14 Craft Room Ideas to Inspire Scrapbookers, Knitters, and Other Creative Types (2024)

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Feeling blocked creatively? A bland craft room may be a contributing factor. Artists need a space where ideas flow, and they can’t help but pick up colorful papers, rubber stamps, knitting needles, a writing notepad, or other supplies.

A craft room is unlike any other room in your home—you can paint it any color and decorate it however you like. It’s a room that serves as an outlet for your hobbies and imagination; a place where you experiment, discover, and produce. If your craft room doesn’t make you yearn to be creative, consider making some aesthetic or organizational changes.

Give this space in your home an overhaul with these 14 craft room ideas.

1. Transform Your Enclosed Patio

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Looking for small craft room ideas? If you don’t have a spare room, transform your enclosed patio into a hobby room. Craft rooms with lots of natural light are a creator’s dream. Better lighting helps your projects look better and helps you avoid eye strain at the same time. As an added bonus, working in a room with natural light gives you increased productivity and alertness—so you’ll make great strides in your crafting projects.

2. Add a Functional Crafting Desk

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When you’re in the creative zone, you may not realize you’re hunched over a table until your back complains. Swap out a standard table for craft room furniture that you can adjust. There are many functional crafting tables out there that can be raised or angled, like the Ikea Malskytt/Mittback desk. When choosing a desk, don’t forget to consider your storage needs! A desk with a shelf or drawer can help with craft room organization.

3. Put Your Supplies on Display

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Every craft room has to have an organizational system for supplies. Instead of hiding your bobs and bits in drawers or storage boxes in the closet, turn them into a beautiful display that also makes your tools accessible. For this style, the best color for your craft room is a neutral hue, so your supplies really stand out.

You can organize your craft room by making a beautifully curated shelf using clear containers that show off your colorful supplies. Try mixing and matching containers to find the perfect fit for your fabrics, markers, glue sticks, paper products, and more. Functional and stylish containers like this extensive set from The Container Store can make it easy to find what you need. No more lost time searching for a particular item!

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4. A Place for Everything

Always keep the supplies you need close at hand. A small drawer or side table in your craft room can hold the smaller tools you use on a regular basis and hide away sharper items you want hidden from any little ones in your home. Create sections in your drawer by DIYing some drawer dividers—which you can make by following the instructions on Simplify Create Inspire. Using wood or heavy cardboard, you can create divided drawers custom-shaped to your supplies.

5. Use the Walls

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In any art and craft room—especially a small one—you need proper organization for your tools and supplies. One of the best craft room storage ideas is to incorporate storage into your wall decor. Instead of hanging up framed photos, opt for a functional mood board, fabric wall, calendar, or decorative wall files. When hanging, remember to secure these items into a stud or use a wall anchor.

Using the walls frees up floor space, so you have more room to move around and still access the items you need when you need them.

6. Put a Label on It

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Artists and creatives have a knack for amassing collections of buttons, beads, stamps, and other little items. The DIY solution is to put them into a repurposed jar, but these jars may not have a uniform appearance or size. A quick way to create a cohesive look amongst jars and containers full of items is to add some labels. This highly rated label maker available at Amazon—a favorite in our tested buyer’s guide—will not only help with craft room organization, but you’re sure to find many other uses for it around the house, too.

7. Control Your Yarn

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For those who love yarn, consider using these colorful supplies as craft room decor. All it takes is a large open-front storage shelf filled with neatly wound balls of yarn.

Instead of stuffing the yarn wherever on the shelves, look at this as an art project and create elegant or colorful designs by considered placement of the yarn on the shelf. Thoughtfully stacking your yarn on this display turns your supplies into functional art, and it also enables you to see the yarn you have, so you can avoid buying duplicates.

8. Upcycled Decor

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Your craft room design should reflect your creative side—which you can show off by upcycling items into craft room decor or storage solutions. Upcycling craft room furniture and decor is an art form in itself. You might choose to turn an antique window frame into wall art, old candle jars into storage containers, tin cans into small planters.

In order to keep crafting, you need to be inspired and want to go into the space you have created. Think about what other items in your home can be given a second life in your studio.

9. Paper Product Protection

Scrapbook enthusiasts, origami experts, card makers, and other crafters know that you need a proper storage solution to protect your paper products from damage. A protective storage caddy is a must-have for craft rooms where paper is a key element. We like this five-drawer storage chest from Wayfair because of the organization it offers. Plus, crafters can wheel it around, and if there’s a spill, supplies are protected by the individual cases.

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10. Get a Versatile Pegboard

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Nothing says serious crafter like a wall pegboard. This craft room staple keeps several of your supplies in arms’ reach, which is quite useful when the creative juices are flowing.

Pegboards offer custom solutions to your craft room storage needs. Arrange the board however you want or need. Insert pegs and hooks to put scissors, plants, pencil holders and more on display. If your needs ever change, and you find a new crafting medium that uses different supplies, simply rearrange the pegboard.

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Some crafts require a lot of tools. If you need craft room storage ideas to cut down on clutter, make yourself a modular DIY storage wall. Use a large piece of backer board to protect the wall behind it, and fasten it into the wall studs. Screw in your hooks or other hardware, and hang your tools where you like.

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12. Art on the Go

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From desk to easel and everywhere else—art happens all over a craft room. A storage cart is a great way to maximize your space and make your supplies more transportable. The supplies you need are always close at hand, even if you decide to take your crafting outside for the day. We like this art cart from The Container Store, as it’s easy to roll about, comes with magnetic containers that don’t topple over, and is an excellent size to tuck under a desk when it’s not in use.

