8 fab dorm room ideas (2024)

Made it into college? Congrats! All your hard work has finally paid off, and now a whole new adventure awaits. There’s a lot to think about, but there’s one thing you should def put serious effort into planning: Your dorm room. Yep — it’s time to decorate your new room with lots of cute dorm room decor.

At home, I shared my room with my sibling, so it wasn’t until college that I actually had a whole space to decorate myself. So, when I tumbled into my dorm, I just wasn’t sure how to make it look aesthetic. As well as this, it took me a really long time to find my own decorating style — but when I did, boy did I fall in love. Hence, y’know, why I got into interiors writing.

If you’re not sure where to start, or just want some gorgeous inspo, I’m here for you. I’ve found a whole load of different dorm room ideas. Oh, and if just don’t know what your style is just yet, that’s all good too — just take a look through and see if anything jumps out to you.

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Zhuzh up your dorm room with these chic and clever ideas

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1. Grow a plant or two

8 fab dorm room ideas (1)

(Image credit: Dormify)

One of the thing that I missed most at college was greenery. I totally took for granted my family home’s lush backyard, and I was in for a real shock when faced with my gray, concrete campus. I wish I’d thought about putting some plants in my dorm, as I’ve found having them in my rental has been so soothing. BTW, dorm room air can get gross AF, so having a few air purifying plants is totes a good idea, too.

8 fab dorm room ideas (2)

Greendigs Spider Plant


8 fab dorm room ideas (3)

Costa Farms Snake Plant


8 fab dorm room ideas (4)

Costa Farms Aloe Vera in Pot


2. Add cozy lighting

@jordynfoukes♬ original sound - Kaitlyn Morris

When I was in college, I pretty much never bothered with the big light. The one in my dorm was so bright, and just made my skin and my room look so blah. Instead, I opted for dorm lighting like string lights and lamps. This TT shows how much of a difference softer lighting can make to a dorm, with Jordyn going for a range of taller lights and smaller lights to glow up her room.

8 fab dorm room ideas (5)

Landgoo Motion Sensor Night Lights


8 fab dorm room ideas (6)

Sinamer Battery Operated Fairy Lights


8 fab dorm room ideas (7)

Mainstays LED Catch-All Base Desk Lamp


3. Choose cute storage solutions

8 fab dorm room ideas (8)

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

In dorms, you just don’t have anywhere to hide your clutter. Ok, well you can hide it, but you’ve just gotta do it a cute way, so you don’t mess up your aesthetic. Storage crates like these Urban Outfitters ones are so cute, and work so well under the bed, on the nightstand, or on the desk. For bigger pieces, woven storage baskets also look fab, and can be topped with a throw to disguise any mess.

8 fab dorm room ideas (9)

Felix Medium Folding Storage Crate


8 fab dorm room ideas (10)

Mkono Woven Storage Basket


8 fab dorm room ideas (11)

Monkiss Pastel Storage Crates


4. Make your place picture perfect

@marina.m05♬ original sound - MARINA

If you’re budgeting for college and know you’re gonna need to save them dollars, you might not have a lot of cash to spend on decor. An inexpensive way to make your dorm feel like yours is decorating with pics, as you can look back and remember great memories with your besties and family members. I’m loving Marina’s DIY photo frame, which is such a clever idea. Or, you could also add pics onto fairy lights or in special holders.

8 fab dorm room ideas (12)

Ceramic Cowboy Boot Photo Stand


8 fab dorm room ideas (13)

MCS Studio Gallery Frame


8 fab dorm room ideas (14)

Battery Powered Clip String Lights


5. Don't be afraid to be bougie

@rollinssss♬ original sound - abby mohaddes

Living in college IRL doesn’t have to equal college living like in the movies. AKA, swap the pizza boxes for plenty of stylish touches. I’m so impressed with Rollins’ dorm transformation — she has literally not held back in any area, and the payoff is big. The plush headboards, accent chairs, and the coffee table all add a touch of luxe, both in terms of decor and in terms of adding home comforts. You’ve got a lot of months of living in dorms, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy going to the extra effort.

8 fab dorm room ideas (15)

Jordyn Charging Studded Headboard


8 fab dorm room ideas (16)

Mercer41 Cicelia Gold Coffee Table


8 fab dorm room ideas (17)

Etta Avenue Hendrix Barrel Chair


6. Try thinking pink

8 fab dorm room ideas (18)

(Image credit: Dormify)

You know it, I know it. Barbiecore is here to stay. While you can’t turn your dorm room into the Dreamhouse completely (can you imagine floating to class a la Barbie floating off her house?), you can get pretty close with dreamy pink dorm decor. Add bold splashes of bright pink to add playful character to a room, or try softer pinks for a cozy, dreamy effect.

8 fab dorm room ideas (19)

Finley Glow in the Dark Throw Blanket


Girl Gang Jacket Photograph Poster

From $21.95

8 fab dorm room ideas (21)

Mona Faux Fur Jacquard Throw Pillow


7. Zone it out with rugs

@sofiaafederico_♬ chromatica ll x captain hook - Jia Albaran

Let’s be real: Dorms aren’t exactly known for being super spacious. That being said, there’s a whole lot you’ve got to do in there, like sleeping, studying, and styling that ‘fit. Those are completely different activities, peeps! Using dorm rugs to create different zones is one of my fave small spaces hacks, as they easily change up the vibe of even the smallest area. This way, you won’t feel like snoozin’ when you’ve got to cram for finals. If you’re really struggling for space, you could overlay a couple to point to different areas, like TikToker Sofia has.

