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Glory is an adult female RainWing, and the main protagonist of The Hidden Kingdom. Formerly a dragonet of destiny, she was also partially responsible for the end of the War of SandWing Succession and the founding of Jade Mountain Academy.

After the events of the NightWing Exodus, Glory became queen of both the NightWing and RainWing tribes. She resides in the RainWing village and is currently in a relationship with Deathbringer.


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Glory has green eyes and brilliant, color-changing scales that are dull in comparison to those of other RainWings. She has soft wings, feathery ears, a long body, tail, and neck, and a long, delicate snout. She is often considered beautiful and elegant.

Unlike most RainWings, Glory tries to keep her scales from showing emotions. Therefore, she is usually seen with dark emerald, green scales and flares of orange around her ears and the underside of her wings. This is because she likes them to match the leaves around her and the rainforest, she lives in.


Glory is often depicted as teasing, sarcastic, cross, snide, intelligent, fierce, firm, sniping, and arch. When Moonwatcher suggested that Glory return to the RainWing village for her own safety while they searched for Icicle, she snorted as though she was sure she could handle anything. She has a steely ferocity about her, and Deathbringer described her as reckless. However, Glory's punishment for Icicle was fair, and Glacier stated that she was an unusual queen for choosing a path toward peace and cooperation over clear and simple vengeance. She is thoughtful and fair. Although she did not seem to be bothered by the memory of using her venom to attack Scarlet, she is unwilling to use her venom on dragons who are unable to fight back. She often refuses to take orders from anyone, and Tsunami once regarded her to be the least trustworthy and most dangerous out of the dragonets of destiny. She speaks for herself, and the RainWing color for happiness does not often appear on her scales.

Upon meeting Winter, she beckoned him to walk beside her as an equal and greeted him as visiting royalty. According to Qibli, she is well-known for being a fair and kind queen. It is hard to figure out what she truly wants, but Moonwatcher stated that she would not want enchanted obedience or fake love from her NightWing subjects. She used to believe she could do everything by herself, but that changed after the RainWing royal challenge.



Since hatching, Glory has shared a strong bond with Clay. It was mentioned that he had often given Glory pretty things to cheer her up, and he was willing to risk his life to save her own in The Dragonet Prophecy. Glory trusts Clay completely and thinks of him as honest and kind. Clay was also quick to try and resolve conflicts between Glory and the others, and he is always ready to forgive Glory whenever she has been unfair. Glory was overjoyed when Clay came to rescue her from the NightWing island. In the graphic novel of The Hidden Kingdom, Glory's scales repeatedly turned pink when Clay was around, hinting she may have had a crush on him before meeting Deathbringer or because of their family love for each other. Even if she did have a crush on him, it is unknown if Clay ever felt the same way. However, Clay was originally written to have a crush on Glory, which can still be seen when Clay repeatedly mentions how pretty Glory is. Glory would kill to protect him. Clay was devastated when he believed that Glory was dead. Glory did not want Clay to risk his life in the river, and instead suggested that she could camouflage herself instead.


When Glory first met Deathbringer, she had been disguised as an IceWing, trying to probe information out of him. Given her personality, Deathbringer gave her more information than what was intended about his mission and then began to flirt with her. Glory was sarcastic with him and did not like his flirting, but he liked her even more because of it and helped her escape the NightWing island when she was imprisoned. The current status between the two is "Bodyguard to Queen." Glory mentioned that she viewed Deathbringer's attempted arrest of Winter as annoying instead of romantic or heroic, but she also spoke to him in a low, surprisingly affectionate voice that made Winter rethink everything he had assumed about the queen and her overenthusiastic bodyguard. Deathbringer once stated that he was half a dragon before he met Glory and would be even less if he lost her. Deathbringer likes her for her personality and how when he suggests something, she shoots him down, which he finds amusing.

