Florida Panthers vs Detroit Red Wings NHL Full Game Stream Commentary (2023)


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All right all right, all right.

My weights I got my weights because we may need them tonight.

Oh boy, all right: hey, hey Nick, Tristan Rister, how you doing buddy, hey Daniel, so everybody's sick, whole.

Damn team is sick.

All damn team is sick, I, don't believe it all right, not the whole team, maybe not the whole team, but we know what parkoff had now with the pneumonia and then now we got Anton londel and Spencer.

Knight out must be the same, damn thing because they're calling it the same thing, non-coveted illness or you know barkov had pneumonia um.

Unless that's just what they're gonna call it anytime.

Somebody gets something other than covet.

I guess, maybe that's just you know you're going to get the fluid you're going to get a hangnail and they're going to call it.

So all right is what it is, what it is, what it is um.

So we got.

We got Bubba and net tonight and probably Saturday and then I don't know what on Sunday don't know what um, hopefully Spencer can be better by then so we'll just have to wait and see.


You need your heater.

Let me get her her little heater, she's she's over here, shivering jeez.

Let me get her a little here.

So I want to get rid of a little here.

Come here, kiddo, okay, there you go all right, I'll be hot, so you can be comfortable.

Okay, we took him to the beach.

Today we were there two hours so uh, they're, exhausted I, wonder if fluffy can even get up on the couch tonight, hey Rosado, how you doing you said you got 3-2 Detroit yeah.

My pick was five.

Two Detroit um I'll I'll take the route where I was wrong.

You know what I mean I I'm hoping to be wrong tonight, but you know night was supposed to be in goal and now he's sick um, and this is gonna really.

You know I want Bob to do well, obviously, and now he's going to get an opportunity to kind of get his job back: hey Bill, how you doing buddy it's it's! It's really interesting! How that's worked out we're gonna either Bob is going to play well enough to get his job back or um or Spencer's gonna.

Be written in stone as the starter when, eventually he gets healthy and comes back MJ, MJ Matthew.

Thank you, sir says good evening.

Josh Kyle and everyone else he's off work off work early tonight, nice to check in early for the first time in a while hope, everyone's having a nice day, we're good.

Thank you.

Mj appreciate that um got the dogs to the beach today.

Fluffy's still outside barking Ellie's got her heater over here, Kyle's eating dinner and Gators Tim yeah um tonight.

Well, between tonight and Saturday, you know: um Rosado it'll be done by the end of the weekend.

I'm gonna start working on it tomorrow and then it should be done by the end of the weekend.

But Tim to your comment.

Not a lot of teams come back from Seven down.

We've got.

We've got to get points in these games.

Absolute must hey John Carlo, how you doing buddy Jeff did I see the Sabers highlights from last night.

No I did not sir, that's not the game.

Ka was telling me about that.

Wasn't the game you were telling me about.

Was it Kyle, the Sabers that wasn't the game you were telling me about? Were you that was Canucks and Canadians? Okay, MJ? Ah no worries but I appreciate: hey, look, I'm the same way you see me.

It took me a while to respond to you.

You know: um I, get it man everybody's, just working, working, working, right, Gretchen, hey how you doing yeah, not a late game, not a late game so for everybody who doesn't have who everybody who hasn't heard yet lundell out six Spencer Knight out sick babrovsky in and we we called up Alex Lyon to be the backup goalie um a little bit surprised there.

I I thought, maybe we'd see goosda, but that's what we got.

Gay Tim says for the past few years we always put the Red Wings was an easy win, but not not tonight.

Yeah I'm not feeling it tonight either, and you know the other thing is I talked about this in my in my recap: intro.

You know the other team last last.

The last game did not have a lot of energy, hey, fluffy and I.

Just wonder how many of these guys might have a little bit of this bug, but are gotten through it because that's the first thing to go.

Is your energy level when you're starting to get sick, so I'm, not I'm, not I, don't know what the hell's going on: hey, fluffy, good boy! What are you gonna? Do you're gonna lay down you're gonna come up here.

You got water, you got water, I'll, get you some more in a minute.

Jeff Garland says: Tate Thompson had five goals in the game is any? Has any Panther ever had five goals in the game? I, don't think so.

I, don't think so.

Jeff MJ sister freaking flu and the bug is going around.

Like Madness bunch of Vikings players are out too right.

Jeez I mean you got enough water there bud.

Yeah he's got enough water, yeah I'm, not sure about the five gold thing either um I think somebody got four, though, was it Nick bug's dad who got four goals in the game once I wonder if it was bug.

Stag call me Kyle made himself cheeseburgers right, that's what you got right.

Cheeseburgers yeah he's got cheeseburgers I got some kind of Stew coming.

She had some.

She had some um beef, beef tips, I think and she made it into like a soup stew so and I smell it.

So as soon as he's done as soon as he's done, I'm ready to eat all right, fluffy you gonna come over here you want to get on the couch huh.

What do you want? What do you want? He wants to say something: oh, what do you got to say what you're dripping water all over the place? What you want me to escort you hold on a second I gotta escort him he's he's sore come here.

Buddy come here, come around this way come on come on, come on come over here, hey goofball, come on come on, Walk This, Way, Walk, This Way come here, don't bump bump into that all right.

What do you want? Come here come on come on this way.

Come here come on.

You can walk right past there, okay, good boy, all right! Now you can get up on the couch with me.

Okay, all right, Bud! All right! All right! Come on get up there fun, you can do it come on you're, not that tired, good job.

Oh geez, you barely made it up all right, yeah, okay.

He finally made it up yeah he's giving me that look all right he's he's tired man.

He overdoes it.

He overdoes it at the at the beach and then he sleeps the rest of the day right, hey guys how you doing buddy good to see you good to see you yeah I, don't get any of the shots.

I got I got Lyme disease.

Someone who wants to get me it's going to get I can't get any of them anyway.

Even if even if I wanted to bowl my doctors, my immune system is too jacked up to get anything so eyes.

He's sick, um, lundell and Spencer Knight sounds like well they're, calling it non-coveted illness.

So I don't want to say they got the same thing park off head I, don't know if that's just the new way that they're describing any illnesses that are non-covered um but they're, sick, so they're out Lozada.

We need yeah, we need Bubba, we need Bubba.

That's that's! For sure I'm not sure eyes so I don't know, has anybody else seen how they're calling it for other teams like it was just everything now, just the non-covered thing right, barkov had pneumonia yeah bring back new on the wongo right, yeah I know, I know the flu's been mine.

Wasn't mine, mine wasn't overly bad.

Stews was really bad mine, just Zapped my energy, but still had the whole head thing and everything like that.

The question says so: she's older than Stu, so you gotta get right right, right, MJ, drink, green tea, yeah um! We have, we put a lot there's a lot of um like mushroom supplements and stuff like that that we put in the coffee and everything, hey true how you doing buddy you got to work again, eh all right! Well, we're working too well I, hope, I, hope, I'm not doing too much hope tonight, not doing too much of the lift and the weights.

You know what I mean Rosati.

You have a really bad sore's throat.

What should you do? Well, um if it's just your sore throat, man gargle with hot salt water? That's that's! What I, always that's, what I always like to do? If you don't have any lozenges or something like that, Jeff yeah, the announcers on ESPN are not are not all that great no I agree with you.

We've got, we've got it ready for Hulu tonight.

So that's how we're gonna go: hey, Kyle! You just about ready man! I want you to make sure the TV is ready before you sit down.

Okay, all right, because I want to be able to eat too MJ yeah I used to take immersion.

You know what I would take.

Mj is I, it's not the healthiest thing in the world.

Excuse me, but I, take about that.

Much monster put the emergency in it.

I don't use it anymore, though, because it's it's got so much processed sugar in it it's like, and we have.

We make our own liposomal vitamin C yeah, make sure to let's do the TV, then you come back and then I can go eat because it kind of Switched Off on us.

Oh Jeff, venison hot dogs I've never had that yeah MJ, yeah I, know I know not not a lot of it, not a lot of it, but you know when when, when you got three kids running around and you need to you, gotta gut it out for another couple of hours because something's going on you do what you got to do.

You know what I mean: okay, Rosado I'll see you soon buddy all right, so we're good now yep, yep! Okay! Thank you, sir you're welcome.

Thank you, crazy people.

Oh boy, MJ I, don't even wanna I, don't I, don't even wanna get on that soapbox! I! Don't even want to get on that soapbox, be honest with you.

You know um, let's just say I, don't think you find people so Cooperative this time, Jeff yeah, yeah, we've got.

We've got deer all the time they they come into the yard, even though I've got a big fence um and the reason why I know that well, we've seen them a couple of times, but when it snows we go out there in the morning you could see where the deer have walked up to the fence, jumped over the fence, putsed around in the yard and then and then and then left you know so yeah we have.

We have deer um.

We've got a couple of bald eagles that are nesting in the tree, maybe a hundred yards away, and then we've got a big fat, Hawk and I caught him on camera the other day, but only for a split second, he was there's a oak tree right outside the door and um and he wear a maple, this one's a maple.

So it's a it's a it's, not an amateur.

It's a young one.

It's not that tall and it's you know, there's no leaves on it now, because it's it's winter and I'm sitting in the in my room and I'm hearing this squawking and I go out there and there's a big fat Hawk.

You sitting right there and I pulled out the phone as soon as I started.

Recording he flew away, milkshakes uh I, don't know why they come into the yard.

There's nothing in my yard.

That's not all over the place.

Is you know it's just acres and Acres of woods out here and you saw a few Eagles when you were driving through West Virginia, yeah, yeah yeah, no I love the isolation.

Man I gotta tell you I love it.

You know, but you know: I was born and raised down there, but I've lived.

I've lived in Miami and I've lived in Alaska I've lived all over the place.

I like I, like the quiet.

All right, so I have a trail.

Cam set up.

No, no, it's not a bad idea.

I! Never thought of doing it.

Never thought of that.

We got coyotes too.

We got foxes.

I haven't seen the coyotes in a couple of years, but they were out here for a few years.

They were coming by Gretchen says the trash containers have locks because of the black bears they get into the trash and drag it into the call around the golf course.

That's funny: hey Daniel I appreciate that yeah, that's true! You live temporarily in Tampa and took a brief road trip to Miami and other parts of South Florida yeah.

It's not the same.

I haven't been down to South Florida in in a while, obviously um and then yeah for for anybody who's been hoping that at some point, I would be able to make it down there um only in case of emergencies, because the last two times that fluffy tried to go up the stairs without me really giving them help.

He can't do it anymore, it's it's! It he's never learned how to walk it.

He has to like jump and run up the stairs so um without me, helping him from behind he just can't he can't do it.

He gets stuck so that the point being is that I I really can't go in anywhere, because the only way that I could go somewhere is if somebody completely lives downstairs with him while I'm gone, I, says I, hope Lions play lion plays in a game for a night comes back, it was the AHL game.

Last year after the winning Calder Cup, you turned and flipped really he turned the flipped off the ground.

Lewis says: I.

Dare you to dress like a ballerina? If we win the next two games, I'm, not so sure about that Jeff says the lightning are up two.

Nothing three minutes in awesome.

Come on Kyle he's always making me late.

Mitch says I'm gonna say it's for the game starts Mata and Walman out for us tonight and Ned having a bad year.

You should win by 10.

Good luck.

Take it easy on you! I! Don't know about that brother, but brosky's in that Spencer Knights out lundell's out, hopefully it'll be a good game.

Yeah South, Florida's, South Florida, is something else.

Mj yeah it's congested in in Fort Lauderdale.

That's for sure you guys lion got suspended two games for that.

Geez, hey Joel, appreciate that Jeff says Panthers will be 3-1.

Wow foreign you're, good you're, good buddy, um greetings from Edmonton.

All right is the game slow or high flying? We don't have the game just yet.

Game starts in about 12 minutes, you'll be happy losing three to one I.

Don't know man all right! Kyle, let's go I'm ready to eat.

Let's go kid I'm already late, it looks like Karen is just finishing up your food yep, okay, buddy I got your mic out, I'm ready to go well.

I'll just give you this I'll just give you my mic and then I'll come back from for me.

It's right on.

Oh you, you miss living in a buffalo, Jeffy I! Don't you don't hear that a lot? You don't hear that a lot I should say we have one of those late comeback.

Attempts I, don't know man I'm, not feeling it tonight, I hope I'm wrong.

All right! Kyle, let's go I'm gonna go eat.

