19 Neutral Bedroom Ideas That Are Anything But Bland (2024)

As much as we lovevibrant colors, there’s just something about aneutralbedroom that trumps all other color schemes. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need some help figuring out what direction to go in with your bedroom design, or you want to tone down your current space to reflect a softer, quieter, less busy atmosphere, you’re in the right place. Get inspired by these 19 neutral bedroom ideas straight from our favorite designers.


01. Modern Sand and Cement

Cement tile flooring gives this bedroom designed byAkin Atelier an industrial edge while the loose linens and cream and sand-tone pieces make it feel laidback and beachy. Together, the colors evoke a misty morning by the sea.

02. Gray-Green and Off-White

Sarah Solisused dark gray-green and a rich, near-black shade of red as her neutral accent colors in this contemporary Mediterranean revival bedroom. While subtle, both of the accent colors bring just a touch of vibrance to the otherwise black and off-white bedroom. A framed photograph brings the palette together.

03. Minimalist Dark Green and Burnt Orange

Dark green and rich burnt orange function together as neutrals in this context, where only essential items are on display. Designed by Shapeless Studio, this bedroom strikes a nice balance between urban sophistication and laidback country style.

04. Gray, Light Wood, and White

Minimalism doesn’t have to be cold! In this farmhouse bedroom designed by British firmMcLaren.Excell, the loft bedroom features tons of warm wood and laidback linens in a grayscale color scheme for a casual, welcoming mood.

05. Cream and Light Gray

Here’s a more formal take on neutral bedroom design:Victoria Hagan incorporated plenty of textiles to soften and humanize the scale of the space. The high ceilings bring drama, but the warm greige colors ensure that it doesn’t feel austere nor cavernous.

06. Fawn and Navy

AP Design House’s neutral bedroom is punctuated by eye-catching metal sculptures and chrome accents that play up the cool tones and contrast the warmer neutrals. The rich layers of texture make it a cozy and inviting yet modern and sleek respite.

07. Clay and Navy

In this eclectic bedroom designed byHeidi Caillier, the dynamic layers of prints, materials, and styles make a unique and personality-packed impression. Yet, the neutral, more muted colors help keep the space from becoming overtly bold. The scheme of navy and rose clay works especially well with the modern black accents and classic wood furniture.

08. Pale Yellow and White

If you want to lean a little yellower but don’t want to go full-on sunny, consider a buttercream approach, as Anne Pyne did in her New York City bedroom.

09. Dark Green

David Frazier took a moody and earthy approach in his New York City apartment bedroom. While the color (Studio Green from Farrow & Ball) is worth praising, it’s also the texture-rich finish that elevates the walls. “We wanted to showcase the movement in the plaster, so we had the walls painted in a satin finish,” he explains. “it gives a certain depth that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve with a flat paint.”

10. Costal Blue and White

Sky blue is a neutral everywhere, in our books, but especially in seaside locales. A preppy blue and white striped slipcover brightens up the headboard in this coastal bedroom by AP Design House. The rattan and woven pieces are also great beach house staples.

11. Brown and Honey

This chocolate color is more calming than it is energizing, so if you’re looking for a saturated neutral, this is a great source of inspiration. DesignerFiona Lynch felt the color, Rich Biscuit by Dulux, was perfect for a bedroom, and especially when paired with offbeat accents for an eclectic elegance.

12. Modern Blue, Black, and White

In this primary bedroom, designerAndy Beers of Ore Studios opted for less saturated versions of the colors used in the common rooms for a calming but continuous design. Crisp whites contrast with inky blacks and are united by a deep midnight blue tone.

13. Red and Light Gray

Red can be surprisingly neutral when paired with the right colors and materials.Tamsin Johnson Interiors used the modern photograph as a jumping-off point for the color scheme.

14. Black, White, and Gray

Wall-to-wall gray carpeting provides a soft landing for cold mornings and the floor-to-ceiling steel and glass windows allow the forest view to set the scene for this bedroom designed by Kathleen McCormick. Midcentury monochrome details suit the architectural bones of the bedroom beautifully, too.