In The Dark Secret, Deathbringer described her as beautiful, sarcastic, and fascinating. Glory also said she was not leaving without Deathbringer. When Glory was helping him out of the prison, Glory retorted at him, but Starflight saw that she and Deathbringer "exchanged a look that said, 'thank you' and a whole lot more." Adding to that, in The Brightest Night, Deathbringer kept flirting with her, which Glory dismissed. He even put his wing around Glory, and she let him, which is somewhat unusual given her personality. In Moon Rising, Moon had a vision of Glory and Deathbringer's possible future having an heir together named Firefly. In Winter Turning, Deathbringer is constantly trying to protect Glory and muttering to the queen when she says she does not need help. In Escaping Peril, Sunny says "Glory has magical death spit and Deathbringer and a whole army of RainWings who would die for her." It is implied that Glory and Deathbringer have feelings for one another, and their romantic relationship has been made officially canon by Tui T. Sutherland. It was once stated that Glory failed to keep her scales from turning pink when Deathbringer laid one wing over her. Glory sometimes shows annoyance when Deathbringer flirts with her, but she may also quite enjoy it.


Grandeur is Glory's personal advisor as well as a fellow royal, as Glory's venom counteracted hers. She also aided her and her friends. Since she is Glory's advisor, she is trusted enough to run the kingdom alongside Mangrove when Glory left for the Great War's peace summit. Grandeur believes that Glory deserves to be queen.


Glory did not know that she had a half-brother until she met him in the Rainforest Kingdom. Glory was unimpressed with him at first and thought of him just as ridiculous and silly as the other RainWings. However, Jambu helped her get Blaze to meet the dragonets and he nearly beat Exquisite in the tree-gliding competition, one of the five contests that decided who would become the queen of the RainWings. He was only stopped when Exquisite's sloths entangled him with a collection of vines. He appears to be one of her most trusted dragons now, even if he is incompetent. He also makes sure Glory takes her daily sun time, noting that it makes her less grumpy and more recharged. She considered him a dragon she knew she could count on, as she asked him to come with her to Sanctuary for a queen's summit.


Kestrel and Glory never liked each other. Kestrel didn't like RainWings in general and would often call Glory a "lazy RainWing", even though Glory trained and studied harder than the other dragonets. She also hated Glory because she was a last-minute substitute for the broken SkyWing egg. She and Dune would call Glory a mistake and growl at her a lot. When Morrowseer told the guardians to kill Glory, Kestrel claimed that she did not care about her.


Though she did not initially think much of the dragonet, she had respect for Kinkajou after learning how Kinkajou had been able to visit the other RainWings. She aided Glory in escaping and claims that she would follow her anywhere, even when Glory threatens to take the throne by force. She chooses Tamarin for the Royal RainWing Challenge partially because she was friends with Kinkajou. She participated in the venom targeting part of the Royal Challenge on Glory's behalf and was injured by Grandeur's venom. She is later shown in a dream to see Glory as a big, beautiful queen, crowned and welcoming Kinkajou with open wings, while the other dragons stared at her enviously. Kinkajou also was willing to and did fight Icicle because she threatened to kill Glory. Kinkajou sees herself as one of Glory's best friends, and Glory sees Kinkajou as one of her favorite subjects. Another hint of affection towards Kinkajou from Glory was when she said she wanted her and Moon to stay away from the SkyWings' former queen, Scarlet, when Glory said she and Moon were her favourite subjects. Kinkajou is shown to be very loyal to her queen and friend.


Glory seems to have a good relationship with Mangrove, due to her interest in finding the missing RainWings. He was especially thankful when Orchid was successfully rescued. Glory also appears to trust him, as she appointed him (along with Grandeur) to run the kingdom while she attended the summit.


Glory was first mentioned with Moon when she came to the rainforest to look for Icicle with Qibli, Winter, and Kinkajou in Winter Turning. They ended up meeting Glory when Obsidian and Bromeliad took them to the NightWing village, and then to the Queen's Pavilion. Glory seems to like her, calling her and Kinkajou her favorite subjects. Glory trusted Moon enough to pick her to be the NightWing representative to journey to Pantala to help stop the othermind.


Glory is on neutral terms with Peril. However, the former sometimes does not like Peril, especially when Clay suggested that Peril could be the "Wings of Sky." Peril describes Glory as "far from her favorite fan." Glory calls Sunny brave for talking to Peril into saving Thorn, which she admits would have made her nervous. However, Glory is very grateful that Peril saved Clay's life at the SandWing stronghold when a dragonbite viper bit him.