My dinner I'll be back in 10 minutes when the game starts come here, huh, you're, fine, all right guys, I'll be back.

What's up, foreign J was up, burgers were good yeah I made them I made them myself.

Holyfield I'm missing is I'm missing feeds like burger, buns and onions to put on I, also like mushrooms on my burgers ready for the Bob's show, so it's for brovsky and that huh trophies can't get much worse for the for the paffers.

Now we have what three players out with eldest I've never had wahlburger burgers, peanut butter, jelly or cranberry sauce I would understand, but peanut butter who would want to provide peanut butter, cheese and cheese and meat, maybe all the cold cracker with meat and cheese that would work put a burger Wahlburgers.

Thank you, a wahlburger.

What is Wahlburgers, don't tell me it's a chain restaurant run by Mark, Wahlberg MJ.

You want burgers, though that's what Jeff said.

Yeah Jeff has a friends that likes peanut butter on cheeseburgers, hey I got I, got I got soup in a salad, oh geez, I'm, gonna spill.

It I'll be back you're, actually cooking.

Burgers as you're watching this that's funny, it's a burger place started by the wahlburger family.

Well, I've been to a place called Jake's, Wayback Burgers and those are some really delicious burgers, especially the ones they.

Let you customize eyes of knights says you were wearing that Jersey.

Last time we lost time to change Jeff.

If there's any sort of the third I'm going to make with peanut butter, it's going to be peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly swirl together, topped with Cool Whip and chocolate chips.

Let's bed minus the jelly.

That's been my dessert for most nights recently, you're wearing the first reverse retro tonight.

Isn't that the Jersey that's cursed in and out, I think I've heard of it out.

It was tell you until we started wearing we, we started witty when you wore it.

Let's see Jake's way, back is probably the best burgers I've had I could really go right now.

I could really go for a Bahama Mama smoothie from Tropical Smoothie.

How many of you have been to Tropical Smoothie, I, I love, I, love, Tropical, Smoothie I used to go there all the time in Florida.

Unfortunately, the only tropical smoothies in Maryland are across the bay bridge, so I only get to have it once in a blue moon, oh you've, you Jay Osceola, says he's fed there plenty of times, Guinness, milkshakes I've, never heard of Guinness milkshakes you, like Five, Guys, burger place.

Gretchen says all the burger talk is cruel and unusual punishment.

Now you got to go rate.

The fridge, let's see in terms of best chain places I've ever been to Guinness, Spear and vanilla I, don't know if I would like that, I, don't really like beer generally, hmm best chain, restaurants I've ever been to whether it's fast food or or just a restaurant, ruined the perfectly Goods milkshake but yeah so I love, I, love, Outback, Steakhouse, I, love, Texas, Roadhouse and as far as best fast food chain, probably Chick-fil-A rubies foreign, oh yeah, I love Red.

Lobster too, even though it's got an insanely, expensive rubies.

This also on the West Coast.

You had Mr Beast Burger.

The other day at work are the YouTubers selling burgers.

Now yeah, that's what I figured it was not Ruby Tuesdays you were talking about.

So, let's see what else! Thank you.

Oh, my God, Mr Mr Beast has a burger.

He has Burger franchises.

What's next PewDiePie having pie, shops best barbecue place? Well, there was see for heigey Bennett barkov Reinhardt, cousin, Stahl white lomberg, Tierney Del forseling, that's what stall, bugtor Kirsten mahura babsky lion foreign versus really great barbecue place that exists.

It's on the routes between here.

This part of this Eastern Shore ends and Hershey Pennsylvania.

There's this barbecue place.

That's near the airport deposits, Maryland's I, can't remember of a name.

Mc says I feel like watching.

This game will be a waste of time, but hey I'm, a 25 year addict so well.

Thank you.

The Florida Panthers are fifth in the fifth of the Atlantic at 12, 10 and 4 and 28 points.

We are behind Bruins, Maple, Leafs, I, believe the Red Wings and the lightning foreign ly right now he is, he is having this dinner Jeff.

Do the Panthers fake, the playoffs I hope they do yeah.

That's that's my prediction to MJ they'll will just make it hmm.

If you could chuck, has had Ted knowledge empty.

That goes this season.

The average distance of the goal is 6.6 feet shortest in DNA gel.

So my prediction: where who are we playing the Red Wings? How about five, two Panthers so is Steve Eiserman? Is he or is he dots the GM of the red weeds right now, I tried to look it up on Wikipedia.

It said that he had returned as a GM for as a GM for the red weeds, but that he wed to coach.

Let's see is the GM Jeff.

Somehow you could only get the Spanish feet of the game.

Foreign Jameson's predictions free, two pad versus the shootout story.

If you have a Hulu account, you don't need ESPN, to buy ESPN plus to watch this game just go out to Hulu and search NHL hockey and you'll see the game.

Fair foreign regulation yeah.

That would be nice scratched you're watching the game on that HL 66.


Well, the good news is the good news is today we we still get to watch the game in spite of the fact that it's on ESPN Plus, hey ghost, what's up I'm, well I'm, doing pretty good.

Finally, I'm I'm, confident that the Panthers could do something.

Hmm tonight you got an editing gig, that's cool game should be started.

I guess 30 minute now, you're turning off the sound for the game and letting us do the commentary.

Well, that's awesome.

We will do our best.

It looks like the gate will be starting 15 seconds or so I'm coming right back.

Yes, I did hear that FJ worst trade, worst trade, evolving and American athlete, since DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson fluffy can do the interviews during the intermission who's that they got on the screen.

Oh there's they're showing the the lightning with, though with the reverse retros.

Oh my God, those jerseys are from the from the broadcast.

They they do not look good on the ice.

Those lightning reverse retros s their eyes at night.

The Tampa Bay, reverse Retros are are so bad.

They almost flop back over to Goods.

So, unfortunately, we don't have Goldie and Molar.

Tonight yay we get bark off back a new slug down at night to the same feel stupid who who has the same illnesses? Barkov? What's that thing? So you you agree with what I'm feeling right see him Alex the dead Joker is the goalie for the Red Wings.

His saved percentage is 0.88.

Both of these scullies have the exact same safe percentage at .880.

All right, I see a lot of empty seats, all right, I closed the door.

Um go ahead and stop with me, but every so often, let's just check them.

He just wants to lay outside right now, because it's nice and cool to make sure the graphics are working.

Yeah, everything's, fine, I, don't have that up.

Yet that's Saturday! Oh yeah! That's on Saturday we're gonna! Have we're gonna, be starting to use stream yard on Saturday, so we're gonna be live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and there'll be graphics and everything, but would not be surprised to see all right.

Oh all right, so they kept that Top Line together with bark off for Hagee.

No wait! No! They didn't that's Bennett! That's interesting! Very cool! This Dude Looks Like, Gru yeah.

It looks like Groove yeah schedule, that's starting to stiffen up a little bit so so that's Reinhardt will lose to Ryan and bark off.

So then they that's interesting I guess they don't want to play bark off too many minutes tonight.

No, let me text my dad go ahead and call it.

Okay, we are hounding the Detroit Puck carriers and we managed to get a turnover I believe that's trying hard that just shocks, winners to repeat it this year, but I think internally.

This Warrior Panthers group knows that they've had to make some changes.

They've got some uh.

You know some cap space that they're eating up right now and and players that are here no longer but maybe down the road.

Oh in 1817 left no score and there's no shot clock up there either.

No, we got lines for Hagee Bennett can Chuck hey, Jerry bark off running out, Loose to Ryan and stall cousins and white God.

That's a terrible line and tyranny with Lamberg and dolphin forcing that Gladstone on tour Kirsten, oh geez, that was almost so.

What sort of delicious desserts was Karen? Making I saw all sorts of fruits.

I saw fruit, so I wasn't thinking.

There was no dessert yeah.

My dad has almost a religious dog love that route.

To start the lawn and desserts, with only like a few exceptions, yeah I'm not sure what the heck it was and we're going on the PK who's that dolphe all right.

Oh okay, Jeff appreciate it bud.

Yeah ghost everybody's out, favorite dessert MJ.

What's my favorite dessert cheesecake like if I could only have one one dessert cheesecake with chocolate chips, yeah so I could he has still had the chocolate? My favorite, it's like three for their last last night, all right all right, Bob with a nice save on the first shot, they're, not showing a shot clock.

So I can't tell you guys the shots, probably ice cream.

Is my favorite stormy? Yes, it's Zip Zip right now, it's it's uh! Well, they don't have the clock up now.

153 left on the Detroit power play 1721 left in the period no score and ESPN is not showing a shot clock.

We got it clear one game all season in which they've won the Special Teams battle, so Detroit's, not a team that takes a lot of penalties either.

So definitely an area to focus for the Panthers.

All right, Detroit can't keep it in the zone.

So still a puck and a quarter left on the power play Fluffy's outside barking he's probably got a deer or a bunny or a fox.

Oh Ali is only going to be so much longer you're going to have that heater on baby girls.

We're getting warm in here, really I think it's pointed directly at her I know.

But it's still it's a small room.

It was a low ceiling anyway.

See look it's cool, it is Groove, I, think urinating trees.

That commented when he was higher, say that it would only be acceptable hiring if the Red Wings recreated that groovy with him the bloody simple.

Yes, all right, Red Wings, full possession In the Zone on the power play oh geez.

How did that not go in? Did he miss they're gonna get one on this.

They're gonna get one they're completely dominating we're watching it on Hulu yeah, it's on Hulu star, with a nice shot, nice save right now, I can say his name and then sometimes I can't say his name.

I got it right that time all right.

It looks like we're going to kill this off without giving up a goal unless I speak too soon, with nine seconds left in the power play, they're gonna get one more opportunity here: 's the puck, okay good.

We killed it off and we cleared it.

Oh is that where Sharad is yeah he's the Red Queen now I see he was just oh man, one of the Red Wings players just blocked a shot and he is he's up, but that hurts tiger or harm tiger ham.

Four appreciate that how you doing thanks for coming out all right, so 14 51 left, there's a shot wide.

We don't look like.

We have energy again, it's not as bad as it was the other night, but I, don't know man.

We just seem to be skating in quicksand.

There goes forsling trying to win a foot race back and it forces an icing call nice Rick, I'm good.

Today, I'm good I feel good.

We got.

We got the dogs to the beach.

We were there for two hours.

I always feel better when I get the dogs taken care of and get them their their time.

You know right there and Carl said something about dessert, so I have to see how that goes, mark off out there and drink a line of Reinhart close to Raymond hops over off the right wing boards, hey MJ! Thank you, sir.

What's he say, are they chanting, Detroit, sucks, Detroit's, I, don't know that seems like they always have that chat when Detroit teams play.

Thank you, MJ um I can't the the microphone for the crowd.

What am I trying to say what I'm trying to say is that we don't hear the crowd very loud on the TV.

It's it's like silent in there Dana.

Thank you all right.

Dana Bob makes the same.

Thank you, McGovern yeah.

It sounds dead in there, I don't know if it's just the way that ESPN has the mics placed or not it's.

No, it's at home, stormy, there's a lot of empty seats in the fronts.

Rows Danny, you say, I think it's the broadcast.

It seems way too quiet like I, don't hear anything yeah ESPN that sounds about right Ollie.

Can you just check on him real, quick, please, okay, okay, I know it's tough I make you get up from your chair.

You had a tough day of sleeping all day.

You didn't yeah Spencer Knight is sick.

Oh stormy, I! Hope you don't get what these guys at I hope you don't get.

What I had and what Stu had foreign says it might be SPN and notice.

With a couple NFL broadcasts through the Amazon Prime games always said the crowd sounding silent or interesting, hey Josh! Thanks for hanging out buddy, you guys got a decent chance tonight.

This is not the panther team from last year: oh MJ, that's how it started for Stu, I! Think that's how it started for stew.

Did he come in? No all right, we'll try him again.

Next commercial there's, Gru H MZ I see yeah yeah.

It's definitely not the same as with Bally's Rosado, no I know a lot of people are sick man and to this player's credit, they've really bought in they're blocking a lot of shots, and it's nice today the quality of chances that they're giving up on a nightly basis.

So they've been a defense for a few minutes.

All right, 13.50 left in the first period, face off Panthers, win it we're in our own zone.

So let's get the [ __ ] out we're good.

What do we do? I went over it.

It went over the uh went over the glass, but it wasn't delay a game so we're good there.

Numbers are not great they've had to play against some of the other teams very very fast.

So it's a little work in progress, but there's no doubt I, don't know what he's running on he's out.

