64 Best Japanese Gifts You’ll Want to Buy Now (2024)

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by Michele Tanabe | LIFESTYLE 1. Japanese Crane Kimono Robe 2. Tokoname Japanese Teapot Set 3. Samue Loungewear 4. Men’s Samue Loungewear 5. Imabari Towel Set 6. Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress 7. Kyoto Tote Bags 8. Igeta Red Hanten Padded Jacket 9. Men’s Hanten 10. Matcha Bowls 11. Cherry Bark Tea Caddy 12. Goma Bizen Ware Sake Set 13. Zabuton Cushion 14. Miyako Black Haori Long Kimono Jacket 15. Short-Sleeve Hanten Jacket 16. Japanese Noren Curtain 17. Japanese Teacup Sets 18. Goma Bizen Ware Japanese Vase 19. Hana Silk Robe 20. Men’s Samue Pajamas 21. Heritage-Cut Samue Pajamas 22. Horikiri Iris Tenugui Towel 23. Ark Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 24. Women’s Samue Pajamas 25. Jinbei 26. Kinmaki Mino Ware Sake Set 27. Goma Bizen Ware Yunomi Teacup Set 28. Futon Duvet 29. Women’s Vintage Haori Jacket 30. Men’s Vintage Haori Jacket 31. Plum Blossom Tokoname Japanese Teapot 32. Tokoname Matcha Tea Bowl 33. Kasumi Black Haori Kimono Jacket 34. Men’s Kimono Jacket 35. Zori Japanese Slippers 36. Women’s Vintage Kimono 37. Men’s Vintage Kimono 38. Men’s Yukata 39. Men’s Geta Sandals 40. Goma Bizen Ware Beer Set 41. Bizen Ware Sushi Platter 42. Serving Bowls 43. Ojami Zabuton Cushions 44. Women’s Yukata 45. Clematis Kanzashi Silk Hair Clip & Brooch 46. Ume Blossom Kyoto Uchiwa Fan 47. Indigo Dye Cotton Scarf 48. Coffee Mugs 49. Pureland Noren Curtain 50. Japanese Maekake Apron 51. Mizuhiki Pearl Earrings 52. Red Koi Azuma Tote Bag 53. Kanzashi Brooch 54. Men’s Vintage Nagajuban 55. Setta Japanese Sandals 56. Tsuyukusa Gold Zabuton Cushion 57. Itoya Silk Brocade Travel Makeup Bag 58. Vintage Obi Belts 59. Oshidori Silk Brocade Leather Wallet 60. Japanese Fans 61. Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch 62. Furin Ceramic Windchime 63. Geta Sandals 64. Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch November 17, 2023 |Lifestyle, Shopping, Gifts Previous|Next RELATED JAPANESE LIFESTYLE MOST POPULAR

by Michele Tanabe | LIFESTYLE

Looking for the concierge experience as you tick off who’s been naughty or nice in 2023? Japan Objects has curated the ultimate Japanese gift guide for everyone on your list.

We’ve rounded up a fantastic array of 64 items that consist of home decor, fashion, kitchenware, cosmetics, games and more that are sure to delight! Whether you’re shopping for fans of Japanese culture or want to share your love of Japan with the people you love, you’re sure to find the Japanese gift ideas that you need here! As these items are all available to buy online, this year, why not let the gifts come to you!

1. Japanese Crane Kimono Robe

For the tastemaker…

Crafted by renowned kimono makers in Kyoto, this luxurious loungewear robe is a unique gift for those who enjoy elegant traditional kimono patterns, with the ease of a throw-on robe. Gorgeously gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper. This knee-length women’s kimono robe withmatching belt and two pocketsis both versatile and easy to wear.

Japanese Crane Robe - $89.99 at Japan Objects Store

2. Tokoname Japanese Teapot Set

For the tea lover…

A relaxed morning for two becomes extra special with this Green Tokoname Japanese Teapot Set. The textured green overlay adds depth to the matte black teapot while the teacups are glazed white on the inside. This contrast allows the color of your loose leaf tea to become the focal point of your table. The inside of the teapot is fitted with a patented mesh strainer which ensures an even and smooth flow of tea. Comes gift wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Tokoname Japanese Teapot Set - $99.99 at Japan Objects Store

3. Samue Loungewear

For the homebody…

These days, we’re all homebodies, so treat yourself and introduce your loved ones to the chic comfort that can only come from handcrafted traditional Japanese clothing designed for contemporary living. This cotton samue set consists of an adjustable kimono-style jacket and matching pants with pockets. Free shipping and gift-wrapping included!

