20+ Sourdough Discard Breakfast Recipes (2024)

Today, I’m going to share with you 20+ sourdough discard breakfast recipes. Most of these are super easy, and most can be started the night before or whipped up right in the morning without waiting. So if you have a lot of extra sourdough discard, these breakfast recipes are for you.

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If you are just getting started in your sourdough journey, you may be looking for a great way to use all that leftover sourdough discard. With grocery prices these days, we need little to no waste in the kitchen. I’m not about to toss perfectly good food.

Well, here you have it, friends – easy and delicious sourdough discard recipes for breakfast. Rather than just throwing it away, use your discard in delicious recipes.

Something I don’t think most people realize is that it’s not just active sourdough starter that can ferment dough.

With a little time, discard will also have health benefits, like breaking down the phytic acid and gluten. Or if you are not sensitive to gluten, many recipes can be whipped up right away without waiting, still boasting the classic sourdough tang.

From savory to sweet, there are so many deliciousways to use up something that is typically tossed.

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  • Usually if a recipe calls for a leavening agent, like baking soda or baking powder, discard will also work. This is because the rise is not coming from the wild yeast in the starter, but rather the leavening agents.
  • Leftover sourdough starter discard can still offer the same benefits of active starter when allowed to ferment.
  • Most of these recipes can be either long fermented or made right away without waiting.
  • Learn how to make a sourdough starter or even a gluten-free sourdough starter here.

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Stand mixer

Measuring cups and spoons

Large bowl

Baking sheets

Loaf pan

Dough whisk

Silicone spatula

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Sourdough Discard Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast doesn’t need to be hard. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use a lot of sourdough discard to make a delicious breakfast.

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Quick Breads

There are so many delicious quick breads that can be made. Since they include leavening agents, they can be made quickly and don’t need to be fermented. A few of my favorite recipes include sourdough banana bread, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, and this cranberry bread (perfect for Christmas morning).

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Sourdough muffins make a really easy, make ahead breakfast. I often make a double batch and freeze half for later.

Zucchini chocolate muffins

Pumpkin or banana muffins

Classic sourdough blueberry muffins

Lemon poppyseed

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Sourdough Pancakes

While this recipe says to use an active starter, you can definitely use discard to make these delicious pancakes. The baking soda will still make them fluffy, and if we’re making pancakes in this home, they need to be fluffy pancakes. They will be more tangy because of the discard. Top with melted butter and maple syrup.

Or try thisbuttermilk versionor thiscrepe recipe.

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Sourdough Discard Waffles

Crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, these are the perfect waffles for breakfast, requiring minimal ingredients.

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Sourdough Cheese Waffles

Crispy, sourdough waffles packed with cheddar cheese. They are so good and make a yummy breakfast, or use in place of bread to make a sandwich.

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German pancakes

This delicious Dutch Baby pancake has a soft center with the classic puffiness of your favorite German pancake recipe, but made healthier with fermented grains. It’s the perfect recipe for all that sourdough discard. Fresh fruit and a splash of maple syrup might be the best way to enjoy these!

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Sourdough Biscuits:

Fluffy and buttery sourdough biscuits are so flavorful and tender, they make the perfect breakfast. Serve with jam or turn them into breakfast sandwiches with eggs, bacon, sausage, or other toppings.

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Discard Scones

This recipe has that classic tender crumb you can expect from a scone. A master scone recipe, add your favorite flavors, from blueberries to chocolate chips to lemon zest, and everything in between. This will be one of your favorite recipes.

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Discard Bagels

I love these discard bagels. They are much quicker than standard sourdough bagels. Serve with cream cheese or turn them into breakfast sandwiches.

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Toast is a staple in our house. To make this a discard recipe, use this sourdough discard bread recipe to then make toast. Top with avocado, bacon, sprouts, or just plain butter.

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Breakfast Pizza

This is a recipe the whole family loves, and it is super simple to make. Use my favorite, super-fast pizza crust recipe and then add your favorite toppings. Cheese, sausage, ham, eggs, sliced tomatoes, etc.

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This is one of my favorite,easy breakfast recipes. These crepes are super easy to make and all you need are 5 simple ingredients and some delicious fillings to make this recipe. Our favorite way to serve these is with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries.

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A delicious and comforting treat! They have a soft interior with that classic sourdough tang. All you need is a little butter on your hot popovers to make the perfect winter day snack!

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Perfect for a special occasion, these easy, baked, cake-like donuts have a soft interior and are topped with a vanilla icing. The perfect special treat for a birthday or just a fun weekend. This recipe is super easy and fast to make, or you can do a long fermented version for more health benefits.

20+ Sourdough Discard Breakfast Recipes (18)

Coffee Cake

One of our favorite breakfasts for special occasions like Christmas or birthdays. A sourdough vanilla cake layered with a cinnamon filling and topped with brown sugar crumble. So yummy.

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20+ Sourdough Discard Breakfast Recipes (2024)
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