There barking like a maniac that dog is got so much energy, all right, Panthers, let's get something going here, man.

This looks like not quite as bad as the other night, but hanky gets the puck back behind the internet and stolen.

Oh could chuck at a nice shot, damn it 13 17 left.

Oh there, that's right, oh boy, he just got slammed with a ground Peppa we didn't get anything going there.

Detroit is going to regain possession I.

Think here you know just battling up.

They do right behind the neck.

Try geez! Oh! We gave him the pump right back and now they're set up now they're set up behind the net pot scoots by what the hell was, that I think we're going on the power plane.

Yep looks like we're going on the power play, so that will give the Panthers their first opportunity on the power play on the left side of your screen.

Here, oh wow, you got a Securities industry, licensing practicing exam dang, ers right, I incorporate all right, 12 41 left in the period we win, the Face-Off ecklad, with a shot, save and we'll have another face on me.

That's the key man.

We need to be winning these face-offs on the on the power plays when we get it team for their last 66.


You know you look at you know where they are.

Barkov looks like he lost him.

30 pounds, oh I, have glad saves the egg well, with another shot, rebound and Puck is out the Chuck gliding in sends it out in front of the net.

Thank you.

Reinhardt misses we're swatting away out.

We can't get it to go Montour, oh jeez.

What do we do that? For we clearly doubt ourselves, yeah right all right, 111 left in the power play Chuck gets it back to Montour.

Okay, oh geez! Oh here we go towards the clear um.

Oh geez, Montour gets walked all right.

Can we get the puck back? It don't look good stuff.

These guys aren't missing their energy man.

What we just cross-checked it through right in the back, because Chuck goes down all right trying to get something going here.

He puts it back to nobody.

Absolutely nobody! 27 seconds left more time.

Bennett behind the net tries to get it out to Chuck all right.

We've got it back out to point to forsling Reinhardt steps in Bennett, forsley misses completely and that's the end of the power play the wings clear it and that's that Jeremy.

Is there any way to watch without without paying not that we have found not with the ESPN plus stuff nice save by Bob.

He had the angle good job good, to see him look good.

Now, Spencer's never going to get his job back now or hey I'm, not talking like Stu, says, sends it around the boards to stall pay behind the neck turns around wrister.

No go we're keeping the puck cycling installed behind the net, tries to throw it out in front to nobody and the puck is clear: Detroit Lions his knees really eggplant paired with mahura.

At the moment, cousins trying to enter the Zone was stall or hers at the Blue Line.

Trying to keep it in manages to do it.

Red Wings regain possession behind the net.

Oh, we get it back.

Oh that glad position in front couldn't get him to pass all right.

9 24, left shots are 8-3 Florida and we've got a whistle at 9.

21 left all right all right check on that.


The stream yeah I see that it's saying my connection is unstable.

Oh yo, all right! Well, we'll see what happens I if, if it dies, I'll start it again, but it's just my internet there's nothing! I can do about it from here.

I! Don't understand, he's good he's just sitting there.

All right got.

Rosado I mean I, see you, but this this.

Let me let me close some of my other things here, but there's really nothing I can do about it other than restart it.

If that, if I had to leave, let me see, let me close out everything else that I there's nothing else running on the computer except except the stream.

Now so you know, I live in the middle of nowhere every once a while a bird flies over the house and it glitches thanks guys.

Fluffy is just barking like a maniac.

Oh, you know what it is.

Kyle we're we're watching this on Hulu, so we're we're streaming it right, yeah, that's what it is guys it's because and I I knew.

This was going to be a problem.

Worse, worse, we're have to stream the game on Hulu, so I've got it on the TV, so we're streaming the game in and I'm trying to stream out so we'll see.

If, if we can, if we can make it work, we'll make it work, but if I can't you see it, that's why the last game I didn't, do the ESPN, the the stream, because we're streaming it on the TV right.

Exactly ghost is well the the the um.

The laptop is the only thing streaming, I'm streaming, Hulu to the TV, not through the laptop directly through the Wi-Fi on the TV, so I'm, using up that Wi-Fi plus I'm streaming out with the laptop and Jake says it hasn't lagged at all.

Uh I says tonight's Jaws audio provided by Bally's.

That's funny! Well, we'll just do the best we can with it right now.

Every time I see that damn ESPN Plus Hulu part, though that really it's a pain.

Only other thing we could ever do is yeah no I, don't know all right well, we'll see how it works out.

I closed everything else out on the laptop, so yeah stall threw it right in front and nothing doing man for Detroit yeah.

They they've got to have the crowd noise purposefully, lowered out, because I mean there's.

We hear like nothing, you wouldn't even know that there's a crowd there all right looks like we're.

Gonna go on the power play again.

I'm gonna turn this guy down a little bit because he's annoying it is pretty low wow.

It sounds pretty low.

Well, look at all the empty seats.

No, what I mean is we usually have the sound on like 14, and this this is.

This is louder on nine than Bally's is on 14.

All right come on guys, good.

We, let's, let's make something happen here: oh you're, sick, too Jake geez, yeah, half the people are sick man, all right, so 824 left in the period Buck 54 left on the power play absolutely face off bark off.

Nobody wins it.

It just was a massive scrum.

We managed to get it back.

Bark off over to eggplant Montour bark off over to eggplant back to Montour back to act, black take a shot, come on.

Oh [, __, ] off at the crossbar Reinhardt Montour eggplant eggplant.

Will you just take a shot? You dummy come on shoot the puck at the net.

I did now next time hit the net back over to montoro at glad sitting there wide open come on eki do something with the puck off gets it around.

The good shot gets through his legs.

He's gonna have to work it back out.

The Montour City tries to get it around the net bark off back around all the way.

Over to Montour Reinhardt back over to eggplant high up Markov come on oh geez, all right eggplant's got it back, tries to go cross ice.

Nothing doing.

We can't score and 30 30 seconds left in the power play Detroit Clear Spot.

Let me go what are you doing? Okay, all right here we go Russian and boy I think we were offsides on that they didn't call it.

But if we score a year on all right, well, Buck's back out of the Zone I think we were offsides, hey fluffy, all right, buddy come on! Oh, can you do me a favor where the hell did you go fill up his water bowl? Please Kyle's going to give you water, okay, all right! So there goes another Power, Play dang it and you know eventually they're going to even that out too what you doing.

Buddy where'd you go Kyle! Oh he's, gonna get your water fluffy! Okay, all right, 602 left in the period stop at your play for something oh bark off just couldn't quite get to it.

Then it hits the crossbar fluffy he's getting you water and then you can get on the couch.

What are you complaining about? What happened? Cousins enters the Zone again, oh geez, that was a hell of a shot by her but way high.

Over than that, Kyle's got you for 13-3.

It takes one shot to go in.

Oh come on.

You want to get up here.

Come on, come on, get up.

You've already had all your food come on.

Let's go jeez! Could you hit the net guys I gotta check and see what the heck he wants? Buddy? What? What? What? What? What? What? What do you want get up on the couch come on get up there? What do you want come here? Come here, okay, settle down for Hagee.

This is this is just telling us tonight because yeah all right- oh boy, don't make me get back up and have to lift any weights here now, all right now he's gonna drink his water.

Finally, geez 420 left nice save by Bob yeah kiss to kick that guy's butt man- let's go all right, Bubba Bubba's, showing up right now.

I can't praise him too much, though you guys could Praise Him Bob still sucks.

I can't praise the goalie.

Oh yeah, 418 left shots are 14-4, can't believe it's only four, though it feels like it'd be more I.

Guess Bob wants his job back.

We're going to commercial.

Now make up your mind.

That was a long break.

To go to commercial.

All right come on buddy, all right buddy.

What are we doing? Huh you want to get on the couch come on come on, come on get up there.

He is all sorts of dinosaurs come on.

Get up on here.

Come on come on dude dream! You can do it! You can get up there, you're! Not that tired, come on one two three come on, I think come on.

You can do it [ __ ] me.

You want me to help you on the couch.

Oh jeez, I get my exercise come here.

Come on.

You want me to help you up there come here.

Come here, I'll help you up there like the stairs one, one, two, three: okay, good job, all right! Good! Okay! Now you really don't know where you are cause you're stuck come here.

Come here stupid come on! Okay, there you go all right all right now, I, don't know how the hell you're gonna get off.

Huh I, don't know how you're gonna get off you're all backwards from how you normally get on laughs.

Ah I had to help him up he's tired from the beach, but he still wants to get up here with me, huh yeah, hi I, know you're sore I know you're, tired, huh, that's what happens when you stay at the beach for two hours.

You know we're like fun of.

Have you ever seen that Meme, the meme commercial deal-tastic me right with the recreation of ghosts yeah.

My friends call me jaws, but fluffy is the dog during the grassy rate.

Okay, shots are still 14-4, we haven't had any hockey during that whole fluffy intermission all right, you're, a good boy, huh, okay, all right guys! Let's go! Can we get something going here too many games we've dominated in the shots in the first period, and then we don't get a goal and then we pay for it later.

He was sooner on the near side is able to backhand one the center rescues Detroit, trying to get into the Zone we're playing we're playing good defensively.

That's for sure geez.

The puck is like a ping pong ball right now, I, don't know how you're gonna get off buddy.

Well, when he goes to get off, we might have to move the whole stream because he's not going to be able to he's gonna have to go off that way.

Now shots still 14-4 3-15 left in the period nice save Bob had the short side covered.

He certainly looks better than he did before.

Spencer took his job that now Bob's going to get his job back because Spencer's sick, that's, okay, I just want good goaltending what you doing yeah! This is what I got.

What I got huh it's okay, buddy I, know: you're, tired, huh I know you're tired.

You know you're, not a spring chicken anymore huh, two hours at the beach.

We try to leave at about an hour and 10 minutes, and then it takes another 45 minutes to convince him to actually leave all right.

So what do we got? Now Bob's got equipment issues his mask.


This is the longest first period of this year.

Man yeah I, feel like we've been here, for it's a quarter after eight already jeez.

What are you complaining about it? You had cheeseburgers for dinner.

You got some kind of dessert coming.

I can't wait for them desserts with their play, as Eric stall could not clear chopped forward white.

Has it and there's one right side.

Particular is not my eye all right, 2 25 left shots are 14-5 or Hera trying to get the buck out of the Zone.

We managed to get it out, dump it and Chase, and that's what we're doing dumping and chasing so many blocked passes.

Detroit is really good at blocking our passes with their body.

Well, I believe it was tyranny right, yeah, all right.

There we go there, we go there.

We go good boy, ah good boy, fluffy, all right, nice, nice, nice, beautiful, shot, we'll go five hole.

Hip five hole got him very good, all right, so Buck 55 left in your period.

We made all that we made it count.

Last two goals scored for the Panthers have been the call-ups first I'll pay now: tyranny, very nice, all right buck and a half left in the period.

Oh, oh where's, the pump.

Oh there's a Fluff, there's a fly on the TV and I thought the fly scored a goal.

The fly was on the go with the fly, scored, I thought we were gonna score, stupid, yeah, I know the feet is not perfect guys.

You know in terms of the timing and everything it's what's worse tonight, because we're streaming it.

This is all exhausted.

Prague! That's a good point.

He says what does that tell you about this team.

The last two goals are from the Charlotte team.

All right can we can we end this period already.

This is the longest first period ever well we're out shooting Detroit 15 to five.

Yes, it's just you know you need goals, I mean we got one, but a lot of times this year, we've dominated and and not in that one goal lead and then second period comes and next thing you know the game is tied jeez.

This is greasy hockey right here.

Just a lot of board battles and bouncing pucks 35 seconds left gets it back the foresling and looks like we're just gonna.

Try to run this out a little bit.

Are we going to make one more run up the ice for that class? Yeah? Don't do anything stupid all right, Bennett jumps it to.

Why didn't you jump into constructive? It was thought he was sitting right there, all right.

That's the end of that one! Nothing! That's the end of the first period, I forgot to text my dad.

Damn it all right, so we'll take it all right, Kyle you ready to go I, think so all right I'll be back in a few minutes: okay, okay, you're, good! All right! I'll be right back all right! No! No stay there stay there.

Kyle's gonna come Kyle's going to sit with you and do his thing today.

I'll be back in a minute, all right good for it stay there.

Don't try to get off without me.

Okay, oh yeah! That's right! Thursday, Night Football is started.

Did you make your pick? Be there fluffy? It's a good boy.

We had a long time.

He met, though the river you did good yeah.