Samue Jacket and Lounge Pants - $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

4. Men’s Samue Loungewear

For the binge-watcher…

When you’re in training for a TV marathon, you need the proper gear! Samue loungewear is completely adjustable to ensure ultimate comfort whether lounging at home or doing errands around town. Our cotton samue loungewear is designed for contemporary living and is handcrafted in Kurume, Kyushu. This two piece garment consists of a loose-fitting kimono-style jacket and matching pants with elastic waistband and tapered ankles.

Men’s Samue Loungewear – Available at Japan Objects Store

5. Imabari Towel Set

For the confident gift-giver…

When searching for the ideal gift for that special someone becomes challenging, consider indulging them with simple, yet luxurious bath essentials. Necessities of bath time, like lush comfortable towels, are frequently overlooked in households and are often the last to receive an update. Confident gift-givers who revel in finding the most useful gifts will find joy in giving this Imabari Towel Set. These lush towels, perfect for newlyweds, couples or cherry blossom enthusiasts, feature a unique design with a subtle pink color crafted from a special dye infused with cherry blossom extract.

Sakura Imabari Bath Towel Set - $129.99 at Japan Objects Store

6. Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Mattress

For the sleep-deprived…

Whether you’re in need of a power nap or beauty sleep, you’re bound to get some quality shut-eye (and sweet dreams) when you hit the sack on an authentic Japanese futon. Our handmade cotton futon mattresses and washable mattress covers are probably made by master artisans from in the city of Kyoto. Choose from single or double sized futon with free shipping across the globe.

Japanese Futon Mattress – from $499.99 at Japan Objects Store

7. Kyoto Tote Bags

For the carry-it-all commuter…

Getting through the day with all your necessary possessions is a breeze when accompanied by a bag that can carry it all. Tote bags have been a staple accessory for the past decade, but slouchy unstructured totes tend to look closer like an eco-bag than a long-wearing well-structured tote. For those searching to gift the perfect versatile bag, look no further, the Enso Ougi Cotton Canvas Tote is the perfect combination of professional and casual. With its long handle for comfortable over-the-shoulder wear and 3 built-in pockets, this will soon be your giftee’s most reached-for bag.

Enso Ougi Cotton-Canvas Tote - $199.99 at Japan Objects Store

8. Igeta Red Hanten Padded Jacket

For the winter style icon…

A hanten is a traditional Japanese coat that was originally worn over kimono. This means that it will fit comfortably over any outfit, whether a thin T-shirt or thick sweater, so makes a great gift whatever the recipient’s style. Lined with Kurume cotton, this article has great insulating properties. Cotton is a very breathable material, so it can also be worn during the warmer months. As an added bonus, shipping is free wherever you are in the world!

Igeta Hanten Jacket - $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

9. Men’s Hanten

For the coolest man you know...

If you know someone who’s always determined to look good even when the temperatures are dropping, tell him that wearing a hanten is how it should be done. Hanten are short coats padded with cotton and they’re often worn during the colder months in Japan. Traditionally, hanten are worn over a kimono and tie loosely in the front; however, these parka-like garments layer easily and pair well with business casual attire and athleisure. For added warmth, slip in a few kairo, or heated sachets, in the pockets of the hanten.

Men’s Hanten – Available at Japan Objects Store

10. Matcha Bowls

For the serious brewer…

Whether you’re a novice entering the world of matcha or an aficionado who has savored this delightful beverage, crafting your own cup at home offers not only a budget-friendly option but also deepens your understanding of Japanese tea brewing culture. Elevate your tea-making experience with this exquisite Raku Pottery Chawan Matcha Bowl Tea Set, a perfect gift for your loved one or yourself. Investing in the right tools enhances the joy of preparing and savoring every last drop of your favorite matcha.

Raku Pottery Matcha Bowl Tea Set - $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

11. Cherry Bark Tea Caddy

For the optimal organizer…

Connoisseurs and passionate devotees of all things tea have a discerning eye for optimal accessories to elevate their cherished collections. Among such discoveries, the Cherry Bark Tea Caddy stands out as a captivating gift choice for dedicated tea enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted caddy, made from Yama-zakura cherry bark, is adorned with a stunning cherry blossom motif, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the tea brewing experience. Personalize this thoughtful gift for any occasion by pairing it with your recipient’s favorite seasonal tea, creating a truly cherished and bespoke present.