Glory was originally imprisoned by Scarlet and treated as an artwork throughout most of The Dragonet Prophecy. She often remembers her first time put under the sun and fed fruit, but always eventually reminded herself that she was used as if she was an artifact. Glory and Ex-Queen Scarlet had an extremely negative relationship; this came from the fact that she melted half of Scarlet's face with her venom, in which Scarlet held deep to her heart and constantly swore vengeance over. Scarlet hated Glory enough to try to get Icicle to kill her.


Silver is Glory's pet sloth and the two seem quite close. Silver reminded her of Sunny in a way. Initially she did not think much of the sloth and even suggested that she may eat the sloth. However, she was willing to stop Tsunami from attempting to kill Silver. She had slowly taken a liking for Silver, though she does not want to show her affection for her in front of her friends. Glory grew angry for Silver's sake after Magnificent scared her in order to win her round.


Even though Glory is often annoyed by his know-it-all personality and rambling, she still appears to love him like a brother or friend. She apparently knew about his crush on Sunny and thought he should do something about it. She also shows affection to him on rare occasions. She respects his plans, as she followed his idea of diplomacy in The Dark Secret. She would kill to protect him.


In The Hidden Kingdom, Glory decided Sunny was better to touch than Webs, even though she is not comfortable touching other dragons. This was a rare case of affection from Glory. Glory was also extremely worried when Sunny went missing in The Brightest Night and held her talons in hers when she was found. Sunny helped break up arguments between Tsunami and Glory by always making it seem like she was on their sides. As with Clay and the others, Glory has a strong connection with Sunny. She would kill to protect her, and Sunny views Glory as indestructible and amazing. When she thought Glory might be dead, she broke down, covering her face with her talons and curling into a ball with her wings over her head.


Glory did not know Tamarin that well (other than Kinkajou talking about her), other than the fact that she was blind. Tamarin seemed confident in front of Glory when she said that maybe she could not do the flower challenge, with Kinkajou later stating that Tamarin had the best nose in the whole kingdom. At first, Glory doubted her abilities, but when Tamarin won the flower hunt in the RainWing queen challenge, she began to see that she was a skilled dragonet, despite her blindness. She also felt compassionate about getting Tamarin a better teacher at Jade Mountain Academy.


Glory and Tsunami were often in disagreement and could not hold a conversation for long without arguing. Glory did not dislike Tsunami and was not bothered by her bossiness at all; she just felt that someone needed to talk back whenever Tsunami acted like the boss of everyone. Though she is able to acknowledge Tsunami's growth of character since they left the Kingdom of the Sea. Although Glory can become irritated by Tsunami's prideful nature and they argue quite a bit, she loves her anyway. She knows that she can always depend on Tsunami to protect and defend her by fighting, even when fighting might be a bit inappropriate, and can often share a laugh with her friend. An example of this was in The Brightest Night where they shared their exasperation over Blaze's shallow nature, or when they were making fun of NightWings in The Hidden Kingdom. Although the two disagree on many different things, Glory finds that she can relate to Tsunami some of the time as well. She admires Tsunami's courage, but Glory herself is more of a strategic thinker whilst Tsunami usually behaves rashly and without thought. In The Hidden Kingdom Glory was worried about the cut that Deathbringer has caused in Tsunami's wing. No matter how angry Tsunami becomes at Glory, she would never want anything bad to happen to her. Glory would kill to protect Tsunami, but when she came to rescue Clay, Glory commented that she was sure that Tsunami would not have come. She was later gently teasing towards Tsunami and reached over to nose her shoulder playfully. In Escaping Peril when Queen Scarlet held up Glory’s severed head, Tsunami let out a roar that "should have flattened the mountains and ripped holes in the sky", before chasing after Scarlet.


Glory first met Turtle when he confronted her about Darkstalker and she seemed to be a little suspicious of the latter but seemed to trust him for the most part. This horrified Turtle and he accidentally lost control of his enchanted coral, baffling Glory. She seems to find him a little odd and weird.


Glory has a particular dislike for Webs since he brought her to the cave and was ready to allow her to die. After hearing of Webs' wife's fate, even she felt sorry for him. When they were wandering around the rainforest, Glory was annoyed about how slow Webs was. She does not completely hate him, though, she likes him better than Kestrel, and presumably Dune. Glory was happy with the idea of Webs becoming the history teacher at Jade Mountain, so he could be kicked out of the rainforest.


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