He is exhausted.

It's a good boy, so uh I'm glad we are winning after one that was so great.

That was a great goal by trnd PRD Devonte Adams is already destroyed worlds huh.

How old is Fluffy? Oh he'll be he'll, be 10.

Next year, fetus Adams is getting covered by Jalen Ramsey yeah Rams Rams are terrible right now, they're, probably about to be the next team to be eliminated from the playoffs okay eyes of Knight C at the seconds.

So I got the heater on for you.

Oh you're, nice and toasty huh.

Okay, all right I'll! Do your thing.

Yeah know any jokes yeah as a great there's, a great one for Russell Wilson, Broncos, Country, Let's Ride.

The punchline is, the ride is a rickety as roller coaster in a derelict amused.

Part that you can't get off of if you're a Broncos fan.

Dog cam is right.

Here, he's right here, I'm, responding to someone saying no I'm, responding to MZ Broncos Country, let's die yeah Broncos will probably get eliminated from the playoffs this this week too bad their first round of this upcoming Crafters property of Seattle Jeff bills have to bills, have to be able to beat the Chiefs again.

If they want to win the Super Bowl, the bills have the bills have yet to to beat the Chiefs in the in the playoffs yeah the Eagles, the Eagles do look pretty good, they just better hope.

They're, not the new 2020 Steelers Alexander barkhoff is his win.

Loss record on the Face-Off tonight is five free yeah Von Miller is out for the bills: oh poor, cold, but now for the bills.

Mafia, because I'm sure they smashed themselves through some walls when they found that Von Miller was out, yeah Trey we're winning barkhoff is back.

We actually have a chance.

Now it's nice, it's nice to actually be watching the game that is since completely out of hand from the get-go.

The Maple Leafs are winning free to nothing.

Against was that the Keynes you still have bob cut trading Huber, though killed the Panthers Mojo remind me again how many goals could chuck has versus uyghur and huberdo combined Simon says: go Panthers go pen for school Justin.

You love, kachuk's, Mojo yeah he's one of the only fiends keeping this team relevant.

Would you rather would you rather we have? Would you rather, we had stuck with the Sable Sables, as in previous seasons, EDS had to still love still give up a whole Porsche a whole bunch of the team from last year.

Would would you rather have that situation where we would need to? We would be doing the same exact thing: we've done with the same lineup of players from previous years, except all the players we gave up in the previous off season.

Is that truly, is that truly a better, better outcome for the team than could chuck the Chuck trade? Thank you, yeah dusted.

Exactly did it get us anywhere? Last year, so the shake up, you think, was needed foreign with that trade you're, not fine with people now now talking like uber, though, was a bum.

Huber, though definitely is not a was not a bum.

Thank you! I! It's not snowing here in Maryland.

I have no idea if it's snowing in wherever wherever Jeff is asking.

If second touchdown Raiders remind me who who the Raiders are playing again Jeff Jeff, you feel that if Q was still coached, they would have fought in the Cup last year Maybe we would have at least made it past.

The second round, I sound, like I, have a cold well I have a well I, have a stuffy nose a lot of the time love allergies, I was feeling pretty tired.

Earlier the Savannah ghost pirates of the ECHL are dominating.

The Florida ever played seven to one ouch Maple Leafs are now winning four to nothing against the Keynes.

Why do I smell another epic Leafs collapse? Tonight, Mitch Marner has now had 21 straight games with points which is good for if I believe, fifth best streak point streak in NHL history.

Oh Ryan you're new to the channel I, look like Zach Hyman's, twin, hey, Dad, who's, Zach, Hyman, oh Jesus, for us.

Well, Ryan is new to the channel and he says I.

Look like Zach Hyman's twin.

If his dessert is horribly incomplete, there is no whipped cream.

Well, you can get the whipped cream for yourself after the intermission.

Let me have a little bit of my dessert.

This is the dessert.

It's some kind of fruit pie, concoction Ghost, says Zach Hyman is an Oilers player yeah, but I think he was not a player for us.

I think he was a draft pick or something for us.

So maybe there was another hymen about 50 to go.

Oh, no, buts! Okay, there is something missing.

There is no whipped cream here and I do have some whipped cream left.

Despite my best efforts to blow it all.

On peanut butter, obese, no Ali says Zach Hyman was supposed to be drafted by the Florida Panthers, but that pick got traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, oh geez, okay, so I guess I need to wait until after the intermission to actually eat.

My desserts, okay, see, doesn't that look much better.

Now, there's a little more whipped cream.

There we go whipped, whipped cream is, is one of the greatest wonder what whipped cream is considered.

What do you do? I think you consider whipped any of you consider whipped cream as a desserts condiment, because that's basically how I end up treating it.

It's a condiment that can be used on a whole slew of desserts, hymen was drafted by the cats and the cats could not sign him.

Oh foreign, you freeze, sit and eat it like ice cream.

That's funny! That's what that's! What Karen does care Karen will make up a bunch of chocolates, whipped cream like pudding and then freeze it in the freezer.

Yeah I mean just look at this.

You could tell I'm ready, definitely ready to have that so I'm looking forward to watching the rest of this game.

Hopefully the for the Panthers do not completely the Florida Panthers, do not give up this game so easily.

As they've given up other games this year, uh great Disney pluses, making a National, Treasure series and I doubt that's going to be any Goods that I, like the Huber dough trades, oh yeah I thought it was I thought I thought we did fantastic with that.

Uber, though, could chuck trades.

We basically traded huberdo for his younger Bettors version.

All you have to do is take a look at how hubertau and wig are performing in Calgary versus how kachuk is performing in Florida.

Harley Fife says: let's go Redwings.

Oh we've got a Detroit fan in here, so hopefully it's I will say my biggest takeaway from the first period.

Is it's so good to have bark off back? We have had okay Dad.

It's face off, hey ghosts.

Ghost is back okay, Gene Carlo Perez says who do you think we trade next I have no idea honestly, certainly not babrovsky.

The chat is saying we're going to trade hornqvist.

Next, that's their that's their belief foreign.

Could you make sure that cool whip gets back upstairs? Oh fluffy got off yeah.

You got off by yourself, buddy all right, all right.

Let's, let's not let them get a goal and tied again.

Let's get the second goal to get a decent lead.

18, 30, left, Red Wings have the puck in the zone, looks like we're.

Gonna get it back out all right, Reinhardt dumps it back to bark off into the middle and scores yeah, all right, any fight all right.

There you go there.

You go like you said: Kyle I'm happy to have bark off back right Roman.

Thank you, sir appreciate appreciate.

Thank you all right.

Let's see, there's the shot.

Yeah! Oh wait! Was it bark off or was it Loose to Ryan, I think loose to Ryan and um yeah eyes, I think it was loose to Ryan and yeah.

The stream has to be like two minutes of y'all forward, or backward we got 1805 left is what we got here.

Very good yeah, yeah, good, good, good assist on the air for the second period.

So after seven, two nothing lead forcing around and endless feet and it's an all the way back to the corner with a takeaway either way, though you sooner turned a short side, and that will look right from the doorstep.

Cheerny already has a goal: another opportunity.

Okay, all right.

Let's go put this in the sink and take that what okay there you go all right, 17, 28 left! That's what I got 147 I got 17 20.

Now as I'm saying it Bennett into the there's, a rebound, that's going in hey what the hell is going on here.

It's three nothing wow holy moly, Chase foreign wow, wow holy moly, it's three! Nothing all right! So I got 17 15 left I'm on the face off after we just made it three: nothing: okay, okay, okay, oh Ollie, Detroit play last night in Tampa.

Did they play last night? No I, don't think they played I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think the game was last night.

I thought it was I thought it was a couple days ago.

I thought that was the same day that we played Yeah Tuesday.

All right, Ryan, thank you appreciate that all right you'll be back like subscribe, love you some hockey cheers Merry Christmas.

Thank you.

Much appreciated.

Outstanding shots are 22-5 two to five Jeff.

If the Panthers missed the playoffs this year, you blame me I'm the one to predicted they were going to win the cup.

So if they missed the playoffs on the blame, all right, they're 15, 36 left as I'm saying it, we've got the puck in the zone again could shut, gets it out.

The foresling, ah equipment had a shot.

Nothing doing.

I can't believe this.

It's three, nothing just like that or her scored go ahead.

Oh Bennett, with a shot we're all over them.

They woke up.

This is crazy.

They're, almost it's almost like they're playing like their playoff life depends upon it.

Did you see? Yes? Yes, I did Sir, yes, there's a new new person, new name new name to me anyway.

Baker Mayfield is played tonight.

So yes, wow you're, kidding me that's funny, because I cracked, a joke about it in my in my picks, I cracked, a joke about it in my picks article yeah, not that it's going to help the Rams at this point, even if Banker Mayfield goes into 2020 modes, is something wrong with with Stafford yeah.

He I believe he might have torn his meniscus or something oh I must have missed that yeah help that out, I must have missed that Tom all right.

Thank you, sir.

All right much appreciated the Red Wings must be tired and the coaches are coaching like their jobs depend upon it.

Yes, certainly this is not what I anticipated tonight, not after the effort, not after the AFT.

After the effort that we had last game I'm reading the chat.

At the same time, ghost yeah, I, hadn't I had not I, don't pay, you know, I, don't pay attention as close as I should for a lot of things, because I'm busy working but I hadn't heard that I usually I would when, when did that happen, it must have happened so long ago.

I missed it when it happened all right, Bubba with a nice save.

Well, it's getting warm in here yeah.

They got that Super Bowl fatigue right.

You got to tell me these things: Kyle! Oh, hey! The Predators tied it up against Tampa, because Tampa had a two-nothing lead.

Now it's 2-2, Toronto, Detroit and Tampa Bay all are ahead of us in the division, say what Boston Toronto, yeah yeah chocolate, Bud, Light milkshake that doesn't sound good and now Detroit's going on the power play.

Look at that reverse retro yeah yeah.

By the way.

Let me remind brother Gene, just sitting here watching the Panther game, wondering how close to Christmas my size, large, reverse, retro jersey is going to show up question mark since he dumped the Panthers for his girlfriend.

That's so um Saturday, that's gonna, be our first stream uh using stream yard, so we're gonna start being to have some nice graphics um.

The stream will be live on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

At the same time, I think I might be able to get it live to Instagram as well, we'll see Dustin.

Thank you, sir.

All right all right.

Thank you, buddy I, appreciate that Jeff, you said I told Kyle early.

You had a friend who ate peanut butter on his cheeseburgers peanut butter on cheeseburgers.

That sounds exactly like something you would do I'm, not that desperate thin layer of dark roast peanut butter on a burger sounds good.

It actually sounds good sounds better than whatever that was that I just ate the fruit stuff that was not I was not.

There was not dessert plus, it was warm warm fruits, definitely not dessert.

Hmm, it was a decent decent desserts.

You know I, like colds, cold, fruit, desserts yeah.

If it's gonna be fruit, it's gonna be cold like like almost ice.

Well, you said you was going to make the chocolate stuff and you come home and you make fruit.

You said you were telling me yesterday.

The reason why we didn't have the chocolate stuff is because you had to get one more ingredient at this at the store.

Well, I didn't mean I was gonna, make it you hear that that didn't mean I was gonna, make it.

Oh, you need your mic, don't you that's sideline Recorder's hairline, yeah I feel so sorry for that I know.

Man shave, it shave it bro, no use just enough in the front where people look from the front.

They would never tell, but from the side right all right.

Detroit's on the power play, 13 43 left in the period a buck, 52 left on the power play: hey Riley, hey Riley, how you doing buddy she's the shots are 23-7.

Oh Larkin goes in Bob with a nice say: Bob all right, they're set up now they're moving around awfully slow, their power play, look slower than ours, and just sitting there with the puck trying to do something.

I, don't know what the hell they're trying to do, we're being very aggressive to the [ __ ] carrier, which is a new good thing stall, with a blocked shot.

Detroit retains possession cycling it around out to the point.

There's the shot.

Think Bob made a saved where it got blocked.

Did you hear that no I thought? Maybe you heard something earlier tomorrow or Saturday? We gotta well we're going to the gym tomorrow.

Until we got to get this room ready for the new setup, yeah all right, 12 44 left in the period 53 seconds left in the power play face off in the panther Zone Panthers win the Face-Off well done, but can't quite get it out.

Detroit retains possession behind the net and they're set up now giving them plenty of space.

Now they're trying to set up a one-timer there's a shot wide or it was blocked wide.