Medium Sakura Cherry Bark Tea Caddy - $139.99 at Japan Objects Store

12. Goma Bizen Ware Sake Set

For the happy host…

Celebrate every milestone with a heartfelt Kampai! (Cheers!) as you reminisce over drinks served in this ceramic sake bottle and cup set handmade in Okayama Prefecture. It is said that Bizen ware ceramics enhance the aroma and taste of sake, so enjoy the mellow flavor along with the fine craftsmanship of these cups. Comes gift wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Goma Bizen Ware Sake Set - $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

13. Zabuton Cushion

For the meditator…

Whether you know an athlete, gym shark, expert yogi, or absolute beginner, there’s one thing that they all have in common: a good workout includes pre and post stretching. This handcrafted Kyoto zabuton cushion is used by meditating Buddhists to alleviate lower back strain. Similarly, fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the support and stability that comes from incorporating a cushion into the stretching or workout routine. Shipping is free!

Shibori Black Zabuton Cushion - $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

14. Miyako Black Haori Long Kimono Jacket

For the fashionably late…

If you’re going to be late, might as well make a grand entrance wearing this 100% miyakodori cotton-gauze textile handwoven in Japan’s southern Kurume region. Think of a haori as a dramatic duster-style cardigan with an open-front design, and a cropped sleeve for easy movement. Comes gift wrapped in authentic Japanese washi paper with free shipping across the world.

Miyako Haori Kimono Jacket - $199.99 at Japan Objects Store

15. Short-Sleeve Hanten Jacket

For the fashionably forward…

As the temperature starts to drop, why not make a style statement with a unique wardrobe addition? The Short-Sleeve Hanten Jacket in Mado Gold is the epitome of fall fashion versatility. This closet warrior easily transitions from outdoor chic to cozy indoor comfort. Whether draped casually over a fashionable turtleneck during a leisurely outing or snugly worn while tucked beneath a warm kotatsu, this jacket is a perfect gift for those who appreciate both fashion and comfort during the cooler months.

Mado Gold Short-Sleeve Hanten Jacket - $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

16. Japanese Noren Curtain

For the home decor queen…

If you’re stumped on what to give the interior design lover in your life, here’s a novel suggestion — an authentic noren curtain! This unexpected kitchen accessory is used in Japanese homes to create a partition between living spaces, and it is also used to greet customers at Japanese shops and restaurants. This handcrafted noren curtain featuring a shoji sliding screen design is sure to enhance the design of any home.

Shoji Japanese Noren Curtain - $89.99 at Japan Objects Store

17. Japanese Teacup Sets

For the tea-obsessed drinking duo…

Those who appreciate the art of tea brewing understand that the receptacle for the tea is just as important as the brewing techniques employed. Crafted with precision using Kyoto’s signature crystal glaze technique, these Kyoto Ware Teacup sets are made from high-quality clay that preserves the tea’s full flavor while emanating a stylish charm. Given the limited production of Kyoto ware, seize the opportunity to acquire a set before they’re gone!

Blue Crystal Kyoto Ware Yunomi Teacup Set - $139.99 at Japan Objects Store

18. Goma Bizen Ware Japanese Vase

For the ikebana enthusiast…

This beautifully handcrafted flower vase emphasizes the simplicity of Bizen ware ceramics, found in the subtle changes in its rounded corners and muted earthy tones. It can be used for seasonal floral arrangements and goes well with any interior. Comes in a complementary wooden gift box and wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Goma Bizen Ware Japanese Vase - $139.99 at Japan Objects Store

19. Hana Silk Robe

For the Self-Care Sunday lover…

Selfcare Sunday, for the uninitiated, is a day of rest dedicated to pampering oneself and indulging in simple pleasures like a bath, sheet masking, reading, or prayer/meditation. If there’s someone in your inner circle who fits the bill, then they will surely enjoy their special day while wrapped up in this lustrous 100% silk kimono robe, made in Kyoto, and featuring classical Japanese floral motifs like cherry blossoms and peonies. Gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper, and with free shipping worldwide.

Hana Silk Kimono Robe - $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

20. Men’s Samue Pajamas

For the guy who likes to relax…

Our samue pajama sets are understated quality sleepwear hand-woven from the finest cotton gauze. Cozy and breathable, this two piece samue pajama set is machine-washable and becomes softer with each wear. The kimono-style top adds an air of sophistication to daily relaxation and is ideal for those who need to get from the bed to the Zoom meeting in under 10 minutes (and right back into bed when it’s all over).

Men’s Samue Pajama – $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

21. Heritage-Cut Samue Pajamas

For the relaxed dreamer…

Prepared to drift into a night’s rest as though you're ensconced in a cloud? The Samue Pajamas, delicately crafted from 100% cotton gauze, exhibit thorough attention to detail while placing comfort at the forefront. Featuring subtle yet thoughtful elements such as the tate-eri or standing collar and a loose-fitting design, these pajamas make a restful night’s sleep effortlessly attainable. While many garments tend to lose their luster with each wear, these pajamas only grow softer with every wash. A splendid gift choice, they offer the perfect blend of comfort and luxury for family members and loved ones alike.

