulness for what we have. Simple conversations and mindfulness go a long way. My kids have become fond of this Thankful Thread Challengewhile growing their contentment and understanding that stuff does not make you happy.

Responsibility. My son is responsible for the contents of his room. We let him know it’s his responsibility to maintain some sense of order and cleanliness. We don’t want to step on toys when we tuck him in every night. He vacuums, dusts, puts his clothes and toys away in his room.

What is enough.We try to teach our children the value enough. He can’t (and shouldn’t) keep what he doesn’t have time to take care of. When our children want to purchase something with their own money, we ask him questions like, “Do you have time to take care of that? ” “Is there something you would rather do like go skating or hiking?”

This Space. He has a trundle under his bed where he keeps his toys. This works out well for our family. It keeps the responsibility onhim while also keeping toys away from his younger brothers. (think choking hazard). The trundle space is also how we limit what he can and can’t keep. We tell him that he can keep what ever toys fit comfortably in the trundle. This puts the ownership on him and helps him make his choices about what is worth having.

We moved into a new house this past summer, from Connecticut to Georgia. And although my son doesn’t prefer red and blue walls, he’s been pretty content in his new room.

My Child’sBedroom

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (1)

This is the viewis his bedroom as you walk in the door.

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (2)

He has one shelf thatholds his globe lamp, a framed photo, his beloved fish, iPad and a basket of stuffed animals. He may keep however many stuffed animals fit in this basket. (Hence, it’s small size)

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (3)

My son’s mad skills at bed-making. I was impressed! These little plush dogs have been my son’s favorite sleeping buddy. He kept one stuffed animal up until last year. He came to me one day and said, “Mom, Buddy is such a good dog, and every dog needs a good friend.” So he gathered his money together and picked out a friend for Buddy. And here they live, inseparable.

His Toys

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (4)

Here is the trundle pulled out with his toys inside. He organized and arranged all of it. This doesn’t come naturally for him, but it’s something he has worked on.

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (5)

He has his legos in the colored bins, a few books, star wars puzzle, a ball, a hat, wicker basket of special things, two start wars figures, and a plastic small plastic container with a magnet toy in it that he builds amazing contraptions with.

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (6)

We could have consolidated the legos but we kept most Lego bins shallow for easy finding. The red bin on the bottom right holds the instruction sheets for his Legos.

His Closet

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (7)

Here is the view of his closet from his bed. He put all of his clothes away himself for this photo, even hung the shirts facing the same direction!

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (8)

On the tan shelf, left to right; 2pajama pants, one pajama short, two pajama shirts, seven pairs of shorts. The second row has a couple of sets of clothes for his stuffed animals and two neck ties, the middle bin has his underwear and socks, and the last door is empty. The third row on the tan shelf has a blue tent folded up and a red hat.

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (9)

On the top shelf; a bag and neck pillow. There is also a bag of out of season clothes (pants) to the left that you can’t see. Hanging from left to right; A bathrobe, winter coat, fall coat, rain coat, six long sleeve shirts, seven short sleeve shirts.

*Update* We’ve changed up his room a bit. You can see the changes in My Child’s Bedroom Redo.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful to curate a simplified space in your Child’s bedroom.

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Minimalism in My Child's Bedroom

The concept of minimalism, as demonstrated in the article "My Child’s Bedroom," revolves around creating a simplified and intentional living space for children. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating contentment, gratitude, and responsibility in children, while also teaching them the value of "enough." The article highlights the following key aspects of minimalism in a child's bedroom:

1. Cultivating Contentment and Responsibility:

  • The article emphasizes the significance of simple conversations and mindfulness to cultivate contentment and gratitude in children.
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for the contents of their room, promoting a sense of order and cleanliness.

2. Teaching the Value of "Enough":

  • The article focuses on teaching children the value of "enough" and the importance of only keeping items they have time to take care of.

3. Limiting Possessions and Ownership:

  • The use of a trundle under the bed to limit the number of toys a child can keep, thereby putting the ownership and responsibility on the child.

4. Organized Living Space:

  • The article showcases the organization of the child's bedroom, including the arrangement of toys, books, and clothes in a systematic manner.

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In conclusion, the article "My Child’s Bedroom" provides valuable insights into minimalism and indirectly reflects principles of effective public speaking, making it a valuable resource for parents and individuals interested in creating intentional living spaces for children and honing their public speaking skills.

My Minimalism: My Child's Bedroom - Raising Simple (2024)
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