No good Panthers get the puck out of the Zone, we're good to go.

23 seconds left on the power play, 1207 left in the power play or 12 or something left in the period Detroit set up.

Eight seconds left in the power play, they're set up again approaching and there's a shot rebound.

That's going in that's going in and that's time, that's one, oh in the game, where you've been helpfully I'll play them almost the whole time.

It's only one, but what happened here in front of Bob all the dudes just snuck around them? That was a good play.

That was a good place.

All right that would have normally have been radical, buddhist's spot right there in front like that.

Tierney didn't come back in time, but it's you know.

It's power play you're shorter guy.

That's right! I forgot! We were on the phone.

What are we doing? Oh? Is it going to get called back because I don't want to lift these weights, damn it all right, all right, so 11 48 left in the period.

Oh, it's 3-1 better, not take the foot off the gas boys in the chat said: I sounded like I had a cold.

You know it's just some you're clogged up like you get sometimes yeah when you're, tired, I notice.

That's what happens to you all right guys here come the wings down! Oh boy, Bubba! Don't give up any rebounds there Bubba come on.

We need you to continue being good bubba, showing the replay yeah.

That's that's! On tyranny! That's on tyranny, not covering his man coming back.

Maher is in front of the net, but tyranny.

Just let his guy slip right past him.

All right.

Detroit's got some life and some legs now, oh boy, why am I so sore? I, don't know! Maybe it's the two hours you spent it's wrangling, dog yeah- maybe oh, oh geez, oh oh, did that get blocked or was that a save by Bob jeez guys settle it down here.

10 53 left in the period pulls now guys.

Okay, bye comeback wins this season, but they gotta put that crap up there on the board.

None were from free goals down.

Oh all, right, 10, 25 left in the period shots are 24 11.

All right, 10 of the last 11 shot attempts well lucky.

We got that third goal, or this this game would be looking a little bit different Detroit's waking up, though man and we're not pressing like we were.

Isn't this the same thing that happened in the 4-1 game? We went up three.

Nothing then gave up a goal: Ben made it 4-1, and then we completely forgot how oh boy, all right, eggplant actually made a good play there.

But yes, you are correct, getting some chaos along the map wall, but now back to support his stalled Banks into the right leg corner all right.

9 15 left a song all right.

Let's I'm trying not to watch the chat too much because they're ahead, yeah I'm only watching it on the brakes because they're ahead tyranny just misses, 8 47 left all right.

Things have settled down a little bit now or would I like another goal here.

His period's flying by 8 30 left could chuck how's it not gonna go in oh lberg.

Oh, the pass was intercepted.

Damn it the truck again behind the net Here Comes Bennett could chuck, gets it out and clears it to nobody.

Bennett for Hagee putzing around with the puck back to Kentucky.

Try the center in front could not gets him back to for Hagee, with a shot to Bennett, no doing 7, 45 left and no icing.

It's kind of surprising all right.

Here we go.

We got a little bit of a two-on-one Reinhardt just shoot damn he should have just shot tried to pass it the bark off, but it was blocked.

You should have just taken the shot Reinhardt with another shot saved away.

Damn it 709 left in the period shots are 26-11.

Oh here God we got a two on one now pass it pass it to Reinhardt.

There's the pass, damn so late, so late.

Damn it now comes the part where we give up a greasy goal to Detroit all right, forestling settles it down, gets it out to eggplant who dumps it in behind the net for cousins to chase? No, it was tyranny.

Actually excuse me, but her with a shot rebound.


There tyranny, getting it back out to my herd.

Okay, Victoria 6 15 left in the period at least we're keeping it in the zone.

Now Lombard with a nice hit tyranny.

Keeping the pump Lombard works, it free gets it back to tyranny, nobody's in front defenseman.

I couldn't tell who it was.

We had a shot, I think it's stall.

Okay, fourth line, try to make something happen, nothing doing Detroit dumps it back in 5, 38 left in the period Colin white, with the puck trying to work through Center gets it back he's behind the net.


So many pastors that we're trying not that we shouldn't be but Detroit is, is intercepting and blocking a ton of our passes.

Cousins excuse to the middle of the ice, try to get it and there it is all right, hey all right, all right, all right, Kirsten! So now three of the call-ups have scored wow.

Now three in a call-ups have scored yeah I want to make sure that that wasn't hit with a high stick by Kirsten.

Originally, though, exactly the good good move by cousins just to get the butts in the front of the net and Kirsten was sitting there and they did the work.

I got 508 left.

Are they going to review this because it did kind of look like Kirsten might have hit it with a high stick could have might have been, but no no review very good.

That's exactly what we needed, but now Kyle's exactly right.

That's what happened the last game right! It was three nothing and then, and then the blue scored a goal, the three one and four one, and then we let them come back right.

All right, Red Wings, trying to get back into the zone 435 left, there's a shot, oh blocked by eggplant, good, good, good job Becky.

All right.

Here we go again: we've got two on two could chuck.

We went to the front.

Oh my God, wow Matthew could chuck mummy oh ho ho ho ho I didn't wow.

You didn't see that no nobody neither did the neither did negelkovic holy crap watch them holy moly.

He just says no I'm going to do it myself and then blue wow man wow.

What a freaking goal holy crap, it's 5-1, my phone's blown up, call it for a second okay Kentucky.

Is this 13th goal this season and Sierra sparkoff? He tries to pass across the ice, but it gets intercepted and then Detroit loses the pocket.

We managed to take it back out to Center.

Ice Detroit is now taking it back in the zone and we have a nice poke by Montour.

That gives us the puck back.

Reinhardt gets swords Beauty and we talked to Corporal races earlier today.

Detroit shoots is out the center ice, brosky heads it off to Force lead and we turned it over and Detroit is setting themselves up.

Almost Detroit is trying to get themselves into shooting position, but we take the puck back here for children, so it's in Detroit Zone, but they have the puck and they clear it out.

You said to someone who shoots it and it finally goes out of the play all right: oh how's, the weather.

What do we got about 45? What's the weather, I'm gonna? Guess it's 45 degrees right now my prediction could be right.

I said five: two Panthers, it's 47 degrees right now, clear, whether tomorrow's nice 48 and 30., it's gonna rain on Sunday.

Hopefully we don't have any problems, and then next week is normal.

Temperatures for us next week highs in the mid 40s lows around freezing.

No, no big deal no snow, a lot of sun tomorrow.

So we'll have a good day out when we go to the gym and at least be nice weather and that's the weather with jaws Raiders are beating the Rams 13-3 right now, yeah Rams suck wow the Rams suck man, jeez uh was the first goal on Bob I, don't think so? No! No! No! It was.

It was definitely not on Bob Rosado, no um.

It was on tyranny.

Not coming back was trying to cover the man in front, but there was a rebound and and Tierney's man snuck past them.

He didn't get to him in time.

Bob didn't even have a.

There was no opportunity for Bob to stop the plug all right, I, don't I'm waiting for us to come back from commercial here.

I know you guys.

Some of you guys are ahead of me.

So I'm not looking at the chat really until it's um uh until it's commercial time, Wayne Gretzky, 894 goals yeah.

How long did he play? Oh God? He played for a long time.

He stuck around for a long time.

Did he have the longest career? It was that Gordie Howe.

It's a good question in terms of in terms of length: I, don't know, maybe Jager I mean if it depends on what how you count it, because yogurt went overseas for a while I said the ESPN now ESPN announcers said: Bob could have controlled the rebound better after the goal last week, and that was that was definitely not on Bob, and you know me I'm, not the Bob sticker upper 5-1, Panthers 225 left in the second period.

Let's just get out of this period.

Five one boy I said five: two uh Red Wings in the pre-game I'm not going to be right number of goals.

If we, if we let them get one more yeah, all right buck and a half Buck 45 left in a period they're still calling the goals.

Oh boy, that was a bad giveaway who did that you're fired? Oh he's, hurt too now see okay, who sent that Puck and who, who just passed the puck right in front of the freaking net.

There was that Montour who did that I? Think Montreal gets the tripping penalty, I got a buck, 33 left and we got another commercial.

Coming now, who can eat more McNuggets, Kyle or Jaws? It's not even close Kyle I would need a half a McNugget it'd.

Make me call.

On the other hand, real question is who can eat more pancakes? A nice problem, you'd probably still win there.

You should you outweigh Me by what 20 pounds yeah Daniel says sitting here, remembering how my wings kicked the crap out of Tampa the other night that was cool, laughs, yeah Tampa, you, you guys, gave Tampa Your Best Shot, you didn't leave anything in the tank for us.

That's clear! Those Auto thoughts on Bob I think he looks good, but I'm not gonna I'm, not going to uh praise him too much during the stream.

That's a recipe for disaster.

This team is fully capable of giving up four goals in a period.

I believe this, when this is I'll, believe it Riley would I want to ever visit.

Japan I'm, not a big I'm, not a big traveler I gotta, be honest, I'm, not a big I'm, not a big Traveler I like home and the woods and my dogs, and not being in crowds of people, not a big fan of airplanes and airports, and customs and I've done my share of that I can't think of any the only place.

I'd really want to go.

Take a nice long trip to is to go back to Alaska that that I would do, but, of course, I don't have to do any Customs or anything like that.

Yeah capable of giving up four goals in the dying seconds in a game TK right now, all right, Buck 33 left face off in the Panthers home.

Detroit wins it there's a shot that whistles by the net no way Bob would have saved that that was a bullet from the top.

We do have a tendency to give up a shot right off for the uh face off on the power play.

That is definitely Bob, gloves it and we're gonna have another face off about 10 left yep buck 10 left hey if he gets to six or seven to one.

Do you let the kid lion come in and play? Ah, if you get to six one, do you let the kid come in and get some time on ice first put in the AHL goalie after obtaining six to one leads proceed to give up five goals.

In three minutes: great white, no man I was born and raised in Florida I was born and raised down there, but I live in Maryland because of Saint Bernard, and that's not the only reason, but that's how I.

Oh they end up hit oh I'm, trying to call a goal and a save and answer a question.

At the same time, barkov got stoned, Jeff, give give lion the start Sunday you might have to if, if Knight's not better, yet that's going to be a tough one.

Let's just finish this tonight, though 56 seconds left Detroit's on the power play.

Face-Off is in the Detroit Zone Lucia Ryan, and coming in to take the face off.

That's what I got and he promptly loses the Face-Off s.

I was all ready for dessert and I got handled a bowl of warm berries.

I need sugar.

Sugar, yeah I was all ready for dessert she's still up there eating her warm berries.

Oh nice, save Bubba, don't be giving up a goal with 28 seconds left in the period now come on, get out of this 5-1 Spencer and I mean, while sitting at home, sick going man.

That's my job.

Yeah yeah, the Bob looks good now what the hell was wrong with him, the meaning 18 seconds left in the period Detroit coming in for one more Rush.

Well, offsides, oh boy, that was about to put one in the back in the net there they had.

They were running with that puck into the Zone, but I guess being offside's helped lost some weight eat one of those peanut butter, cheeseburgers bark off we'll be fine, peanut butter cheeseburgers.

What does the dessert size had to make up full of peanut butter, topped with a bunch of whipped cream, all right and chocolate chips and end of the second period? There's half a second left in the what oh there's a half a second left come on now, oh okay, nothing gonna happen in a half a second.

That's it okay, I'm going to go! Do the recap there you go Kyle, do your job, all right, I'll be back guys! Oh, how are we gonna stay awake for the third period? It's 5-1 come back Red Wings, oh yeah, Tom! That's what Jeff said is friends likes sounds disgusting.

Peanut butter, jeez sounds good to me.

Oh you've been to Mexico Nicaragua Cuba Bahamas Croatia, Italy, France, Amsterdam, Spain wow.

Please, I've always wanted to take a trip to the Caribbean baby to the Bahamas or wherever I've added Atlantis, Resorts and water park are life so yeah we're waiting, five five one.

This is pretty awesome.

Let's see, you've had the whales too foreign you've been to Kuwait in Iraq, told me, except for Cuba.

All those countries have Club hockey.

Programs, hey Riley, my day's been pretty good.

I went with Dad and the dogs to the beach had some fun.

I was pretty tired this morning, especially after all the time I spent at the beach but I'm doing a little better assertedly the Panthers winning five to one is is helping.

Okay, it's cold.

Okay, foreign! You know what I used to get from the candy store.

Jeff chocolate covered potato chips.

Oh so good! Yes, chocolate covered, potato chips.