Samue Heritage-Cut Cotton Gauze Pajama Set - $189.99 at Japan Objects Store

22. Horikiri Iris Tenugui Towel

For the art lover…

There are no limits to the ways to use this most popular Japanese gift. Fashionistas will enjoy using tenugui to accent an outfit as aheadscarfor a scarf. They are perfect as hanging tapestries, featuring masterworks such as the iconic Horikiri Iris by Utagawa Hiroshige. Tenugui are also a unique and sustainable way to protect book covers and towrap gifts.

Horikiri Iris Tenugui - $24.99 at Japan Objects Store

23. Ark Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

For the eco-warrior…

Furoshiki can be a handbag, tablecloth, gift wrapping,wall decoration, baby blanket, or wine bottle case with just a couple of simple knots! The thoughtful Japanese design ofeco-friendlyfuroshiki offers no end of lifestyle choices. Your furoshiki comes beautifully gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper. Alternatively, you can use the furoshiki itself as wrapping for another gift.

Ark Furoshiki - $49.99 at Japan Objects Store

24. Women’s Samue Pajamas

For the sleeping beauty…

Give the gift of a restful night’s sleep with a handwoven kimono-style pajama set known as a samue. The breathable cotton gauze fabric softens with each wash and retains body warmth. Both the top and bottom are completely adjustable with plenty of room for movement for even the most active sleepers. Beautifully gift-wrapped in washi paper, with free shipping available worldwide.

Samue Cotton Gauze Pajama Set - from $159.99 at Japan Objects Store

25. Jinbei

For the sporty man…

This season, give the comfort of sweatpants and athleisure in the form of a nicer alternative known as jinbei. These two piece garments are typically worn during the warmer months, especially at festivals. The kimono-like top and loose-fitting, mid-calf length trousers are made from breathable fabrics like cotton to keep the wearer comfortable even during the peak of Japan’s humid summers. For extra comfort, pair jinbei with zori sandals (keep the tabi toe socks optional!).

Men’s Jinbei – $149.99 Japan Objects Store

26. Kinmaki Mino Ware Sake Set

For the stoic sake lover…

Each exquisite beverage undergoes a meticulous preparation process before gracing your palate. The commitment to perfection extends to the smallest details, including the careful selection of the vessel used to pour your drink and the cup that cradles each sip. Sake enthusiasts will surely appreciate this beautifully crafted White Kinmaki Mino Ware Sake Set, embellished with splashes of pure gold and gaba casting. Wrapped in a custom-made wooden box, this gift is a great one for those who love to indulge in drinking high-quality Japanese sake.

White Kinmaki Mino Ware Japanese Sake Set - $99.99 at Japan Objects Store

27. Goma Bizen Ware Yunomi Teacup Set

For the lovebirds…

Yunomi tea cups are made not just for drinking tea, but for savoring the flavor of tea as well as observing the design, shape, and craftsmanship of the teacup. And isn’t it better when you can do it together! In the case of earthenware teacups such as this Bizen ware set, they are ideal for retaining heat. In fact, Bizen ware was often used during tea ceremonies as its unique handmade techniques complement the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Comes gift wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Bizen Ware Yunomi Teacup Set - $94.99 at Japan Objects Store

28. Futon Duvet

For the grounded sleeper…

Intimate gifts, such as blankets or bedding, not only bring a meaningful practicality but also play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of sleep within the household. There’s a unique joy in gently drifting to sleep enveloped in the comfort of high-quality natural fibers. Crafted with 100% cotton and adorned with traditional watoji stitching, this elegant Japanese Futon Duvet will elevate anyone’s nightly routine by combining style and practicality.

Natural Cotton Japanese Futon Duvet - $349.99 at Japan Objects Store

29. Women’s Vintage Haori Jacket

For the style influencer…

Your recipient will surely stand out in the virtual sea of hashtags with a vintage haori that sets their outfits apart from the fast fashion crowd! Haori are jackets without fasteners or sashes, that are traditionally worn over kimono. But, when paired with jeans, trousers, or dresses they’re a chic accent piece that can transform any outfit to one worthy of the Explore page! Available with free shipping worldwide, and gift-wrapped in washi paper.

Women's Vintage Haori Jackets – Available at Japan Objects Store

30. Men’s Vintage Haori Jacket

For the best-dressed minimalist...

