Free Printable Weekly Menu Planner and Recipe Cards (2024)

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I have a weekly menu planner today for all of you that are on the new year organizing kick.My system with free printables is the perfect way to organize your kitchen this year. I find that menu planning saves me time and money.I wanted to design an easy to use system so you can enjoy menu planning for yourself.My system will allow you to plan a week’s worth or a month’s worth of meals.So if you want to jump in to menu planning in the new year, give my printable system a try.

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Table of Contents

Weekly Menu Planner

First I have a printable planner with the days of the week. You can plan up to 5 weeks on one label sheet. You see I designed my planner with removable label weeks. Then each week you just peel off the plan and put it onto my weekly menu sheet.You then have a place to drop in a shopping list for your week’s worth of meals.For this sheet, I am using OL7000WX labels from OnlineLabels. Then you can print the weekly menu sheet on plain copy paper.

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The download also includes my free recipe cards that print onto an OL450WX label from OnlineLabels.You can then just peel these labels and stick them to a plain 4 x 6 index card wrapping under the extra height. I love these little recipe cards for organizing my massive stack of recipes.

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Want to print the complete meal planning package? Just sign up for the newsletter in the form below. Once you sign up, the download will be sent directly to your email. Be sure to look for an email sign up box with a picture of the download that you want. If you already subscribe to the newsletter, just sign up again to get this weekly menu planner.

Please note that this is for personal use only. You can also contact me if there are any issues with your download. The printables will be sent as a zip file. You will need to unzip in order to print.

Using Your Menu Planner

You can drop your weekly menu sheet onto a clipboard on the fridge so everyone knows what’s for dinner as well.Not only does a plan save you time searching for something to cook but it can save you from answering that “what is for dinner” question.

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My entire weekly menu planner system will fit nicely into a binder in your kitchen. Add the weekly planner labels and weekly menu sheets to full-size sheet protectors. The recipe cards can be added to 4 x 6 index cardholders that will also go great in a binder. You will have an organized recipe area in no time at all.

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Save money with a weekly menu planner system by planning your meals around the items that are already in your kitchen. I love to think of what I can make with things I have on hand or produce that needs to be used up.

BONUS: This saves food waste as well. I am off to plan a few more weeks’ worth of the menu.I am wondering how low I can get my grocery bill in January.How about you?Do you meal plan? Print my system for a new twist on your existing planning system. Even if you are new to menu planning my system is super easy to use and will change your life. That nightly battle of what to cook for dinner is gone…for good!

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10 years ago

All printables you provided are so great. Thanks so much for sharing.
Hubs and I don’t really plan as we just go by what we’re doing, if we’re going anywhere or just have a quick easy meal, more spontaneous for sure. I did print out the recipe cards however, they’re great and will be very helpful.
I’m sure many people will have need of the whole system and use happily.
Happy New year


Lindsey Paris

10 years ago

The recipe cards are very cute!


Michelle @ Delicate Construction

10 years ago

These are fabulous, thanks for sharing!!


Kathy Penney

10 years ago

This would be so useful at our house! We totally fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to menu planning.


Angela West

10 years ago

Thanks for sharing it is very useful for everybody.



8 years ago

Do you have any meal planners that include all meals or just dinner.


Angie Holden


Reply toVanessa

8 years ago

This one might work better for you:


Free Printable Weekly Menu Planner and Recipe Cards (2024)
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