It's a candy store the Predators, the Maple Leafs are winning five to nothing against the canes.

How bad are these Kings? You haven't lived until you've had chocolate covered potato chips if the keys are good ghosts, they're just bad, though they're losing five, nothing to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The lightning are winning four to two against the Predators.

Now they're furred in the Pacific in Germany, you saw the bed bad music team bus with the players in it.

Riley do I, miss Marsha so being on the pant first yeah.

How about could chuck barkhoff and Marsha's Soul all on the same line? I would be great that that line would utterly destroy the rest of the league.

Barkhoff Kentucky marshes, though Chris Tierney scores in second game.

This season, Josh mahura third goal.

This season Ty single season career high matters that second career goal in his first since December of last year, the Winnipeg Jets are beating the blues free to nothing.

The Senators and stars are tied at two at the end of the first and yeah, the light in our beating the Predators for the two Marcia soul.

Is your favorite golden Knight he's like one of the only players that the golodites haven't given up in their mad all in push year after year after year, you can't wait to see declared, could chuck gonna be awesome, hopefully, which World Cup team am I, rooting I, don't know anymore.

Japan had the U.S are gone from the from the tournament, so I really don't know who to root for what should I say: Canada Mexico, the diver of them even make it past.

The group stage did did Germany make it past the group stage.

It feels silly the route for a country that I can't even point to on the map, so so yeah.

My main takeaway from this game.

So far is it's good.

To have bark off back and babrovsky doesn't completely suck yeah Riley.

It's a shame, it's a shame that Japan lost and the U.S lost to the Dutch.

So, honestly, honestly, if it wasn't for honestly, if it wasn't for the World Cup, my my geography, I've I've, forgotten so much geography, I wouldn't even know Croatia is a country that exists.

It's one of those countries that, because there's so many countries in Europe, oh you forget, certain countries actually exist and aren't just made up.

We got any Europeans in the chat right now.

Anyone a native of the old country, foreign you were in Croatia when the team was in the quarterfinals versus Russia, and you remember when Croatia would score a goal.

People would throw fireworks and you remember, being shirtless and running.

That's awesome.

Jeez Keens, look terrible! Judging by the highlights they're, just letting Mitch Marner score at will wow and that's awesome.

Let's see Maple Leafs this season before martyr's 21, game streak for free and oh says, 12 2 and 6.

and they're, showing the game between the stars and the Senators I.

Don't get why the Ottawa Senators use that logo that they use I.

Think the forward-facing senator is a lot cooler what's wrong with the camera, nothing that I can see from my ends.

The camera should be fine if you're talking about this, that's one of the lights in the room.

So if the overhead lights- let's see, but so apparently the camera is blurry again.

It probably is just because of the fact that we're we are streaming for Florida.

We are streaming the Florida Panthers game and trying the lives do this live stream on our laptop at the same time, and thank you we're showing this hit that Rasmus dollar did against one of the San Jose Sharks is a that's an awesome hit.

The sends logo was used back when they were in the NHL in night in the 1920s.

What happened to that god-awful logo that, but he was given around the time of the 92 expansion draft- did that monstrosity ever actually make it to a jersey, or did it get thrown out the window? You remember when they made it to the finals against France, sadly glasses a fun time watching it X fresh okay, it's good now how many of you know what I'm talking about with the awful Senators logo, vets for 1992 Incarnation was supposed to have the one with the where it's a word, I believe it was the word senators and one of the letter I believe the T was a tower from Ottawa.

You know, for what I'm talking about is that what the World Cup finals final final is TK had to Google it yeah it's bad yeah, I never had I've, never seen.

I had never seen that logo before I watched, urinating trees, video on the 1992 expense, expansion, draft there's a whole story involving the other was Senator said, the other disaster.

That was their draft day.

You know if one of their alternate jerseys with scents on the front foreign says, don't bring Sasha out yet might be too much bad luck.

Tk says some people have updated that Ottawa logo and it looks better I- would love to see that someone turn that monstrosity into a decent logo.

You remember the other one word Mark logo that they were proposing for the team in 92.


Remember that so what's the Forerunner for worst NHL logo, oh my God! Would it be that, although Ottawa logo Riley says Kyle would be what would be your reaction? If the Golden Knights win the cup I would say if they finally did it, they won the Stanley Cup, but at what cost? Where's this Tempo come on.

Dustin I want you to go, look up, 1992 Ottawa Senators logo and tell me with a straight face that that logo is, is better than Ed Ivor Tampa, Bay logo, I'm talking logo, not Jersey, design or uniform.

Just the just the logo of the team dad face off.

Okay, we win the face off and that blood immediately shoots it into the Detroit Zone Detroit is still on the power play for 17 seconds.

There's a different logo Rosado, it's a different logo.

If you're talking about the Ottawa Senators, there's hey MJ, thank you for the 15.

hi jaws and call my backs sorry for being M.I.A had dinner for feeds, Panthers or kicking butts.

Yeah Raiders are beating the Rams 13-3 at halftime I'm.

Coming give me a second, let's see, Rosado you have to look up Ottawa Senators logo for one that looks like oh hey.

Thank you.

Mj yeah says hi Josh and come back sorry for being an M.I.A at dinner and did some other things.

Panthers are kicking.

Butt yeah Raiders were beaten, Rams 13-3 at halftime outstanding.

Thank you.

Buddy I appreciate that.

We definitely appreciate that I gotta go buy dog food tomorrow.

That's not even a joke.

I'll be right back what that little love cap, you better get in shape all right.

Okay, let's see MJ's asking who scored for the pan.

First um Mr, reinam, Mr, Ryan, herestead, Kirsten tyranny.

Tierney could chuck, could chuck and mahura hey guys right.

Heart takes away the puck and it'll drift over to the gold Detroit goalie and gets a return I, don't believe Detroit portal they're starting goalie, MJ, Raymond Rosado, and talking about the one where I believe it's the T, it looks like looks like a tower in Ottawa I believe we will not bring out Sasha.

Okay, we managed to take possession tyranny.

Was offside, we managed to kill off charades hit the posts Ben shuratz hit the post.

Oh no, what would have been a wide open shot? Okay, Soul has the puck, and now it's cousins, I believe, brings it in behind the Nets.

Let's see, and we had to, we were forced out of the zone.

Mark stall clears is trying to clear it out.

Hey both stalls are on the ice.

All right kiddo, you want you want to.

You want to stay there and I'll.

Take your chair, uh! Won't! Even let the old man have you, that's how it's gonna be huh.

Oh, oh fine, then make me take the uncomfortable, couch huh all right.

What do we got? Wake you up! Get your ass, hey, hey, I'll! Put that microphone auto pay right on your debit card.

You won't even know it huh all right, 15, 15, left in the game.

Shots are 36.

16., that's good! Five minutes is already gone.

It's gonna go by quick all right, and you said five.

Two Panthers right yeah see ya.

Mj agrees man I, you should have.

Let me have the chair.

That's okay! Oh I got the wrong hat on, but that's okay, my head is cold I'll trade.

You with chair for massage you can't stop you're gonna, stop massaging man.

This fan is very much broken.

Oh, it means constants, oh prop enough, yeah! Well, that's that's because I take care of the dogs, yeah, the dogs, they're uh, Alum you're, a lot of work.

I know you hear me talking about you over there you're a good boy.

All right, let's go! Let's finish this hockey game off, 13.50 I, just hope: I keep hoping.

If I talk long enough, the game will be over.

Oh, oh geez, they're gonna go back on the power play again here we go MJ yeah he's he's right behind the couch he likes to lay up against the couch.

Well, my head's too hot at it, because it's cold in there, but with Ellie's Heat, going to commercial already commercial jeez come on.

Ah, my brother Gene is ignoring me.

Now he's ignoring you that jerk he gets a girlfriend and he forgets all about the important things like Bros and hockey is exactly right.

Man, it's not even a joke.

That's exactly what he he does every time totally just abandons us what we sell.

We sold something.

Let me see, what did we sell? 1970 United States, Air, Force, William Tell press photo Airman signals pilot to stop an f-102 aircraft.

Yeah I saw that okay I just got the notification.

Oh I see no I got it at 7 30.

We also sold one of those 1986 Chevy uh Chevy S10, pickup truck sales brochure, yeah yeah, all right, I'm gonna have to start getting some stuff in soon.

Yes, we gotta fit finish up whatever's over there and just get it get get moving with it doing whatever we're gonna do with it.

Yeah I'm dying over here from lack of quality items.

The list I know.

Well, you know how it is.

You saw Steve dangle in the background, Steve, hey soflo, how you doing buddy was it on TV I wasn't watching on TV.

All right is that the dude you're talking about with the hairline yeah.

So from the front it looks, looks okay from the side.

He's got like a huge, bald patch.

Oh man, poor dude.

That feed in the front is the only thing giving him some dignity.

I see so like from like here looks okay, but when he turns to the side it's yeah, you can see where the hair just fell out.

Poor guy yeah all right.

What do we got? We got 13 33, left Detroit's on the power play a buck, 43 left in the power play.

All we got to do is kill this guys and the game's over okay kill the penalty, get it under 10 minutes, and then we can start.

We can start celebrating good win, though, if we finish this off tonight and I do say: if, because the Panthers have they're capable of blowing the sleep, well we're this isn't four to one I know I know, but last year we did it in reverse.

First, we started coming back from three to one.

Then we started coming back from four to one.

Then we came back from five to one we paid back from five British I know we came back from four nothing I know.

We came back from a four goal deficit last year, so this year, I think they're going to try to work in Reverse.

First we blow a 3-1 lead, then a 4-1 lead, and now it's 5-1 watch they're gonna blow.

It was you'll, never understand, Steve, dingle's pain of being a Toronto fan.

What it was a baseball: oh [, __, ], nice save Bubba.

You know how difficult it is to blow an eight to one lead in baseball.

It's pretty tough! That's pretty tough man! All right, 12, 15, left I had to settle for about 10 chocolate chips.

For my dessert it was sad chocolate.

Icy shot was going for that upper corner there and Bob made the same as he says.

Daniel is obnoxious.

I feel nothing for his suffering.

Great white sister fluffy has a whiskey barrel.

No, he doesn't have a whiskey barrel he's not a uh.

Didn't you tell me that was a myth.

Kyle um, yeah I, believe I believe the whole Saint Bernard's carrying burials of whiskey around their neck is at least partially a myth.

Partially MF I see right, that's what Kyle does is Kyle will watch things on the internet and then he'll ruin things that I thought were pretty cool, he'll say.

Ah, actually, that's not the case.

This is.

What's really happened.

Designer that's nicely up on that point.

All right, we killed it.

11 19 left now no more stoppages to play all right by the time I get to bed already.

It's gonna be Midnight Express, it's five one, that's five! One Panthers starting starting Saturday I'll have a ticker and everything with the score yeah we'll.

Finally, look like a real stream.

Hey I said: we'd get one thing as I said: we'd fix one thing at a time: the freaking the software is not free.

You know you want to pay for it.

That's what I thought foreign all right! Oh they're, gonna get one! It's not gonna! They're gonna get one because they're starting to do the whole Shooting Gallery thing here: shoot together, they're gonna get one it'll finish: five, two exactly.

Are we going back to commercial again? No, no update? Oh, what ESPN is the only broadcast that does updates? Ah, jeez Tampa, no, that's the Jets and the blue wait a minute! Oh okay! What's the score? What's the score, I believe Tampa was 242 against the Predator.

Oh Tampa's, winning 4-2, damn it you're thinking, lightning, oh Tampa just says: get Goods too.

The second best Florida team, hey buddy, how you doing in a long day of school, semester's crunch time, yeah, we've looked pretty good these last.

If you, if you subtract the last game against the Jets, we've been beating everybody five to one, hey MJ.

Thank you, sir appreciate that what you got he says idea bring one of us on for a guest on your stream kind of like what the Manning brothers do for Monday, Night Football that'd be cool.

Yeah I'd have to find a way to um had to find a way to how can I say this.

Mj I have to find a way to vet it right because it's like anything else, once you let one person on then I'm gonna have a list of like 5 000 people want to come on, so I I had to figure out how to do it.

Where I'm, not just saying yes to you, no to you, you know what I mean I had to figure out how to do it so that it's like kind of random or something no, no uh, Matthew I, don't mean technically on on on on stream yard.

I can technically do it.

I mean like, like I, have to figure out how to make it so that you know you have a schedule for games.

Yeah I have to figure it out, you're, not wrong I.

Just it's something: I got to sit down and think about because I don't wanna I wanna.