Haori are stylishly subtle outerwear that work double duty as Japanese formal wear and casual wear when paired with fitted jeans or tailored slacks. These hip-length garments were once restricted to certain social classes during the 17th century. In those days, it was not permitted to overtly display one's wealth, but fashionable members of society found a way to circumvent the rules by customizing their haori with decorative lining. These days, haori are decorated with family crests and are worn during traditional ceremonies with kimono and hakama.

Men’s Vintage Haori Jackets – Available at Japan Objects Store

31. Plum Blossom Tokoname Japanese Teapot

For the tea connaisseur…

Add harmony to every morning with this elegant kyusu teapot featuring delicate hand inked plum blossoms and a striking gold lid handle. Crafted from red tokoname clay that turned black through reduction firing, this teapot features a semi-handmade ceramic strainer that makes it suitable for sencha and kariganecha loose teas. Comes gift wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki, with free shipping around the world.

Plum Blossom Tokoname Japanese Teapot - $199.99 at Japan Objects Store

32. Tokoname Matcha Tea Bowl

For the philosopher…

The ancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony asks its guests to fully immerse themselves in the moment, a saying known as ichi go ichi e (one encounter, one chance). Find your own meaning as you savor each sip of freshly prepared matcha served in this Tokoname matcha bowl. It is said that the minerals in Tokoname clay adds roudness to Japanese tea, which softens the earthy tones of this bowl. Comes gift wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Tokoname Matcha Tea Bowl - $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

33. Kasumi Black Haori Kimono Jacket

For the discerning self-gifter…

All black is always in. But, if you’re in need of something extra to take you from your desk to dinner, add this fine kimono-style jacket, known as a haori, to your wardrobe. It’s lightweight and made from 100% kasumiame cotton textile, a specialty of the Kurume region located in the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Comes gift wrapped in authentic Japanese washi paper with free shipping wherever you are in the world.

Kasumi Haori Kimono Jacket - $189.99 at Japan Objects Store

34. Men’s Kimono Jacket

For the festival fashionista…

Blending timeless traditions with contemporary design, the Seigaiha Men’s Kimono Jacket is an ideal pick for those seeking a garment that captures the essence of Japanese matsuri or festivals. The distinctive, uneven weave of this unique jacket adds a personalized texture, while its understated yet captivating “Blue Ocean Waves” pattern is bound to make a statement at your next community festival. Complete the look by pairing it with tabi socks and geta sandals!

Seigaiha Men’s Kimono Jacket - $249.99 at Japan Objects Store

35. Zori Japanese Slippers

For laid-back adventurers…

The tan lines will certainly speak for themselves with these cotton blend zori Japanese slippers from Merikoti. The wide hanao straps and soles are dyed in cool tones inspired by the land and sea, and blend in perfectly with natural surroundings. Wear them on nature walks, hikes, at the beach, or in your garden. The intricately hand-woven sole is made with an anti-odor and anti-bacterial fabric that combinesthe soft comfort of natural cotton with the strength and flexibility of polyester to cushion and protect the foot.

Japanese Zori Slippers – $89.99 at Japan Objects Store

36. Women’s Vintage Kimono

For the style maven…

An ethical and eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced clothing, vintage kimono are a timeless fashion piece that will surely be appreciated by one with a discerning eye. A vintage kimono can be worn as an alternative to evening wear, or simply put on display in a home. Beautifully wrapped in Japanese washi paper, and with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Vintage Silk Kimono – Available at Japan Objects Store

37. Men’s Vintage Kimono

For the leading man in your life…

Let him know he’s the star of your heart with a look that only a leading man could pull off. Men’s kimono are subdued, bespoke fashion pieces that effortlessly combine both tradition and nostalgia. Our men’s vintage silk kimono are authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces handpicked exclusively for our collection. Each kimono expresses the ease and elegance of Japanese fashion and culture and is a gift to be treasured for years to come.

Men’s Vintage Kimono – Available at Japan Objects Store

38. Men’s Yukata

For the festival frequenter…

Taking a trip to Japan during the hot summer months or attending a festival at your local Japanese community center? Whether your schedule is bustling with plans or not, processing a yukata for traditional events or summer adventures in Japan reflects a genuine commitment. Consider this Neon Koi Men’s Yukata; its vibrant design juxtaposed against a dark base achieves a harmonious fusion of fashion-forward coolness and laid-back comfort.

Neon Koi Men’s Yukata - $249.99 at Japan Objects Store

39. Men’s Geta Sandals

For the relaxed wanderer…

Whether you’re a novice venturing into Japanese traditional fashion or an experienced enthusiast, the right pair of shoes is essential. The Men’s Geta Sandals not only provide a seamless finishing touch to your ensemble but also offer a comfortable and breathable foundation to your feet during the hot summer months. Crafted from cedar wood, these geta sandals can be worn both indoors and outdoors, providing a cushioned alternative to traditional western sandals.