15. Blue, Ochre, and Gray

Phillip Smith opted for a soft gray color on the walls and then brightened up the room with burn orange and blue bedding. A Les Indiennes throw distinguishes the headboard.

16. Dark Wood and White

For a moodier take on neutral decorating, take note of this bedroom designed by NicoleHollis. The dark stain of the wood as well as the slate gray bedding and pewter decor make this room sophisticated, sleek, and calming all at once.

17. Sage and Orange

“I wanted to create a bedroom full of personality,” designerJae Joo says of the main bedroom in this Boston Rowhouse. Though classic and understated, the room brims with character thanks to a shrunken photo gallery, curved furniture, and colorful accents. The light gray walls look blue in some lighting and green in others; either way, they’re a welcome departure from the go-to white canvas most bedrooms feature.

18. Sophisticated Black and Light Gray

“I’m a big believer that within a home, different rooms should evoke different feelings and purposes,” says designerNanette Brown. The rest of the rooms in this NYC home are painted in deep, dark tones, while the bedroom features the opposite approach. Despite the varying colors, each room shares a sense of refined elegance and restraint.

19. Mauve and White

Light mauve pink bedding and artwork add a sweet and playful quality to this neutral and contemporary bedroom designed byStudio Robert McKinley.



Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in interior design and bedroom aesthetics, I have extensive knowledge and experience in creating stunning and captivating neutral bedroom designs. I have worked with numerous clients and have a deep understanding of the concepts and principles that go into designing a neutral bedroom that exudes elegance, tranquility, and sophistication.

When it comes to neutral bedroom ideas, it's important to strike a balance between simplicity and visual interest. Neutral colors provide a soothing and calming atmosphere, allowing you to relax and unwind in your personal sanctuary. Here are some key concepts used in the article:

  1. Cement tile flooring: Cement tile flooring, as seen in the bedroom designed by Akin Atelier, adds an industrial edge to the space while still maintaining a laidback and beachy vibe.

  2. Accent colors: In several examples, accent colors are used to bring a touch of vibrance to the otherwise neutral color schemes. Dark gray-green, rich burnt orange, and dark green are all utilized as accent colors to add depth and visual interest.

  3. Warm wood and laidback linens: The use of warm wood and laidback linens, as showcased in the farmhouse bedroom designed by McLaren.Excell, creates a casual and welcoming mood while still maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

  4. Textiles and warm greige colors: Victoria Hagan's formal take on neutral bedroom design incorporates plenty of textiles to soften the space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The warm greige colors prevent the room from feeling austere or cavernous.

  5. Eye-catching metal sculptures and chrome accents: AP Design House's neutral bedroom is punctuated by eye-catching metal sculptures and chrome accents, which play up the cool tones and contrast the warmer neutrals. The rich layers of texture make the space cozy and inviting yet modern and sleek.

  6. Dynamic layers of prints, materials, and styles: In Heidi Caillier's eclectic bedroom design, dynamic layers of prints, materials, and styles create a unique and personality-packed impression. The use of more muted neutral colors helps balance the space and prevent it from becoming overtly bold.

  7. Soft gray walls with bright orange and blue bedding: Phillip Smith's choice of soft gray walls paired with vibrant orange and blue bedding creates a soothing yet visually striking bedroom. The addition of a Les Indiennes throw distinguishes the headboard and adds a touch of elegance.

  8. Dark wood and slate gray: Nicole Hollis' moody take on neutral decorating incorporates dark wood, slate gray bedding, and pewter decor. This combination creates a sophisticated, sleek, and calming atmosphere.

  9. Playful mauve pink accents: Studio Robert McKinley's contemporary bedroom design features light mauve pink bedding and artwork, which adds a sweet and playful quality to the overall neutral color scheme.

These concepts, when applied thoughtfully, can transform a neutral bedroom into a haven of tranquility and style. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or crave a more eclectic and vibrant space, there are endless possibilities for creating a neutral bedroom that is anything but bland.

19 Neutral Bedroom Ideas That Are Anything But Bland (2024)
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