If I'm gonna do it I want to do it right from the from the beginning.

I don't want to do it, um I, don't want to have to change change it and change it.

You know what I mean bouncing [, __ ].

It says if they get on one night, you'll hear me throwing F-bomb as he drinks splashing all over the camera and frustration, yeah, I'll I'll figure it out.

You know you guys have been around long enough.

I like to do one thing.

At a time: I wanna, I, wanna, get comfortable using the software I've been running some tests.

The last couple of days.

You know when, when when we do it, Saturday we're going to be live for YouTube, um, Facebook and Twitter I, just haven't I haven't decided.

Yet if I'm gonna do the there's one level of stream yard, where I can stream to three different locations? And then the next level up is I can stream to like five locations, gold, rips, the shots, so I, don't I want to see how it goes to start off, but I'd like to be able to go to Instagram too I'd like to not have to choose between those three, but so we're going to start that Saturday.

How can you over under for total goals, be six and a half? Doesn't that mean say that again over under on goals? Oh Jesus and a half well.

That means that means you can either bet that'll, be over six and a half goals, or under six and a half right goals.

But it's a half a goal: yeah I, don't know what the half means in betting right now: I'm, not sure what it means right.

Dmc do you feel like this is the tire Detroit team that that played us? Yes, yeah I actually said that in the second intermission I said: let's not, let's not pretend like we're getting Detroit's best effort tonight, we'll take it, but just like Winnipeg did not get the Panthers best effort, we're not getting their best effort tonight.

That's for sure, Rosado, yeah I know I mean in terms of the stream yeah.

Some people will be ahead.

Some people will be behind, but take it to get to um Instagram, it's not um, it's not! You can do it, but it's a little bit more complicated from from um.

We are because it's not just a direct link, I'll get it figured out, but probably won't be for Saturday and then Sunday we're game.

At the same time, we're still watching the game I'm talking to the dog, we're still watching the game.

What what do you want from me? You should see the look on Fluffy's face I'm trying to watch the oh come on.

That's what I got.

Where are you it's? What I got? What? What are you complaining about? What speak? What? Oh? That's it he's ignoring me now because he thinks I'm making fun of him.

What are you doing? You want to come up here.

Come on he's tired, we're all uh I'm, not tired, I'm fine come on.

Let's go get up here, I'm gonna fall, asleep.

Kyle says I'm, tired, fluffy you get up here yourself, I got six and a half minutes left huh come on.

You got to.

Let me finish: the game come on.

Come on.

Uh I'll help you up Jesus.

Can you hold on a second fight? Puppy hockey is always honest.

It's a true medium I appreciate that all right, I'm gonna, be honest with my dog.

Oh boy, hey come on knees.

What are you doing? Fluffy you're, not in trouble? What are you doing? What's all right? Good certificates, you gotta, go outside, you, gotta go outside, what's going on, come here.

What what do you want me to bring you upstairs already? What do you want? Careful, don't knock into the whole jeez.

That's the one place you can't go.

Fluffy is trying to not go for the table with the camera on it.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here you big giant baby, come on get up, get up, come on I'll help you out come on two: oh Jesus, all right! So, okay! Well that Stahl, who tried the shots on the Nets and was unsuccessful.

We're gonna have to sit with the dogs.

This is ridiculous.

Oh good he's really I'm gonna give him some massage okay I'm here, I'm, just on the other side of the computer.

Yes, because this we have a 140 pound baby.

Exactly he's he's sore he's tired.

He overdoes it at the beach, but he won't.

Let us go home when it's time to go home, you guys see the shorts barkov tried.

He had was right in front of the goliads could not score when you guys see the shorts like I put one out today: I'm, not exaggerating when he's doing that to us.

We've been there 90 minutes at that point.

He won't.

Let us leave and I have to drag him or he drags me all.

The way back to the water Mr gives it a bark coffin.

Bark off hits it white, so I'm over here massaging his hips, hopefully you're lucky the game was already over huh.

Let's see last season, we were, they had 4.11 goals per game, which was good for first and that's what you have to do this year.

We have three points, something something goals per game and that's only good for 11.

Okay, how do they measure goal distance because Matthew could chuck is 6.6, but then what they're saying is that how far from the net you are very usually very close to the net when he scores his goals? Yeah? Well, it's in Detroit! So no O'reilly says he had fun.

Charles I had fun, but I gotta.


We safe guys all right, Riley thanks bud! Good night Riley, oh I gotta, get you some demating shampoo, If Loving uh.

We have a sacred artist, he's never been to a professional groomer.

It's not the problem.

The problem is, is that he used to love to get rushed and bladed, but it doesn't feel good to him anymore.

For whatever reason, as he's gotten older, he doesn't like the brushing and the blading he used to love it used to never be able to get enough for whatever reason now, I don't know.

Oh they're, gonna, fight, yeah, all I see is all I see.

Is the the Rings for the Detroit Player I, see so they're just talking to each other.

It wasn't really a fight here.

Kyle go ahead and show them show them what I got over here.

Okay, this is what this is.

What I got you get? Some massage first Daddy was Daddy's a massage therapist, so he's lucky? Yes, yes, so he was crying for 140 pound baby.

Yes, Ellie usually gets her massages too, but obviously she's smaller.

She doesn't get as get as um she's.

Looking at me, look at her look at Ellie.

Looking at me.

She's, like what do you mean I, don't need massages.

This is Ellie reacting to the fact that she isn't getting any massages right now.

You're, a good girl who saw the stuff yeah I, agree, Rosado, stop what the hell it's a family-friendly stream, and this is this is Ellie, don't feel so bad for her that's.

This is our heater.

That's pointed right on her and turned a full blast.

Exactly yeah Ellie's like what am I, what am I going to get a massage Dad.

She got one in life.

They already got their massages tonight.

This is a bonus actually fluffy I'm trying to get this stuff off.

Look at this is tired to fight me on it.

I'm tired to fight me on it.

Mitch Marner is out here making the LA Kings look like idiots five, nothing Leafs, huh, okay, Napa one five to two.

So so he won't catch up on them, but it's a good thing you're winning.

So we got a Detroit Red Wings player in the Box yeah Mitch Marner, isn't just on a point.

Streak he's on a 21 game.

Point streak wow yeah: it's nuts beliefs have gone like 12, 2 and 6 since he started on that streak, so we got 251 left in the game or we basically have a power play with two of those minutes.

I hope you guys enjoyed the intermission entertainment with the massage of the dog Stadium like I'm, almost done getting it on CE.

You rush it anymore.

So there's a Face-Off in the Panthers offensive soap.

Almost it goes to eggplants bounces over the Forest Lane, who has to put it around the boards.

The corners you can see.

They've got the pieces.

I'm glad makes a shot.

That goalie has to cover up.

Good boy is talking it up with that.

He said Jay.

We we used to have cats in the house when my mom was still living with us.

She still has her.

She has like three cats now: a Norwegian Forest cats, a torty shell short hair and a black cat, the short hair, a shorty black cat solely Tia and Brock all right, buddy.

Okay, is he good? Now yeah Trey baby, this team doesn't stink, you're good now, babsky certainly doesn't stink.

I'm gonna finish up the last couple minutes to the stream here on.

Okay, all right, you good, okay, set it settle down and I'll bring you upstairs in a couple minutes: okay, buddy all right, Buck, 40 left in the period 37 seconds left in the power playing Fluffy's gonna lay down he's settled up.

He wants to go back upstairs I'll get you upstairs when the game's over buddy okay wants to go lay in his bed upstairs, not that he doesn't have two beds down here all right.

So it looks like we're actually going to pull this off here.

Eh this bed over there, your first cat was also our Norwegian Forest gets.

It was a black and white one, but he had a long hair.

Black okay and you had a tabby yeah.

Are we Sully? Is a silver silvery, gray, yeah I agree with that Rosado.

If either gold tender can play well, oh geez, don't do anything stupid with 30 seconds left guys, no, no goals! I, don't want to lift any weights score.

My prediction is wrong: well, I'm, sorry about your prediction, but I don't want him, giving up a goal now: I, don't I, don't feel like lifting any weights with 15 seconds left here.

That's it! Oh Lamberg is coming into the Zone he's going to try and get one, and that's the end of that two points.

All right.

Why? Yes, are we Street good to go for this weekend here? Come the rest, hey Rats, on the ice yeah we're we're, definitely good to go great white.

We're definitely going to be streaming the Lightning game on Saturday and then on.

Sunday uh, we're gonna start with the Panthers cracking and then we're gonna do the whole Panther game, but we're gonna split the screen when the dolphin game starts at night.

So not your screen.

Our screen but I'll be calling the hockey game and he'll be calling the football game while they're going on so that should be fun.

Yeah all right, see, barkov plays the whole night.

Rosado I agree with you, buddy all right guys, I'm gonna go through the recap.

Carla bring you home, appreciate everybody coming out.

This was good.

This was a little pneumonia is good for you TK.

He lost a couple bucks.

He lost a couple pounds, that's for sure, lightning beat the Predators five yeah yeah yeah MJ! Thank you! Sorry, buddy, I'm, sorry, it's okay, yep, appreciate that MJ so to bark off even played no, he played he played.

He had a decent game.

He won some face-offs.

He may not have been noticeable, although he did have one decent shorthanded shot.

The face-offs is where he's noticeable, so all right, kiddo, take it home I'll, be back in a little bit guys thanks thanks again everybody all right.

You got it.

Yeah, okay, good, wait! A minute that dude has on the right.

He has amazing hair for his age, a terrible teeth.

Oh yeah! It was the made some deal.

Let me have beautiful gorgeous hair, but, like you can have my front teeth.

Stay there.

Puppy I'll, be back companies pre-Christmas party going on.

Oh that's, cool, Larry yay! We won another game five to one.

It's always five to one now and another secret United States.

It's 5 a.m.

In Finland good morning, finlands Christianity goal in second game.

Since joining Panthers he's the second star, Matthew kachuk is the first star, I didn't catch who the third star was did Eddie.

If you just catch who the third star was because I believe second star was tyranny and first was kachuk: hey, hey, yerry! Thank you.

You have a [, __ ] commercials on right now.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Arie I appreciate that it's funny earlier in the Stream I was asking.

If there were any Europeans and now we have one, we have Airy all the way from from Finland and it's 5 a.m.


Your company, is having a pre-Christmas party at 5 00 a.m.

Finland time.

How early does does your work day start show? C says: Bob was the first star.

Yeah Florida has won free of the last four games after being winless in the previous three games.

Finally, you heard a rumor about barkhoff.

Well, he played tonight.

We welcome him back, especially in the face-offs we missed.

We missed his ability to win in the Face-Off Circle Josh Jacobs of the Raiders has heard.

Oh no, oh no.

There goes whatever minute.

Hopefully, I have had for postseason right.

Yeah well, the unfortunately well they are not mathematically out yet Houston was the first team to be mathematically eliminated.

That Chicago was the second well well that sucks for the Raiders, but they're, probably still witty that gay right well, we've definitely needed the switch against to catch up against Detroit yeah rebs will get knocked out after they lose tonight.

Josh Jacobs also plays for the Cocoa Beach raw dogs.

They were trying to win the championship.

Yeah a fight happened to the arena.

Are you talking? Are you talking? Florida live Arena.

If Raiders win tonight, they will have the same record after week, 14 that they did last year and they made the playoffs foreign Louis.

He doesn't suck Bob.

Actually Bob actually pulled off a great game, a great game.

It's not his fault that uh territory failed to cover his Sky on the one gold we actually, he actually played up to his 10 million dollar contract for once baby for news about barkhoff about Utopia was not right.


Well, my dad was looking at Tim as he was skating around it.

My dad thinks he's lost a good amount of weight since since before he got sick, Carly Rae jespins, Call, Me Maybe is playing during the stadium timeout foreign against Tampa Blitz vasilevsky that didn't work in the in those Stanley Cup playoffs did it yeah Joe Bob does Skate a lot of respect and I much less worried about him, starting on Saturday.

That I was was be before this game.

I think we could now rely on comfortably on papowsky to at least keep us in the game.

Babsky May 19 saves tonight.

They they have the wrong statistics.

Oh wait! No, that that's that's correct.

We hopefully outshot we, hopefully outshot the red weeds tonight, barkhoff's father said it had finished newspapers, you're, saying barkhoff's dad said he had Utopia with fastolewsky.

You got to fake him out to make him do extra work.