Asanoha Cedar Wooden Men’s Geta Sandals - $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

40. Goma Bizen Ware Beer Set

For the craft beer drinker…

If you know a beer sommelier, then let them fully discover the true taste of their favorite ales and lagers when they drink out of these ceramic Bizen-yakicups. The soft earthy aesthetic hues compliment the unique texture of these unglazed cups, which are a trademark feature of Bizen ware. Comes in a complementary wooden gift box and wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Goma Bizen Ware Beer Set - $119.99 at Japan Objects Store

41. Bizen Ware Sushi Platter

For the culinary specialist…

Transform any dish into a Michelin-star affair with this sophisticated handcrafted and hand polished ceramic Bizen ware serving plate. Suitable for sushi, tapas, hors d’oeuvres

and other savory appetizers, the earthy tones and red detailing on this plate perfectly accent your tasty creations. Comes gift wrapped in an authentic Japanese furoshiki.

Bizen Ware Sushi Platter - $69.99

42. Serving Bowls

For the artistic host…

The search for a one-of-a-kind serving piece is over! This authentic Zen Gold Kyoto Ware Serving Bowl boasts the Imperial Seal of Japan stamp and a harmonious fluid pattern of gold and black, making a bold statement at any table. Whether it’s an elaborate dinner party or an intimate family meal, this practical serving bowl is the perfect addition to any home.

Zen Gold Kyoto Ware Serving Bowl - $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

43. Ojami Zabuton Cushions

For the teleworker…

Resembling a Japanese bean bag toy, this handcrafted ojami zabuton cushion is a unique ergonomic item that is a must-have for any teleworker. The layers of this firm cotton cushion reduces stress on the ligaments and joints, and supports and corrects posture. It can also be used as a neck support or to elevate the lower limbs when resting. Free shipping worldwide!

Ojami Zabuton Cushion - $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

44. Women’s Yukata

For the kimono lover…

Designed in Kyoto by some of the nation’s most reputable artisans,Japanese Cotton Yukata are perfect for beginnersand don’t require extensive knowledge to enjoy. Premium breathable cotton is lightweight andvery comfortable. A Japanese yukata is the perfect choice as a unique fashion gift or a great place to begin your kimono collection. Gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper, with free worldwide shipping also available for your convenience!

Japanese Yukata - From $59.99 at Japan Objects Store

45. Clematis Kanzashi Silk Hair Clip & Brooch

For the bridal party…

This Clematis Kanzashi Silk Hair Clip & Brooch is sure to be a unique bridesmaid gift that everyone in your bridal party will cherish for years to come. Made in Kyoto from 100% crepe silk, each kanzashi is handcrafted in-house through an elaborate multi-step process. This hair clip compliments both Western and Japanese formal attire and can also be worn as a brooch.

Clematis Kanzashi Silk Hair Clip - $59.99 at Japan Objects Store

46. Ume Blossom Kyoto Uchiwa Fan

For the Kyoto explorer…

Although a visit to explore Japan's old capital remains off the cards for the time being, let your loved one indulge in their wanderlust dreams with an authentic Kyoto-style flat fan. Known as Kyo-uchiwa, these fans are the creation of Aiba, the prestigious Kyoto-based fan maker founded in 1689. Every step is done entirely by hand and involves processing 69 thin bamboo ribs, cutting and laying the paper, and crafting the handle. Each Kyo-Uchiwa Fan comes with a bamboo display.

Ume Blossom Kyoto Uchiwa Fan - $69.99 at Japan Objects Store

47. Indigo Dye Cotton Scarf

For the KonMari believer…

Japan’s lifestyle guru, Mari Kondo, or KonMari, has introduced the world to an innovative method of tidying through her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Spark joy in your recipient this holiday season with a fun handwoven, indigo-dye scarf made of luxurious cotton, an accent piece that compliments casual and business outfits. Free shipping wherever you are in the world!

Shima Natural Indigo Dye Cotton Scarf - $119.99 at Japan Objects Store

48. Coffee Mugs

For the serene coffee drinker…

Every coffee enthusiast takes pride in curating a collection of mugs, each chosen with care for different drinking occasions. Whether it’s a whimsical cartoon character mug or a sleep modern cup, thoughtful curation defines the essence of each individual’s assortment. For coffee connoisseurs seeking to enhance their collection or elevate their drinking experience, the Green Crystal Kyoto Ware Coffee Mug is a perfect addition. Its generously sized mug is ideal for those who like to kickstart their day with a substantial serving, while the handmade Kyoto design brings a soothing touch to morning routines.

