Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (2024)

This post is sponsored by Pyrex, who I’m thrilled to partner with this fall. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

As if anyone needs a reason to bust out the tortilla chips ?…but in case you do, this 7-layer taco dip is IT.

Because it’s not just any ol’ delicious 7-layer dip recipe, oh no. It’s different.

It’s an updated & gourmet 7-layer dip, totally fresh & made from scratch – without any of the neon cheeses or weird ingredients that come along with the classic…all while staying true to the flavors & sheer dip-ability (is that a word?! I think so…) of the OG version.

Meet your modern, vegan 7-layer dip recipe, with 2 kinda major twists! It’s…

  1. Plant-based. 100% vegan & dairy-free goodness without any weird ingredients…promise!
  2. Deep dish. Because honestly, the only thing that could possibly be better than those 7 heavenly layers we all know & love is making them even deeper. Heck yeah. ??

this Recipe for Later!

& we’ve got our genius friends at Pyrex to thank for that. Their brand new Pyrex Deep baking dishes are a total game changer! They’re the deepest glass baking dishes sold in the US, holding up to 50% more than standard baking dishes! I honestly couldn’t love them more.

Growing up in the Midwest, Pyrex dishes are basically woven into the heart & soul of our culture. For as long as I can remember, it’s not a social event – be it a Packers party, church social, neighborhood potluck, school bake sale…seriously any social gatherings! – if you don’t pull out your very best Pyrex & proudly make some sort of yummy treat to share with your family, friends, neighbors & community. This sense of sharing & community is one of the things I cherish most about my Midwest roots.

What more perfect opportunity to revisit some of those tried & true sharables from our childhood than now, with Pyrex Deep?

So that’s exactly what’s goin’ down today: we’re bringing 7-layer dip up into the 21st century with a couple of plant-based tweaks. It’s modern. It’s fresh. It’s so delicious. & very the best part? The Pyrex Deep baking dish allows for extra deep layers of 7-layer dip goodness.

& deep dish vegan 7-layer dip? Sounds like the perfect centerpiece to a cozy fall girl’s night in, if you ask me…?

What is in 7-layer dip? Vegan 7-layer dip layers:

What’s not in this vegetarian 7-layer dip recipe is probably the question you should be asking yourself – we’re talking 7 delicious layers of Tex-Mex goodness, & friendly reminder: it’s all super fresh & 100% vegan!

Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (3)

The cast of characters for this vegan taco dip includes… (Note: full ingredients list & measurements provided in the Recipe Card, below):

  1. refried beans or black bean hummus
  2. easy homemade cashew queso (more on this ? magic in a sec!)
  3. salsa of choice
  4. smashed avocado
  5. veggies of choice – I love the trusty ol’ classic combo of sliced olives, tomatoes, & jalapeno peppers, but you can get creative as you like!
  6. shredded lettuce
  7. & lastly…cilantro & green onion – my favorite savory sprinkles! ?

How to make 7-layer dip:

This vegan seven layer dip honestly couldn’t be easier to make. It takes about 20 minutes, start-to-finish, which includes the time it takes to mix up a couple of the components from scratch.

The first of which is creamy, dreamy cashew queso! No need for the jarred stuff here…making homemade cashew queso is as easy as turning on a blender! All you have to do is toss some cashews in a high-speed blender with water, green chiles, & taco spices. Give it a whirl ’til it’s totally smooth & creamy, & there you have it – the best vegan cashew queso you’ll ever have, no weird ingredients necessary.

  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (4)
  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (5)

The second quick component to make from scratch is a simple smashed avocado. Pop some avocados in a bowl, top ’em off with salt, lime juice & a handful of cilantro, then mash it all together. It’s like a super simple guacamole, so creamy, green & fresh.

With the cashew queso & smashed avo ready to go, all that’s left is layering it all together, which couldn’t be easier since it all happens right in the Pyrex Deep dish.

  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (6)
  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (7)
  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (8)
  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (9)
  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (10)
  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (11)

Working layer by layer, add each of the vegan layered bean dip components into the dish. Be sure to spread the layers alllll the way across the length of the baking dish to ensure picture-perfect presentation!

& lastly, the very best part: getting to invite over a handful of your favorite girlfriends, whipping up a big ol’ batch of margaritas, & devouring the very best 7-layer Mexican dip your tortilla chips have ever seen. ?

Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (12)

I hope you have your hand at this Deep Dish Vegan 7-Layer Dip very soon – I’m absolutely positive it’ll be a total hit! When you do make it, be sure to snap a photo & tag @playswellwithbutteronInstagram. One of my favorite things is seeing your pwwb creations! Oh! & don’t forget to snag yourself a Pyrex Deep baking dish, available at Pyrex & Amazon…I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as obsessed as I am! ? Dip on, gfs!


Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (14)

Deep Dish Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe

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  • Author: Jess Larson
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: serves 1012 1x
  • Category: snacks, dips, vegan recipes
  • Method: no-cook
  • Cuisine: American, Tex-Mex
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Deep dish vegan 7-layer dip – a modern & oh-so fresh vegan 7-layer dip recipe made with 2 major twists! NO weird ingredients + TONS of flavor. plant-based, vegan, HEALTHY goodness.



