Ani (ANiMA the MusicWing) (2023)


I want to visit space

To fly into the stars with light calling me home. Where it is night all the time, the most peaceful time.

Where i belong. Where i cannot hear the dragons whom treat me horribly and take advantage of myself.

To go somewhere. A place that welcomes me and wants me.


Ani is my OC! I joined this wiki, only because i wanted other people, or should i say "dragons" to see here. Please do not edit her, use her in a fanfic without direct permission from me, claim she is yours, majorly use her as inspiration, use her as a template or transfer her to another website. Any breaking of these rules will result in punishment.

she represents my whole self! i hate criticism since it kinda feels like you are criticizing me when you criticize ani?

awsome code base by himmilarerien, majorley modified by me. i almost copied the code base and took it appart to get this code. if you like it see here.

Almost every detail of her backstory is like mine so please do not criticize it.

please do not fix gramatical errors without my permit. it gets very annoying.

fanart is greatly appreciated.


Ani (ANiMA the MusicWing) (1)
CreatorANiMA the MusicWing
ArtistChan!!!!! OMG LIKE- it is so realistic!
Code BaseHimmalerin, big modifications made by me
Attribute Curiousity | Shyness | Kindness | Impatient
Elementtype here
Colortype here
AnimalPretty much all- if they are domestic
Asthetics purple candy canes | painted waves | you | should | be | adding | lots | like | so | many | nobody | has | time | to | read | here | more | than | these | placeholders
NicknamesAni | Feather | Feathers | Fluffy |
Age9 (dy) | 19 (hy)
OccupationStudent, Astronaut in training
Goaltype here
RelativesLampyris (mother),

Fuscescens (father), Apricity (sibling),

Stary (sister)

Alliestype here
Enemiestype here
Likestype here
Dislikestype here
Powerstype here
Weaponstype here
Love InterestsOblivion
Quotetype here


We need to all look pretier in our minds. All of us underestimate ourselves, all. we need to think more highly and appreciate our looks and most importantly spread it on to others

You wander around possibility. Eager to see what your neighbors had got you as a gift or maybe a new hybrid the words pop into your mouth. Anima is no doubt a hybrid. she has every fragment of one.

Anima is beautiful.

Her purple colors pop into your head before anything else and then you start to study her body.

You can immediately name her colors. Her amethyst mainscales that fades with ripples of Rebecca purple around her neck and where her wings and body connect. Her lavender speckles and her violet head. Her dark plum wings with pink marks that seem like lace drooped across.

You seem to dig deeper into naming her colors and it turns out to be quite fun. She has wings which are a gradient of antique fuchsia and Chinese violet, going to saint - purple and tints of purple mountain majesty are shown. Her mainscales are dark orchid that reflect light that brings out tints of lavender.

you are finished naming her colors. Soon you begin to think what parts of her come from which tribe.

You can tell her wings belong to the RainWing tribe, mostly because of the patterns of lace wrapped around. you would not see that when looking at a NightWing or SeaWing. To see more of her wings, they are large and make it much easier to fly. You know she is ready to take flight. there are no dents or cuts on her wings, making her able to show them off.

you look at her head. it is not belonging to any tribe, however, the closest you could go is SeaWings with those little thingies on her chin. You look farther up at her head and notice besides her silver and short horns there is a third one at the top of her head. It is mostly purple with tints of silver.

You notice she has bioluminescent scales in the shape of stars which are scattered across her body. mostly on her legs snd arms, you could see one or two on her head. they are all dark black with tints of purple here and there.

She has brown eyes with shrunken eye sockets. They do not look hypnotized at all.

She always has a calm, yet exhausted expression. her face filled with blush and her eyes looking like they are about to fall asleep. You knew she was tired but trying to cover it up.

She has a NightWing's main body and scale thickness. from her legs, winding from her belly to her neck you can tell that she has the shape of a nightwing, mostly.

To move onto her build, she is a large but somewhat bony hybrid. You know she would not do well in a fight. Her build is not attractive or appealing but you are too busy looking at her majestic colors to notice.

You would not call her "fat" just big. To be honest, she has a fairly normal shape, just a bit stretched out.

she is hollow with a straight back and bones fit tightly together. the hybrid stands straight with good posture and average stature.

It is like she is sculpted, made by stars and sunlight that comes from space. that you would not think of any other dragon, even a hybrid.

her only adornment is a twisted seashell on a blue ribbon which she wears around her thin neck.

She is in summary, unique and special. not everyday you would see someone looking like her.

when others tell her she is pretty she says "thanks" and that was what she just said right now.


just breathe. it will be alright, no need to stress out.

Anima is a complicated dragon. You could describe her as "nice, fast, shy, smart, nerdy, impatient, curious, somewhat annoying and calm." however, that is not the tribrid's whole self.

The biggest thing is her curiosity and thirst for knowledge. She always wants to go further and experience everything for herself. She always wants to go further, no matter how far it is possible to go. She always wants to know more, no matter how much she already knows. nothing is too much for Anima.