Green Crystal Kyoto Ware Large Coffee Mug - $139.99 at Japan Objects Store

49. Pureland Noren Curtain

For the entrepreneur…

This artistic noren curtain features the iconic blue lotus flowers artwork by illustrious contemporary visual artistHideki Kimura. A common sight on nearly any Japanese street, noren are thin doorway curtains that are decorated to advertise the speciality of a particular shop or business. If your recipient works from home, they will surely appreciate the physical reminder to maintain a work-life balance. It also shipped gorgeously gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper!

Pureland Noren Curtain - $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

50. Japanese Maekake Apron

For the home chef…

Grilling ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it! Being around open flames means you need proper protection, whether you’re starting a campfire or getting the barbecue grill going hot. A maekake, or Japanese utility apron, is sure to get the job done. Used by Japanese shopkeepers and merchants since the Edo period, maekake are made from thick woven cotton canvas which can provide some protection from heat and flames. Maekake also tie around the waist to support the lower back. This indigo Maneki Cat Maekake is made in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture using a highly specialized weaving method developed by one of the few remaining traditional makers of Japanese aprons. It features a charming maneki “beckoning” cat believed to bring good fortune.

Maneki Cat Maekake Apron - $69.99 at Japan Objects Store

51. Mizuhiki Pearl Earrings

For the detail-oriented gal…

Do you know a lady with a discerning eye for detail when it comes to jewelry and accessories? These Mizuhiki Pearl Earrings from Nagao-based jeweler Ritual Craft are sure to delight. Mizuhiki is a Japanese artform that involves the use of stiff rice paper cords to create sculptures and decorations. Each piece of cord is painstakingly applied to a hand-polished maple wood base, encased in 14 karat gold, and embellished with freshwater pearl accents.

Mizuhiki Pearl Earrings - $129.99 at Japan Objects Store

52. Red Koi Azuma Tote Bag

For the day tripper…

When you’re constantly on the go, you need a bag that’s large enough to carry your essentials yet won’t get in the way. The azuma bag is a refined and unique tote bag featuring the iconic artwork of contemporary visual artist Hideki Kimura. Your bag will serve its purpose by carrying everything you need — be it for the office, school, or as a baby bag — thanks to its 3 built-in pockets and compact folding size. It is tastefully accented with brass fastenings and a removable red leather shoulder strap.

Red Koi Azuma Tote Bag - $89.99 at Japan Objects Store

53. Kanzashi Brooch

For the Zoom host…

If you know someone who’s always moderating a business meeting, conducting a training session, or hosting an informal game night, there’s no doubt that they will sometimes want to wear something to look put together without feeling overdone. This handcrafted silk kanzashi from Kyoto is a versatile accessory that compliments formal and casual business attire. Add personality to your virtual meetings and get creative with your hairstyle by using this kanzashi in an updo, or accent your outfits with an elegant brooch.

Blue Bellflower Silk Kanzashi - $59.99 at Japan Objects Store

54. Men’s Vintage Nagajuban

For the fashion fanatic…

Men’s dressing gowns or housecoats may seem stuffy and old-fashioned, but a nagajuban would actually make for a fine housewarming gift. Nagajuban are one of the many layers worn underneath a kimono, and are made from cotton or silk. Add colorful embroidery or silkscreen print, and you’ve got a tasteful and refined alternative to a housecoat that will surely make your recipient feel at ease in his new home.

Men’s Vintage Nagjuban – Available at Japan Objects Store

55. Setta Japanese Sandals

For the beach lover…

If you know someone who’s perpetually chasing the waves, they’ll love these bright and cheery setta sandals handcrafted in Nara. Unlike flip-flops, setta complement traditional Japanese summer garments like jinbei, and yukata, as well as western clothing. In addition, the thick, padded straps are made of 4 layers of soft cotton that mold the shape of one’s foot. Free shipping available wherever you are.

Setta Japanese Sandals - $149.99 at Japan Objects Store

56. Tsuyukusa Gold Zabuton Cushion

For the one who values comfort...

Finding a gift for a yoga practitioner doesn't have to be challenging. This limited edition Tsuyukusa Gold Zabuton Cushion from Takaoya can be used as a support during restorative poses and meditation. It depicts the leaves of Asiatic Dayflower (tsuyukusa) blowing against the golden sky. Boasting 4 inches of premium cotton padding, Takaokaya’s zabuton are a staple in temples across Kyoto where they are used by Buddhist monks during Zen meditation sessions. Both yoga and Buddhism are aimed toward enlightenment, and the corner tassels of this zabuton act to prevent harmful energy from disturbing one’s state of mindfulness.

