15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (2023)

Do you ever get a craving for chicken wings served by a waitress wearing something other than a Hooters tee? Perhaps your particular niche is military fatigues, bikinis, lingerie or a tartan kilt? Whatever you’re hankering after, there’s a bar in America waiting to please you. And that bar? It’ll be stacked with great looking servers.

And while Hooters might be America’s favourite wings joint where the servers wear very little, is it the best? If you’re looking for bars just like Hooters, but with a little extra something, you’ve come to the right place. We’re serving up the country’s finest breastaurants and we’re not holding back. And guys, you might be surprised to find out Hooters is pretty lame compared to some of the bars we’ve uncovered.

We’re talking themed outfits, tastier wings and most importantly, some seriously superior servers. And how do we know all this? Well, we’ve put in some serious researchand commitment to the cause. Endless hours comparing Hooters waitresses with different wing bar girls across the country. Hours checking out the server calendars you can buy, the merch and the menus. So if you’re looking to hang out at Hooters alternatives, check out some of the bars on our list. You won’t be disappointed.

15. Tilted Kilt

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (1)

Via: newsday.com

The Tilted Girls have their own calendar. Do you really need any other information than that? Probably not, but we’ll dish some up anyway. This world-famous restaurant chain, born in Vegas, now has bars across the United States.

The Celtic theme seems strictly limited to the Tilted Kilt girls’ skimpy attire, but this fun and festive bar doesn’t let that get in the way of serving up cold beers, non stop pro-sports action and ‘mouth-watering’ fried food. If you want more bang for your buck, ditch Hooters and head to a Tilted Kilt bar – where the ‘good times are always on tap’.

14. Bombshells Bar & Restaurant

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (2)

Via: culturemap.com

As the old-timey song says, ‘you gotta have a gimmick’. And Bombshells bar went for a WWII theme in order to storm Hooters’ enemy ranks and conquer the breastaurant world. And guys, it works. Because as we all know, our vets valiantly fought on the battlefield to defend our right to chug beers under a ceiling decorated with army helmets.

Join the Bombshells revolution and pay homage to those brave souls who gave their lives so we could party with beautiful ladies in revealing military fatigues, wings, low-cut tops and very little chance of being brought down by enemy fire. At ease, soldiers.

13. Twin Peaks

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (3)

Via: chronicle.augusta.com

We totally see what you did there, you know, with the name! Twin Peaks! Yeah anyway, beyond the giggles, you get every time you drive by one of these joints, you also get to stop in and admire some seriously stacked waitresses. When Twin Peaks says they serve up ‘scenic views’, they’re not messing around. Apparently, they hire girls based on their ‘girl next door’ charisma.

Seriously though, where do Twin Peaks bosses live? If their girls next door look like THATthen we’re considering a sizeable real estate investment. As part of the ‘ultimate sports lodge’ schtick, Twin Peaks girls also serve up a rather gamey venison chili. A must for huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ types with a taste for the great outdoors.

12. Show-Me’s

When you’ve got an appetite for fun, head to Show-Me’s – the place where the shorts are short, the tops are low-cut and the restaurant’s tag lines are questionable. According to Show-Me’s, guys think “the Show-Me’s girls are great and grandmas think they’re cute.” Wait… what? Let’s just ponder that for a moment.

Is that why grandma is always hanging out at the local bar? Who knew old ladies got their kicks from hanging out with attractive college students waiting tables to pay off their student debts? Let’s all hope grandma’s just hitting up the Show-Me’s girls for extra wings and nothing else.

11. WingHouse Bar & Grill

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (5)

Via: Winghouse.com

We’re not going to lie to you. You need to check out the winghouse.com website. We did, and we spent a TON of time trying to figure out if WingHouse was a restaurant or a company that makes those special films your dad keeps hidden at the back his closet. After we’d thoroughly researched this topic, and we mean THOROUGHLY (man, there are a lot of pictures) we came to the conclusion that whatever WingHouse is doing, they’re doing a fine job of it. They call the WingHouse women the ‘main attraction’ for good reason. Who careswhat the wings taste like when the servers are this appetizing? Hooters, you’ve got some fierce competition here.

10. Ojos Locos

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (6)

Via: Keywordsuggest.org

If ever you find Hooters lacking in Latino flavour, head to Ojos Locos. Specifically created to allow Latino men to kick back in a man cave filled with gorgeous Latino women, Ojos Locos doesn’t leavetheir gringo homies hanging. No sir, they show away games too!

A sports cantina filled to the brim with flirty girls serving cold beers – what more could a man ask for? Except, if we’re looking for authenticity, the whole experience feels a little Latino lite. Its menu is peppered with Spanish terms – but ones we’re all pretty familiar with. Hamburguesas anyone? Meh, what does it matter, the Ojos Locos chicas are muy caliente!

9. Mugs ‘N Jugs

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (7)

Via: YouTube

The self-proclaimed ‘greatest wings ever made’ aren’t the only things you can feast your eyes on at Mugs ‘N Jugs. Like Hooters and all that have trodden the breastaurant path before them, the clue is very much in the title of this sports bar. Although, apparently it’s their commitment to the best ingredients and the signature sauces that keep customers coming back for more. Yeah, right.

Obviously the loyal clientele are here for the mighty Mugs ‘N Jugs reward card! Which, frankly, is an absolutely must for every red blooded American man. Stow it in your wallet, right next to your Office Depot loyalty card, to remind you that life is for living and eating tasty, tasty wings, and not for buying office supplies. You can just steal those from work instead.

8. Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (8)

Via: cravedfw.com

Sure there are plenty of waitresses with plunging necklines and Hollywood smiles at Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke, but guess what? People (guys mostly) actually go here for the food. Specialising in good ol’ fashioned southern cooking, platters piled high with BBQ meats arrive at your table.

But it seems you’ll be too busy chowing down on some succulent, smoky brisket to notice the former cheerleader busy bringing you more cold beers. Which is a shame, because compared to Hooters’ girls, Bone Daddy’s waitresses are smokin’. Book yourself a vacation in Texas and visit every single one of Bone Daddy’s locations. You won’t regret it, though your waistline might.

7. Heart Attack Grill

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (9)

Via: Daily Mail

Here’s the thing. The Heart Attack Grill is world famous, except we had absolutely no clue that the waitresses dressed as nurses. Despite all the headlines and column inches devoted to slamming this joint for serving up deadly burgers, they all failed to mention the wonderfully ‘qualified’ servers. But now that we know, we’rebooking a flight to Vegas ASAP. We’ll check out the menu and ask our waitress if she wouldn’t mind checking our blood pressure too. You know, for science. Plus, you can never be too careful eating at this joint.

Fun fact: The Heart Attack Grill owner once went on TV with the cremated remains of someone who died at his restaurant. Quadruple Bypass Burger anyone?

6. Cowgirls Espresso

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (10)

Via: Delish & MarkHitsTheRoad.com

If you’ve ever spent time in a Starbucks and thought, ‘you know what this place needs? Less clothing!’ then Cowgirls Espresso is the place for you. Sure, this is a strictlytea and coffee joint, but the girls definitely make up for the lack of alcohol. The dress code? Lingerie mostly. But guys, they have theme days too! Military Monday, Cowgirls Tuesday, Bikini Wednesday, School Girl Thursday and Fantasy Friday. That’s an impressive week, right?

Just don’t spend too long fretting over how the girls manage not to get scalded with hot milk after frothing up your latte. Sit back and order a Buckin’ Bronco instead. Which is basically four espresso shots added to your favorite cold drink. Don’t believe us? Well, the Espresso Girls say it’s ‘guaranteed to put the starch back in the ol’ blue jeans!’

5. Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (11)

Via: star-telegram.com

Apparently Walk-On’s has officially become the place to go to for a good time. Now THAT’S definitely a menu option that would see punters flocking to the bar in droves. We’re talking seriously big numbers. Though we’re fairly certain Walk-On’s is keeping everything PG. For now.

That said, Walk-On’s has been named ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar in America so there’s that. And the waitresses all wear cheerleader uniforms. ‘Nuff said. Book an Uber to your nearest Walk-On’s and try to ignore how they’re spelling bistreaux. You can’t class this joint up fellas, especially with some faux French words.

4. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (12)

Via: Huffington Post

There’s so much to say about Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill that they almost deserve their own list. So let’s get down to brass tacks ASAP. One: Bikini’s CEO was branded the world’s sleaziest boss by the Daily Mail after a cringeworthy appearance on Undercover Boss. He fired a girl for wearing a t-shirt on camera and offered free implants to an enthusiastic worker.

Two: This same CEO managed to trademark the term ‘breastaurant’ which must have the Hooters board of directors questioning their entire existence. Three: The girls wear bikinis … so on outfits alone this place beats Hooters, hands down. No seriously lads, hands down. Bikinis definitely has a no touching rule. Kudos to CEO Doug Guller on the trademark thing,but he losespoints for being a douche in a world where we definitely have enough of those to go around already.

3. Coyote Ugly

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (13)

Via: coyoteuglysaloon.com

The premise behind Coyote Ugly is simple: beautiful girls + booze = money. We’re pretty sure there’s a bunch of guys in there somewhere too – all with wallets full of cash. It’s also famous, of course, as the bar that inspired the Coyote Ugly movie. Grossing over $100 million, it saw the Coyote Ugly brand expand around the world. The secret to this bar’s success? According to the owner, it’s “serving cheap tequila from a boot, bartending with boa constrictors, and just doing whatever the hell I wanted.” Fair enough. Their wings might not rival Hooters, but you can expect raunchy voyeurism, innuendo and girls dancing on the bar tops. Three things you definitely won’t find on the Hooters menu.

2. The CANZaciti Roadhouse

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (14)

Via: TheBristal.com

So, we all know that ‘Hooters makes you happy’. But check out how happy this old dude is. CANZ girls are all about the hospitality and this is a place that serves fried Twinkies! And let’s face it, Twinkies were always going to outlive us all in the event of an apocalypse, but now they are actively trying to kill us off. One by one ,we’ll die – our arteries clogged with Twinkie goo. But you know what? If we can all be as happy as this guy is with his CANZ girls, it will all have been worth it.

1. Brickhouse Tavern and Tap

15 Bars That Serve Up Better Bombshells Than Hooters (15)

Via: Culturemap.com

Brick House, we love you, your girls and your menu of fried foods, but your life advice is questionable. Especially when it comes to dating. Take thissnippet from your blog …”Plan a relaxing date night at Brick House.” Guys, listen up, because we’re about to roll out some pro tips here. The only date night where this could possibly work is if two lesbians were looking to inject a little spark back into their relationship. Even then, this could all end badly. The only time this advice mightwork out is if you’re looking to invite a third person back to your crib to swap rib recipes with. Our advice? Stick to hanging out at Brick House with your buddies. We recommend the ribs, by the way.

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