Gnath Cometdrone FFXIV Location (2023)

MMORPGs offer a variety of content ranging from lighthearted crafting to high-end raiding and everything in between. FFXIV is no exception, and The Hunt is one such kind of content on offer. A simple mission of picking your quarry and slaying it for decent to great rewards – many would find it as a good change of pace. In our Gnath Cometdrone FFXIV location guide, we will go over how you unlock Clan Centurio and where you can find the target.

Key Highlights:

  • FFXIV has a variety of Hunts player can do together to obtain experience points and items.
  • The hunt enemies are divided into ranks based on their strength.
  • Gnath Cometdrone is a B rank hunt enemy.
  • It can be found in a random spot in the Heavensward area called Foundation.
  • Gnath Cometdrone is fairly simple to kill.

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Clan Hunts In FFXIV

Ever since the release of A Realm Reborn in 2013, hunts have existed in FFXIV. Every expansion since then has introduced new hunt marks and hunting clans. Heavensward in 2015 introduced Clan Centurio hunts, Stormblood added new hunting marks for Clan Centurio in the new regions, Shadowbringers took us to Norvrandt where we found Clan Nutsy, and with Endwalker, we have The Guildship of Sharlayan.

Each of these hunting clans has its own currency that’s earned as a reward for slaying the marks. The Grand Company hunts in ARR give Allied Seals, Clan Centurio hunts reward you with Centurio seals, and Clan Nutsy along with The Guildship give Sacks of Nuts as the reward. You can exchange these for items like minions, fashion accessories, Materia, and other miscellaneous stuff.

There’s a rank assigned to each of the marks signifying the difficulty and the rewards. One, Two, and Three-star marks offer minimal loot. However, the B-rank weekly mark, along with A and S-ranks (high-end hunt marks that require overworld player groups), offer significantly greater loot.

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How To Unlock Clan Centurio

This section of our Gnath Cometdrone FFXIV location guide will focus on unlocking hunts. Now, even though this mark is located in the Dravanian Forelands, you’ll need to follow a process. If you’re a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic, go to the barracks of your Grand Company and talk to the NPC at one of the following locations. This location will depend on your Grand Company, and you need to be level 50 and have a Second Lieutenant rank.

  • Scarlet: New Gridania – Adders’ Nest (x:10, y:11.5)
  • Trachraet: Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – Maelstrom Command (x:12.8, y:12.8)
  • Mimio Mio: Ul’dah – Steps of Nald – Hall of Flames (x:8.6, y:9.4)

The NPCs will give you a quest called Let The Hunt Begin if you meet the aforementioned requirements. After completing this quest, you will have access to A Realm Reborn hunts and Allied Seals. Talk to the Huntmaster at the barracks to exchange these for rewards. With the completion of this quest and reaching level 53, you can move on to Ishgard in order to unlock Clan Centurio.

Teleport over to Foundation and then The Forgotten Knight. Once you’re at the location, speak to Aytienne near The Forgotten Knight’s Aetheryte shard at (x:13, y:11.9). He’ll give you a quest called Let The Clan Hunt Begin. Once you speak with Ardolain and examine the Clan Hunt Board, the quest will be completed. This will unlock Clan Centurio hunts for you to undertake.

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Progressing In Clan Centurio

Getting to the B-rank marks in Clan Centurio is more about time than anything else. It’s a fast-paced, gradual progression system that requires you to be at a certain level and complete the prerequisite quest. After the completion of the level 53 quest, your next goal is to reach level 56 and talk to Eustacia outside of The Forgotten Knight. She will be near the Clan Hunt Board at Saint Valeroyant’s Forum (x:12.7, y:11.7). Speaking to her will unlock the level 56 quest called Better Bill Hunting.

With the same objectives as Let The Clan Hunt Begin, completing this quest will unlock the Two-Star Clan Mark Bills. With this quest out of the way, you’re halfway through unlocking the B-Rank elites.

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For the next step, you need to teleport to Idyllshire. Once you’re level 59 and have completed all of the previous steps, speak to Yloise at (x:6.5, y:6.9) to get the quest called Top Marks. While the starting point of this quest is in Idyllshire, the objectives will take you back to Ardolain in Ishgard for the same process. Completing this quest will unlock the Three-Star Clan Mark Bills.