Tsuyukusa Gold Zabuton Cushion - $199.99 at Japan Objects Store

57. Itoya Silk Brocade Travel Makeup Bag

For the jetsetter…

Looking for a truly special gift for the style-conscious traveler? Look no further then this silk brocade travelcosmetics bag by the award-winning Tatsumura Textiles. This Silk Brocade Travel Makeup Bag features the faithful restoration of an ancient Japanese textile from the Muromachi period (1358-1574).. Handcrafted in Kyoto, you’ll be impressed how the color changes depending on the angle and intensity of light, lending this distinctive Kyoto brocade technique the nickname “the weaving of light.”

Itoya Silk Brocade Travel Makeup Bag - $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

58. Vintage Obi Belts

For the interior decorator...

An obi is a long piece of fabric used primarily to keep one’s kimono or yukata in place, but why stop there? Just as an obi, its fabric, design, and choice of knot can dramatically alter the mood of one’s look, using an obi as an decorative item can equally make a statement in the home.

No doubt an interior decorator will be brimming with ideas about how to display an obi. Perhaps they may be inspired to use the fabric to create decorative origami pieces or even upcycle it into upholstery or bedding!

Vintage Obi Belts – Available at Japan Objects Store

59. Oshidori Silk Brocade Leather Wallet

For the silk lover…

Kyoto is the centuries-old premier center of silk production in Japan, and Kyoto silk is renowned for itsparticularly luxurious feel. This silk brocade leather wallet by the award-winning Tatsumura Textiles is testament to the unparalleled history and craftsmanship of the city. The wallet features thefaithful restorationof an ancient Japanese textile from the 8th century. The highly regarded original fabric is kept in a heritage repository at the Todaiji temple in Nara. It is also lined withhigh-quality leather with an organized interior. It is delivered in a carefully designed box with free shipping worldwide!

Oshidori Silk Brocade Leather Wallet - $119.99 at Japan Objects Store

60. Japanese Fans

For the collector…

“Fans” of traditional and contemporary Japanese art will appreciate this eye-catching folding fan featuring the iconic blue lotus flower artwork by contemporary visual artist Hideki Kimura. The fan itself is handcrafted in a 30 step process that takes place in the workshop of Miyawaki Baisenan, one of Kyoto’s most revered fan makers.

Pureland Japanese Folding Fan - $59.99 at Japan Objects Store

61. Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch

For the fashionista who has it all…

A sophisticated and functional statement piece handcrafted using a 17th century kimono dyeing technique, this one-of-a-kind Kyo-Yuzen Clutch Bag in Pastel would make a luxurious and unique gift for your fashion-conscious loved ones, effortlessly blending chic and modern with refined and traditional. The cloud pattern, saiun, represents good fortune while the colors reflect the four seasons of Japan.

It is handmade from water repellant silk kimono fabric and comfortably holds your daily essentials without being bulky. Enjoy this luxurious clutch with easy free worldwide shipping for your convenience.

Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch- $379.99 with Free Shipping at Japan Objects Store

62. Furin Ceramic Windchime

For the summer daydreamer…

Windchimes sound magical on windy days and beautifully complement the sight of birds flocking to your yard. This ceramic wind chime features muted earthy tones characteristic of Bizen ware, which is fired without glaze. Simple, yet refined, the ring-shaped striker is fitted with a washi paper sail that floats on the wind.

Furin Ceramic Windchime – Coming Soon to Japan Objects Store

63. Geta Sandals

For the shoe enthusiast…

Gift a playful reminder “to keep one’s feet on the ground” for someone whose head is always in the clouds. These geta sandals are handmade in Japan's southern sunny islands of Okinawa, an exotic locale they’ll no doubt be dreaming about whenever they put on these fine wooden sandals!

Bingate Wooden Geta Sandals in Passion Flower - $79.99 at Japan Objects Store

64. Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch

For the classy lady…

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is never easy, especially when they have impeccable taste. But this splendid evening clutch by the award-winning Tatsumura Textiles might just be the ideal companion that she never knew she wanted. The Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch is a recreation of athree-dimensional abstract tapestry, Okiku Momi, that skillfully captures the depth and texture of crumpled paper.It showcases the intricate beauty of Nishiki - Kyoto’s world-renowned silk brocade artistry. Tatsumura Textile is Kyoto’s esteemed leader in world-classsilk brocades with commissions from the Japanese Imperial Household and Christian Dior. It is delivered in a carefully designed box with free shipping worldwide!

Kiku Silk Brocade Clutch - $399.99 at Japan Objects Store

November 17, 2023 |Lifestyle, Shopping, Gifts




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