8 fab dorm room ideas (22)

Found & Fable Vintage Look Medallion Rug


8 fab dorm room ideas (23)

MIEMIE Soft White Round Area Rug


8 fab dorm room ideas (24)

Bloom Rugs Caria Washable Rug


8. Roll on peel and stick wallpaper

@thevogueroom♬ original sound - THE MILWAUKEE WAY🔥🏚

Faced with a whole blank wall that you just don’t know what to do with? Say hey to peel and stick wallpaper, which is such an easy way to switch up the style of your dorm. Go for an accent wall like The Vogue Room has in this boy dorm room makeover, or go all-out and cover ‘em all. For this one, be sure to check your dorm contract, as some won’t allow wallpaper of any kind.

8 fab dorm room ideas (25)

RoomMates Distressed Wood Wallpaper


8 fab dorm room ideas (26)

Coavas Peel and Stick Wallpaper


8 fab dorm room ideas (27)

Wrought Studio Phillipe Geometric Wallpaper

$0.98 per sq. ft.

9. Hang up wonderful wall decor

@audreyatienza♬ Bad Habit - Steve Lacy

One of my fave ways to add personality to a space is by hanging wall art. In fact, it’s the first thing that I did when moving into my current rental. Immediately the space felt like my own, and I was able to decorate around it, too. The same logic goes for dorm wall decor. If you aren’t sure about how to style your room, pick out a piece of artwork that speaks to you, hang it up, and match your dorm bedding and desk pieces to it.

8 fab dorm room ideas (28)

Daisy Flower Market Poster

From $20

Flower Grid Poster Print

From $14.95

8 fab dorm room ideas (30)

Mexico Flower Market Poster

From $12

10. And when in doubt, keep it simple

8 fab dorm room ideas (31)

(Image credit: Dormify)

Feelin’ a li’l overwhelmed with the amount of different styles and ideas out there? I don’t blame you. If you just want a simple but chic look, opt for a soft, minimalistic palette. When shopping, you just need to go for furniture and decor pieces in whites, beiges, and creams, and you’ll end up with a cohesive finish. Don’t forget cozy finishing touches, like fluffy pillows and rugs, for a truly vanilla girl finish.

8 fab dorm room ideas (32)

Madison Plush Throw Blanket


8 fab dorm room ideas (33)

Taylor Plush Comforter Set


8 fab dorm room ideas (34)

Faux Fur Square Pillow


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As an interior design enthusiast with a deep knowledge of dorm room decor, I have spent years researching and exploring various design concepts and trends. I have hands-on experience in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional living spaces in college dormitories. My expertise in this field is further supported by my passion for interiors writing and my ability to provide practical advice and inspiration to those seeking to decorate their dorm rooms.

Concepts Related to the Article

This article focuses on decorating dorm rooms with cute and stylish decor. It covers several key concepts and ideas that are relevant to dorm room decoration:

  1. Adding Greenery: The article suggests incorporating plants into dorm rooms to add a touch of nature and improve air quality. Air-purifying plants are particularly recommended due to the potential for poor air circulation in dorms.

  2. Cozy Lighting: The article emphasizes the importance of using warm and soft lighting, such as string lights and lamps, to create a cozy and inviting ambiance in dorm rooms.

  3. Cute Storage Solutions: The article suggests using storage crates, woven baskets, and other decorative storage options to keep dorm rooms organized and clutter-free while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

  4. Personalizing with Photos: The article recommends using personal photos as an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to dorm rooms. It suggests various creative ways to display photos, such as DIY photo frames, fairy lights, and special holders.

  5. Adding Luxurious Touches: The article encourages students to go beyond the typical college living experience by adding stylish and luxurious elements to their dorm rooms. Plush headboards, accent chairs, and coffee tables are mentioned as examples of such touches.

  6. Incorporating Pink: The article highlights the enduring popularity of pink decor, suggesting that students can use bold or softer shades of pink to add a playful or dreamy effect to their dorm rooms.

  7. Creating Zones with Rugs: The article recommends using rugs to define different areas within small dorm rooms, allowing for better organization and a change in the overall vibe of the space.

  8. Using Peel and Stick Wallpaper: The article suggests using peel and stick wallpaper as an easy and temporary way to add style and personality to dorm room walls. It advises checking dorm contracts to ensure wallpaper is allowed.

  9. Hanging Wall Decor: The article emphasizes the importance of hanging wall art to add personality and create a focal point in dorm rooms. It suggests selecting artwork that speaks to the student's taste and coordinating other decor elements accordingly.

  10. Keeping it Simple: The article acknowledges the overwhelming number of styles and ideas available and suggests opting for a soft, minimalistic palette using furniture and decor in whites, beiges, and creams for a cohesive and simple yet chic look.

By understanding these concepts, college students can make informed decisions when decorating their dorm rooms and create spaces that reflect their personal style and preferences.

8 fab dorm room ideas (2024)
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