These three bills are all categorized as daily marks. You can pick them from the Hunt Board every day after the reset and get the loot along with the experience points. It’s a good way to get your jobs some passive experience on the side. Another thing to know is that this is the same for all hunt marks in each expansion. Since they all follow the same pattern, it’s easy to acclimate from one level range to another.

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Unlocking Heavensward Elite Mark Hunts

Next, in our Gnath Cometdrone FFXIV location guide, we will talk about the family of B-Rank Elite Marks. Once you complete the previous quests and reach level 60 with your DoW or DoM job, teleport to Foundation. Speak to Ardolain at (x:13.1, y:11.9), and he’ll give you a quest called Elite and Dangerous. After examining the hunt board, you will have access to the weekly elite marks in Heavensward areas.

The Elite marks in any region won’t net you experience points; however, they reward 100 Centurio seals and gil. You can exchange these seals for riding maps, level 60 Job Gear, ventures, minions, housing items, etc. Speak to Ardolain and Yolaine at (x:13.1, y:11.9) to peruse the items you can get with the seals. The Centurio Seals earned from these marks also carry over to Stormblood hunts. You can exchange the seals for rewards exclusive to that expansion.

Being one of the B-Rank elites, the Gnath Cometdrone has a chance of appearing as a weekly mark. If you ever get the bill requiring you to slay it, travel to The Dravanian Forelands. Afterward, you need to scour the map by going to specific spawn points. One of the following locations is where you will find the Gnath Cometdrone strolling around.

  • (x: 25, y: 32)
  • (x: 28, y: 31)
  • (x: 27, y :37)
  • (x: 18, y: 38)
  • (x: 10, y: 35)
  • (x: 17, y: 35)
  • (x: 21, y: 34)
  • (x: 12, y: 27)
  • (x: 14, y: 31)
  • (x: 20, y: 30)

Gnath Cometdrone And B-Ranks

The B-Rank elites are generally docile and won’t attack you on sight like some of the other mobs. You may face a challenge if you’re not over-leveled, so keep an eye out for the Gnath Cometdrone’s Grenade attack. It’s a dodgeable circle AoE move, so just move out of it when the attack is telegraphed. Another move of his will be Flintlock, and it’s a weak-hitting attack that you can mitigate or ignore.

There are no conditions for spawning the Gnath Cometdrone or any B-Rank in general. Knowing that, just go to one of the coordinates listed above if your weekly bill targets the Cometdrone. The respawn timer for B-Ranks is around 5 seconds after death; however, their respawn location is random. They have multiple coordinates on their respective maps. Killing the marks makes them respawn at a random location on the same map.

For more information on other B-Rank elites in Heavensward and other expansions, you can visit the FFXIV wiki. If you wish to go after the exciting A-Rank and S-Rank elites, you should consider joining hunt linkshells in the game or some discord servers. Faloop and Clan Centurio are fairly popular, especially with Endwalker’s release.

The Ecosystem Of A and S Ranks

There’s an entire ecosystem built around A-Ranks and S-Ranks with an etiquette design that players follow. Hunts are meant to be a form of community or group-centric content. This allows everyone to contribute and earn an equal share in the rewards. People who go around sniping and shadow-killing these A and S ranks are frowned upon. Certain people spend time scouting out the marks and forming a list of them which eventually turns into one big train.

S-Ranks, on the other hand, require extra effort. Players need to fulfill certain conditions before there’s a chance for the S-Rank to spawn. Owing to the difficulty of spawning them, the rewards they drop are equally as good. The main factor that distinguishes A and S ranks from other marks is the loot and difficulty. These marks drop clusters that you exchange for Materia and Allagan Tomestones that have various uses. This, along with the seals, makes it pretty enticing for players to go after them. Not to mention the hunt-exclusive mounts and titles that are rewarded for certain achievements.


And that brings us to the end of our Gnath Cometdrone FFXIV location guide. Our goal with this was to not only help you with the Gnath Cometdrone but also give you a general idea of how hunts work in FFXIV. Happy hunting!

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