Anima can get frustrated easily, even for the littlest things. Say, if some mouse came into her room while Anima was studying she would be frightened and annoyed, shrieking while wanting revenge.

Anima is never the most earthy dragon and gets frightened by most animals. She does not like digging in dirt, afraid a worm will come and she hates worms more than anything. She does not display a big passion for wild creatures, however, it is a new story for domestic ones. She loves any pet she can have within her reach and train and it helps her calm down.

She is an introvert and very shy at times, though she can be social if she really appreciates the event. She is not too shy to not be able to say "hi" though, she hardly speaks in complete sentences. You could perhaps never get her to say something long in beautiful except if you were her close friend or she was really motivated.

Anima is impatient and moves at a fast pace. She is constantly working to finish, rather than to make something beautiful but a few times she ends up doing so anyway. Ten minutes for her is two hours. She can get bored easily.

She is a rather kind dragon when she tries really hard, though only to the dragons she feels confident enough in even talking to. To the dragons who she is mostly shy around.... they have no clue about what she really thinks or feels.

Anima is somewhat see through and everyone always knows what she is thinking or feeling. It makes it hard for her to plan suprise parties, for they will already know from her eager expression.

She holds in her expressions and thoughts deeply, causing her to get really mad at dragons who had hardly done anything.

her biggest flaw is that she cannot admit she has any. She wants others to think as far as she can go, though not further. She does not want others to recognize her bad side.

somtimes Anima wants to hit someone to get out tension or stress. she never does and hates that she thinks about it.

she really hates being lied to and think that means they do not like here.

Anima likes herself as she is and personally do not think she can or wants to.

She wants others to think of her as a normal dragon and nothing special. Not a piece of dirt, nor a mystical beam of light.


Try to show who you truly are. Who you are deep down inside of you. Covering it up just makes it worse.

Anima's parents had just met.

A long hour of walking had brought them to nowhere better than the edge of the small town.

Lampyris, a rain-nightwing female hybrid did not even recognize this as where she lived. Even though she was a traveler and got paid to go around phyrria. She was used to crazy things. This was less crazy but weirder. There were sculptures of stars and mirrors everywhere. a hundred doors that lead to stalls, all filled with nothing.

they were creeped out and comforted by this place. It was like... a paradise would not be the right thing to say, maybe a new world.

Fuscescens, an odd yellow and blue seawing was not creeped out however. it was strange, how a brave explorer was scarded over an odd edge of town while a nerdy shy SeaWing was feeling... happy.

Fuscescens calmed Lampyris down and soon they started chatting. They found each other funny. eventually they became best friends and soon they mairied, after they went back to the center of the town.

a year after their marage they wanted to have children. they soon had eggs.

there were exactly two of them. The first egg was gold and pink. The second was the biggest, it looked like a pure breed nightwing egg.

a while later the first one hatched. a yellow, blue and pink dragonet tumbled out. They were beautifull. you could see no nightwing in them besides their teardrop scale. They decided to name the dragonet Apricity. they loved Apricity

they were expecting a large nightwing from their second egg. they did get a nightwing but also a mystical hybrid.

It was a twin egg, to their suprise. There was a dark black nightwing with neon pink shading and star freckles all over her body. she looked like a normal nightwing but with complex tweaks in her design.

To the left there was a (read her appearance amigos) dragonet.

they did not fall in love immeadietly, nor hated her. they were confused. why did she have a third horn? why.. they could not think of anything else and knew anima would be weird.

and she was.

on the outside she was a bit weird but in the inside she is allover the place


i do not need to hang around nasty dragons to make me more popular. I decide who i be friends with and i accept anyone who is nice to other dragons.


Lampyris: Lampyris and her daughter were never really close. Lampyris being a travler she never really got to know her family. Anima is always trying to get closer to her mother but always failed.

they hardly spoke, even on family reunions.

Fuscescens: Ani was closer to her father than she was to her mother. her father stayed with her a bit more and helped protect her.

Apricity: oh yes.

Stary: text

Pitaya: Pitaya was Anima's best friend since she was used to the rainforest and still is as of before Anima's trip to the sea. They are incredibly close

Gannet: Anima's teacher and her were more than schoolmates. They were friends. Great ones indeed, even though they were completley different.


Feel free to ask for a sona to be added, as long as we have spoken. i doubt anyone will.

Text: text.


Keep it in your reach. do not try to overdo anything

  • ANiMA is my favorite song
  • Anima is my first OC ever
  • Anima likes treats, especially chocolatey ones.




why are you laughing


because laughing sounds pretty


Ani (ANiMA the MusicWing) (2)

by Celestial?? AAH SO AWSOME!

By chan!!!!!! tysm!!!

Sketch by chan!

Aesthetic by Dragons of destiny!!

by Petaltail!!!!!!!!!!

one secret image here

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