  • 1 15-ounce can refried beans (make sure they’re vegan!) or black bean hummus
  • cashew queso (below)
  • 1 16-ounce jar salsa of choice
  • avocado mash (below)
  • 1 4-ounce can sliced black olives, drained
  • 8 ounces cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 2 medium jalapeno peppers, deseeded & diced
  • 1 headromaine lettuce, shredded
  • for topping: thinly sliced green onions, finely chopped cilantro
  • for serving, as desired: tortilla chips, veggies, etc.

for the cashew queso:

  • 2 cups roasted, unsalted whole cashews(see Recipe Notes)
  • 1 4-ounce can diced green chiles(mild or hot as desired)
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • optional: 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 1 cup water

for the avocado mash:

  • 3 large hass avocados, pitted
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • optional: 1/2 cup chopped cilantro


  1. Prep the cashew queso:Add all listed ingredients to a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and creamy, stopping to scrape down the sides of the blender as needed. Set aside.
  2. Prep the avocado mash:Add all listed ingredients to a medium bowl. Using a wooden spoon, potato masher, or plain ol’ fork, mash to combine. Mash as chunky or as smooth as you like. Set aside.
  3. Assemble the vegan 7-layer dip: Working layer by layer, assemble the dip in your Pyrex® Deep 8″ Square Glass Baking Dish. Be sure to spread the layers all the way across the length of the baking dish to ensure picture-perfect presentation!
    1. refried beans
    2. cashew queso
    3. avocado mash
    4. salsa
    5. olives, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers
    6. lettuce
    7. green onions, cilantro
  4. Refrigerate the dip:Cover the dip and place in the refrigerator to chill for at least 30 minutes, which will allow the layers to set up before serving.
  5. Servewith tortilla chips & veggies as desired. Enjoy!


  • Cashew queso: You should not need to soak the cashews for this recipe – blending the cashew queso to a really smooth & creamy texture shouldn’t be an issue if you have a high-speed blender. If you’d like to give them a quick 10-minute soak for some extra assurance, submerge the cashews in hot, hot water while you prep & chop the rest of the ingredients for the 7-layer dip. Carefully drain the cashews, then blend the cashew queso according to Step 1 of Recipe Directions.
  • Variations:In effort to keep this vegan 7-layer dip really easy to throw together, the layers listed here are flavorful, but simple. You can truly make this dip your own by swapping in any other layers or ingredients you like. A couple of options to get your creative juices flowing:
    • guacamole: Swap the avocado mash listed here with your favorite guacamole. My go-to, of course is my perfect guacamole recipe – it’s the best! You’ll want a 1.5x batch for this recipe.
    • cashew queso:If you want to swap in store-bought cashew queso, use 1 10.8-oz jar. I like making my own because it’s a) easy, b) flavorful, & c) cost-effective. If you’d like a spicier/smokier queso, make a batch of my smoky chipotle cashew queso recipe.
    • cheese! A yummy addition if keeping this dip vegan/dairy-free isn’t a concern for you.
  • Yield: As written, this recipe will generously serve 10-12 as a snack – perfect for parties! If you do not have a Pyrex Deep baking dish, you can also make this 7 layer dip in another 3-quart baking dish, such as a 9×13 Pyrex Baking Dish.

Follow along with Plays Well With Butter onInstagram,YouTube, Facebook, andPinterestfor more unfussy recipes that pack a big punch of flavor!

Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip Recipe - plays well with butter (2024)


What is the origin of 7 layer dip? ›

It reportedly first appeared in print as Tex-Mex Dip in Family Circle magazine on Feb. 3, 1981, although the dish was around before then. That recipe featured bean dip topped with avocados mashed with lemon juice, a sour cream-mayonnaise-taco seasoning mixture, chopped onions, tomatoes, olives and shredded cheese.

Is Five Layer Dip gluten free? ›

Each layer of this Southwestern dip is loaded with colour and flavour.

What was in a 7 layer? ›

As the name suggests, there are 7 layers: (1) refried beans, (2) cream cheese + sour cream + taco seasoning, (3) salsa, (4) cheddar cheese, (5) shredded lettuce, (6) chopped tomatoes, and (7) sliced black olives. These layers somehow combine to taste fresh and comforting at the same time. It's addicting.

What is the biggest dip in the world? ›

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially recognised a 70-layered bean dip as 'largest layered dip' in the world.

What is Mexican dip made of? ›

The first layer begins with refried beans followed by a layer of sour cream, then taco sauce, lots of veggies, and shredded cheese. The veggies I used in this recipe are green bell peppers, jalapenos, scallions, tomatoes, and olives. You'll also need lots of fresh chopped cilantro and taco seasoning.

Does Trader Joe's have layer dip? ›

Trader Joe's five-layer dip would probably get devoured within minutes if it was served at any party and could easily be transformed into a meal by throwing it inside a tortilla or on top of some rice.

What is 5 layer dip made of? ›

Looking for a crowd-pleasing appetizer for game day? Try this easy recipe for a flavorful and satisfying Layer Mexican Dip. Packed with layers of refried beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and topped with a generous sprinkle of cheese, this dip is a guaranteed hit.

Where did crab dip originate? ›

Crab dip
Crab dip served with flatbread
Alternative namesMaryland crab dip
Place of originUnited States
Region or stateMaryland
Serving temperatureHot
4 more rows

Where did chip dip originate? ›

Some food experts believe the chip and dip duo began its rise to popularity in the 1950s when Lipton began advertising a recipe that encouraged people to combine its dehydrated onion soup mix with cream cheese or sour cream and serve it with potato chips.

What does bean dip mean in slang? ›

According to Urban Dictionary, a bean dip is described as when someone “raises the underboob of a man or woman with your index finger and second finger.” Another definition defines bean dip as “to flick a woman's (or man's) breast with the index finger.” A third definition described “bean dip” as a “funny word known as ...

When was onion dip invented? ›

History. French onion dip, made of sour cream and instant onion soup, was created by an unknown cook in Los Angeles in 1954. The recipe spread quickly and was printed in a local newspaper.

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