Rams are being called a Bad sequel, yeah, certainly I hate, I hate to be Arabs fan but actual Rams fan, and not just a bandwagon fan.

She's Boston Bruins have a .967 home home points percentage this season, 14, oh it was the Bruins are at home where 0.708 0.967.

That's crazy for Boston, that is insanity.

I do not believe, there's a lot of bandwagon.

Panthers fans, that's all Rams Fans are bandwagon fence.

They never cared about the team until they started winning yeah I.

Guess you have a point there MJ.

So it's funny because the Rams, when they moved to Los Angeles, they were returning to a place where they had once played.

I thought the shark said the ducks have good great fan bases.

Those Rams will always be the St Louis Blues to you.

The Reds will always be the St Louis Rams to you.

Yeah foreign well, I think those the Los Angeles Chargers.

For me, the Los Angeles charges will always be to send San Diego Chargers, hey David.

We won five to one which bar in our future Panther I, don't believe so.

La has two teams and the most popular team in the city place in Vegas.

You were at the game.

That's awesome.

Sharks and ducks have a big fan base.

You saw it while living in Orange County problems.

They don't always travel or go to games, sharks, nominee for so many years.

They likely still have a great pad base, but they're not showing up this year.

Yeah Rosado Rosado told me about that.

Oh you saw the Panthers versus shark games, Arena, looked kind of empty you're, saying you're, saying Los Angeles football fans root for the Vegas Raiders morph, and they do the Ivor to rebs or Chargers.

Let's see longest Point streaks Mitch Barner has a 21 a 21 game, point streak and they're showing the light.

It was reverse retro night four, but like oh, my God, those jerseys.

They are so much worse.

Looking on the ice, so dear Lord, if only dad was here to look at these jerseys on the ice.

In theory, the lightning Jersey should be badass, but it just doesn't work.

Maybe it's because they changed over the colors Edwardo were the Predators wearing their reverse.

Retros too yeah the Predators were wearing the reverse Retros too so I guess there are games in which both teams are wearing their reverse retros.

It was the lightning and predators both won.

There were before they're reverse retros now and the oh yeah, the St Louis Blues is everyone else, swearing to reverse Retros tonight, because the blues and the Winnipeg Jets are also wearing their reverse retros.

Those St Louis Blues jerseys, look incredible! Those are those are amazing: I I love, the St, Louis Blues, reverse retro and the Winnipeg Jets reverse retro.

Is it's bad? So look at the this, the Jets and the blues were wearing reverse retro yeah.

That's why I was saying wait what cause when they show that highlight it looked like it was the Predators because of the colors nope.

That's where I got confused the Predators and Tampa also wore their reverse Retros in the same game.

I see yeah the Predators, their reverse retro is that mustard, yellow and the lightning? Oh, my God, the Lightning jerseys look so much worse on the ice.

All right.

Let me just start offloading this and I'll come I'll.

Come closer yeah, Matt's, gay 61-yard field goal attempt is wide left and Shabbat deflected the puck off a star skate together, one of the best goals of the Season I'm sure for the Senators I see that Chad is now all talking about Bloods and Crips, because apparently it's a it's derailed from the Lost Los Angeles football fans, their favorite team is their favorite team is apparently Las Vegas because of the game Vibes they give off, and now everyone's talking about about games, we've scored five goals in all three of our previous wins, including tonight, foreign I was gonna sneeze there.

Pardon me it's almost time to close this up.

I see that my dad is now he's yeah mg.

You should ask my dad about the gains in Miami, my dad, my dad grew up in Miami in the 70s and 80s no games.

Let's see pulmonary, let's see the Panthers had four goals in the second period, which is their most in a single period.

This this season.

Well, that's cool.

The Dolphin Stadium is in a high crime area, yeah I'm sure it is four goals in one period: wow, never tray.

Never yeah, it would be interesting, though so is it still 13 free Raiders, the Jets are beating the blues four to two.

The Senators and stars are still tied at the end of the seconds.

Thank you MJ and yeah, the lightning and Predators game, and it's five to two in favor of the lightning.

How did the kids lose five? Nothing to the Maple Leafs Jameson, the Chicago White Sox? Are your favorite baseball team.

Besides the Mariners and blue jays with White Sox is your number one hey Joshua, Joshua Robbins is TRD definitely looks like he belongs on the roster.

Well, not if he's going to complete, let let his man slip right past him, though.

Let's Detroit score the only goal in the whole game.

Let's see, playoff picture Bruins, Maple, Leafs, lightning from the Atlantic Devils hurricanes and Penguins or Metro wildcard is currently Islanders and Red Wings and we are in the Hunts.

The Rangers are at the top of the in the Huns and then it's pan, first Canadians and capitals, but we're beating half the beats the likes of the Islanders and red weeds that get a wild card spot.

In the Eastern Conference, so it looks like tonight's wind will definitely help us out.

Thank you all right, kiddo, all right, good point, all right, all right guys, all right and I give you the massage okay I, give the massage ow Jesus geez all right.

Well, you know what Matt you know what happens when he says ow? No, yes, yes, I did it I? Did it I, get it I, get it? Okay! Stop! Oh all right guys appreciate everybody coming out all right thanks for everybody showing up appreciate all the super chats everybody huge big support, as always, really genuinely appreciate it and um we'll be back with you.

Stu and I be back with tomorrow morning and then uh yeah, Saturday and Sunday three games in two days.

So all right, all right, yeah! Oh you guys got a gang yeah he's trying to start again, I'm good I'm, too old, we'll let Ellie be in the gang she's, though she's a gangster yeah.

All right, guys appreciate it.

We'll see you bye! Okay.


Where can I watch Red Wings vs Panthers? ›

You can tune in to NHL Network, TVAS, BSDET, and BSFL to watch as the Panthers and the Red Wings hit the ice.

How can I watch the Red Wings tonight? ›

Stream Red Wings games live on FOXSportsDetroit.com or via the FOX Sports App. Download the FOX Sports App from the App Store on your preferred device, tap the menu button and enter your TV provider information. Will I be able to stream Red Wings games this season? Yes.

Is the Panthers game on Amazon Prime? ›

Watch Thursday Night Football on Prime Video across all devices. Free with membership.

Does Bally Sports have all Red Wings games? ›

All Red Wings games televised on BSD and BSD Extra will be streamed on the Bally Sports app and BallySports.com when fans authenticate using their pay-TV credentials. New this season, Red Wings games will also be available on Bally Sports+, the all-new, standalone streaming subscription service from Bally Sports.

How can I watch the Red Wings game live? ›

  1. Bally Sports Detroit is widely available on cable and satellite providers such as AT&T U-verse, Spectrum, Comcast, DirecTV, DirecTV Stream, Wow! and more.
  2. If you receive Red Wings telecasts on Bally Sports Detroit as part of your TV subscription, you can stream the games on the Bally Sports app and BallySports.com.

Why is the Red Wings game blacked out? ›

The blackouts happen because each NHL team has a number of regional games that get sold to regional broadcasters. These NHL blackout rules mean that only regional broadcasters have the right to show a specific game.

Can I watch wings on peacock? ›

Peacock currently has 6 seasons of Super Wings available for streaming.

How can I stream the Panthers game? ›

Watch Carolina Panthers Games Live on Hulu + Live TV

On Hulu + Live TV, you can watch NFL games on your local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC channels, plus ESPN and NFL Network for $70 per month with the base plan. Hulu + Live TV has over 75 channels in its lineup.

How can I listen to the Panthers game? ›

The Panthers can be heard throughout the Carolinas on flagship station WRFX 99.7 The FOX and on the Carolina Panthers Radio Network. Seven hours of game day coverage, all coordinated by executive producer David Langton, begin three hours before kickoff on WRFX 99.7 FM The Fox with the Panthers Stadium Show.

Are the games on Amazon Prime free? ›

Prime members can access new games and in-game content at no additional cost with Prime Gaming.

Who is broadcasting the Red Wings game? ›

A total of 13 Red Wings regular-season games will be nationally exclusive broadcasts on TNT and ESPN+ / Hulu.

Can I get Bally Sports without cable? ›

FuboTV is our top choice for Bally Sports. Fubo allows you to try out its service free for 7 days. Get Bally Sports With FuboTV!

Do you have to pay extra for Bally Sports? ›

Yes, DIRECTV Stream includes Bally Sports Extra with the Choice package for $89.99 a month. The DIRECTV Stream Choice package comes with over 90 channels, including ACC Network, Big Ten Network, Golf Channel, NBA TV, and more. A DIRECTV Stream subscription comes with unlimited DVR storage.

How can I watch Red Wings hockey without cable? ›

Watch the NHL Live on Hulu

Flip channels like cable, stream like Hulu. Catch your favorite hockey games all season long with Hulu + Live TV, now with Disney+ and ESPN+. Enjoy over 90 live channels, plus Hulu's entire streaming library. Cancel anytime.

Why are the Red Wings not on Bally Sports? ›

Bally Sports owner files for bankruptcy; Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons games not yet affected. Diamond Sports Group, the largest owner of regional sports networks, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday. The move came after it missed a $140 million interest payment last month.

How many Red Wings games will be on ESPN Plus? ›

A total of 13 Red Wings regular-season games will be nationally exclusive broadcasts on TNT and ESPN-plus/Hulu.

How do I bypass blackout restrictions? ›

Here's how to bypass ESPN+ live blackout restrictions:
  1. Sign up for and download a quality VPN with enough bandwidth and server locations to get access to every blacked-out game you want. ...
  2. Install the VPN app on your device. ...
  3. Connect to a server location where the game you want to watch is not blacked out.
May 9, 2023

What app can I watch the Red Wings game? ›

The Hulu + Live TV channel lineup includes ABC, ESPN, TNT, and TBS which carry Red Wings national games. The service includes the Disney Bundle which has live NHL games on Hulu and out-of-market games on ESPN+.

Does Hulu blackout NHL games? ›

Game day coverage can vary and is subject to regional availability and blackout restrictions. You can easily check to see if an upcoming game will be unavailable or blacked out by using the Live Guide.

Can you stream Wings anywhere? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Wings" streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ Amazon Channel or for free with ads on Pluto TV. It is also possible to buy "Wings" as download on Amazon Video.

How can I watch Peacock for free? ›

The basic Peacock service is totally free, and there's no trial period. You don't even have to enter any credit card information to sign up as you often do to get free trials like the Hulu free trial. Just use your email address to create your account and you're ready to stream.

Is Wings available on Hulu? ›

Watch Wings Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What network is the Red Wings game on? ›

2022-23 Detroit Red Wings Schedule | ESPN.

What channel can I watch the Red Wings on? ›

ESPN+ will show every Red Wings game that isn't exclusively airing nationally on ESPN or TNT.

Why is the Red Wings game blacked out on ESPN? ›

If you see a message that states, "This content is subject to blackout", this is because the event that you requested is not available on ESPN in your location. Your location is determined by your IP Address.

How do I get Fox Sports Detroit? ›

Stream Fox Sports Detroit Live on Hulu with Live

Hulu with Live costs $55 per month, after a free trial. The live streaming service carries Fox Sports Detroit for those in-market, along with locals including ABC, CBS, and NBC and TBS, Fox, ESPN, TNT, and FS1 for games that air nationwide.

Where can I watch the Red Wings on Roku? ›

Red Wing, a romance movie starring Bill Paxton, Luke Perry, and Frances Fisher is available to stream now. Watch it on The Roku Channel, Tubi - Free Movies & TV, Freevee, Peacock TV or Prime Video on your Roku device.

How many Red Wings games are on ESPN Plus? ›

The Wings will have eight games exclusively on ESPN-Plus/Hulu, which are available in the Disney-Plus bundle.

Are the Red Wings on Bally Sports Detroit? ›

Detroit Red Wings NHL - Bally Sports.

Can I pay to watch Bally Sports? ›

With the option to purchase a monthly or annual subscription, you will have access to your local Bally Sports regional network.

How to bypass NHL blackout restrictions? ›

How to watch blackout NHL games on ESPN and NHL.tv
  1. Register with a VPN and download the app. ...
  2. Install the app and launch it.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in Canada or Mexico, for example, if you want to watch Vegas Golden Knights vs. ...
  4. Clear browser cache.
  5. Head to ESPN+ or NHL.tv and start watching!

How do you tell if a NHL game is blacked out? ›

For guidance regarding local blackouts in your area, enter the local zip code of the area where you will be streaming ESPN+ in the local blackout detector above to find out which club's live games may be blacked out on ESPN+.

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