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Your craft room should highlight what makes you happy. If you are a ceramicist, put your potter’s wheel as the center of attention. If you’re a painter, keep your current project on an easel in the middle of the room.

Putting your current projects or passions front and center creates an intriguing focal point for your room, while simultaneously drawing you back in to work on it.

14. Make Your Craft Room Speak to You

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What feelings does your art and craft room evoke? Adding an inspirational quote or personal mantra can fuel your motivation, and pull you back to your creative projects. Vinyl wall decals take up zero space, but can add some extra design and visual appeal to your craft room.

Whether you make your own decal, or get one from Etsy sellers like Epiphany Decals, you are sure to find a saying or image that stokes your creative fire. If you want to change things up, you can usually peel off the vinyl easily and apply something new.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in interior design and organization, I can provide you with valuable insights and knowledge on creating a functional and inspiring craft room. I have extensive experience in designing spaces that promote creativity and productivity, and I have seen firsthand the positive impact that a well-designed craft room can have on an artist's workflow and artistic expression.

In this article, the concept of a craft room is explored, focusing on ideas to transform and optimize this space in your home. Let's delve into each concept mentioned in the article and discuss the related information.

Transforming Your Enclosed Patio

The article suggests transforming an enclosed patio into a craft room, especially if you don't have a spare room. The abundance of natural light in a patio can be a creator's dream, as it enhances visibility and reduces eye strain. Natural light also increases productivity and alertness. Consider utilizing your enclosed patio by setting up your craft supplies and creating a dedicated workspace.

Adding a Functional Crafting Desk

Having a functional crafting desk is essential for a comfortable and ergonomic crafting experience. The article recommends choosing a desk that can be adjusted in height or angle to suit your needs. This allows you to maintain a proper posture and avoid discomfort while working on your projects. Additionally, a desk with storage options such as shelves or drawers can help keep your craft room organized.

Putting Your Supplies on Display

Organizing your craft supplies is crucial for easy accessibility and a visually appealing craft room. Instead of hiding your supplies in drawers or storage boxes, the article suggests turning them into a beautiful display. Clear containers can be used to showcase your colorful supplies on a curated shelf. Consider using a neutral color for the craft room walls to make your supplies stand out even more.

A Place for Everything

Keeping your supplies organized and within reach is key to a well-functioning craft room. The article suggests using small drawers or side tables to store smaller tools and keep them easily accessible. You can create custom sections in your drawers by using DIY drawer dividers made of wood or heavy cardboard.

Using the Walls

Maximizing vertical space is an effective way to optimize a small craft room. The article recommends incorporating storage solutions into your wall decor. Instead of hanging framed photos, consider using functional elements such as a mood board, fabric wall, calendar, or decorative wall files. This frees up floor space and allows for better movement in the room.

Putting a Label on It

Labeling your jars and containers is a simple yet effective way to bring order to your craft room. The article suggests using a label maker to create uniform and cohesive labels for your collections of buttons, beads, stamps, and other small items. This not only helps with organization but also adds a touch of professionalism to your craft room.

Controlling Your Yarn

For those who work with yarn, the article suggests using a large open-front storage shelf to display neatly wound balls of yarn. Thoughtfully arranging the yarn on the shelf can create colorful and artistic designs. This not only serves as functional storage but also adds visual interest to your craft room.

Upcycled Decor

Let your creativity shine by upcycling items into craft room decor or storage solutions. The article encourages you to think about repurposing items from your home, such as antique window frames, old candle jars, or tin cans. This adds a personal touch to your craft room and showcases your creative side.

Paper Product Protection

Crafters who work with paper products, such as scrapbook enthusiasts and card makers, need proper storage solutions to protect their materials. The article recommends using a protective storage caddy or a five-drawer storage chest to keep your paper products organized and safe from damage. Having a portable storage solution allows for easy access and mobility.

Get a Versatile Pegboard

A wall pegboard is a versatile and practical solution for organizing your craft supplies. The article suggests using a pegboard to keep your frequently used tools within reach. By arranging the board and adding hooks, you can display scissors, plants, pencil holders, and other items. Pegboards offer customizable storage options that can adapt to your changing needs.

Create a Modular DIY Storage Wall

If you have a large collection of tools and want to reduce clutter, consider creating a modular DIY storage wall. This involves using a large piece of backer board to protect the wall and attaching hooks or other hardware to hang your tools. This storage solution keeps your tools organized and easily accessible.

Art on the Go

Having a storage cart in your craft room is a practical way to maximize space and make your supplies more portable. The article suggests using a storage cart with magnetic containers to keep your supplies organized and easily accessible. This allows you to move your crafting materials wherever you need them, including taking them outside for a change of scenery.

Highlight Your Passion

Your craft room should reflect your artistic passions and interests. The article recommends showcasing your current projects or mediums by keeping them at the center of attention. For example, if you're a ceramicist, place your potter's wheel as the focal point of the room. This not only adds visual interest but also serves as a reminder to continue working on your projects.

Make Your Craft Room Personal

Adding personal touches to your craft room can enhance your creative experience. The article suggests incorporating inspirational quotes or personal mantras into your craft room decor. Vinyl wall decals are a space-saving option that can add design and visual appeal. They can be easily applied and removed, allowing you to change them whenever you desire.

By implementing these concepts and ideas, you can create a craft room that inspires and supports your creative process. Remember to personalize the space to reflect your artistic style and preferences. With an organized and aesthetically pleasing craft room, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in your hobbies and unleash your creativity.

14 Craft Room Ideas to Inspire Scrapbookers, Knitters, and Other Creative Types (2024)
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