12 Craft Room Ideas That Blend Form and Function (2024)

Every crafter knows the importance of maintaining their workspace. Whether you consider yourself a crafting novice or an experienced DIYer, designing the ultimate space to let your creative juices flow is important. Not only will it give you a designated area to work on your projects, but it's also an easy way to ensure everything stays organized.

As it turns out, putting together the perfect craft room can feel like a major DIY in and of itself, and that's why we believe approaching this makeover with the same gusto you would as any sewing or paper project is key. You'll end up with more creative, intuitive results.

  • Darcy Miller, founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and author of Celebrate Everything

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Put Projects in Plain Sight

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If out of sight is out of mind, here's the ultimate way to ensure your projects stay front and center, says Darcy Miller, founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and author of Celebrate Everything!—plus, her idea doubles as decorative wall art. "My designs for past and current projects are in clear folders, hanging on a bulletin board, instead of on stacks in my desk," says Miller.

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Color-Code Your Writing Supplies

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Organize pens, colored pencils, and markers by type and color to make reaching for your favorite hues a breeze. If you have to search for something, it's less likely that you'll use it.

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Use Transparent Storage Containers

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If you find yourself rummaging through storage bins to find what you need, opt for see-through vessels instead. "Clear cubes help me store everything in an organized fashion while letting what's inside peek through—so I know when I need to restock on colored paper," says Miller. "And I store supplies in clear plastic tubs in a closet, all labeled so I know what goes where."

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Create a Wrapping Station

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Creating a wrapping station can be a lifesaver, especially around the holidays. Dowels make finding and cutting wrapping paper and ribbons fuss-free, and extra storage compartments keep other essentials like scissors and tape close at hand.

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Keep a Color Scheme

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If aesthetics are important to you, consider giving your craft room set up a color scheme. "My desktop accessories are white, gray, and metallic—even my stapler and ruler are gold-toned—and because everything is in the same color scheme, it looks harmonious, even though I like to have my tools out on the desktop where I can reach them," says Miller.

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Take Advantage of Multi-Purpose Furniture

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Get the most out of your workspace by combining your craft room and home office. Craft furniture can easily double as an office desk to create a cohesive and multifunctional space.

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Add a Hutch

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For the ultimate crafter, couple a desk with a cabinet hutch to deck out your space. Sewing supplies fit neatly behind cabinet doors, and paper tools tuck away securely into a drawer space keeping everything organized.

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Incorporate Light

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While nothing beats natural light, there are other ways to brighten up your craft room if you're short on windows. "I have strong desk lamps—because I need bright light when I'm drawing," says Miller. "Bring in as much extra light as you need, whether that means overhead light, desk lamps, floor lamps, or all of the above."

Metallics are also a clever way to add some light to your space. "They reflect any light that does come in, whether from a window or a wall. And if you don't have any windows, you can fake it!" she says.

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Add Labels

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No craft room is complete without essential craft tools. Ensure everything has its own space and add a label—that way you'll never waste time looking for what you need in the middle of a project again.

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Work With the Space You Have

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Even small spaces can make a great craft room. A corner desk is the perfect solution for apartment or small-space dwellers who want to get crafty. Wall-mounted storage and risers that store jars and containers maximize an otherwise little-used corner.

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Install a Convertible Table

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A drop-leaf table provides an extra area to spread out sewing projects or other crafts and folds when not in use to allow easy access to the rest of the space. Since this version is on wheels, it also rolls out into the center of the room to provide a versatile, multi-use surface.

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Utilize Vertical Storage Space

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In many rooms, extra storage space can be mounted vertically on the walls above workstations or storage cabinets. Here, two simple cube-shaped shelf systems store paints, adhesive, and twine; laying the items down instead of storing them standing up means the entire collection is visible at once.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or expertise, but I can provide information and insights on a wide range of topics. Let's dive into the concepts used in this article:

Maintaining a Craft Workspace

The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining a craft workspace. It suggests that whether you are a beginner or an experienced DIYer, having a well-designed and organized workspace is essential for creativity and productivity.

Designing the Ultimate Craft Room

The article suggests that designing the ultimate craft room can be a DIY project in itself. It encourages approaching the task with the same enthusiasm and creativity as any other craft project. By putting effort into creating a well-organized and visually appealing craft room, you can enhance your creative process and achieve more intuitive results.

Organizing Projects

One tip mentioned in the article is to keep your projects in plain sight. By using clear folders and hanging them on a bulletin board, you can have a visual reminder of your ongoing and completed projects. This not only keeps your workspace organized but also serves as decorative wall art.

Color-Coding Supplies

Organizing your writing supplies by type and color can make it easier to find and use your favorite hues. By color-coding your pens, colored pencils, and markers, you can streamline your creative process and avoid wasting time searching for specific items.

Transparent Storage Containers

Using transparent storage containers allows you to easily see and access your craft supplies. Clear cubes and plastic tubs can be labeled and stored in a closet, making it convenient to locate and restock items when needed.

Creating a Wrapping Station

Having a dedicated wrapping station can be beneficial, especially during the holiday season. Using dowels for wrapping paper and ribbons, along with additional storage compartments for scissors and tape, can make the gift wrapping process more efficient.

Keeping a Color Scheme

If aesthetics are important to you, maintaining a color scheme in your craft room can create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment. Using a consistent color scheme for your desktop accessories and tools can contribute to an organized and cohesive workspace.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Maximizing your workspace by combining your craft room with a home office can be achieved through multi-purpose furniture. Craft furniture that doubles as an office desk allows for a cohesive and multifunctional space.

Adding a Hutch

For dedicated crafters, adding a hutch to a desk can provide additional storage and organization options. Sewing supplies can be neatly stored behind cabinet doors, while paper tools can be kept in drawers, ensuring everything has its place.

Incorporating Light

Natural light is ideal for a craft room, but if you have limited windows, incorporating additional lighting is essential. Strong desk lamps, overhead lights, floor lamps, or using metallics to reflect light can brighten up your workspace and create an inviting atmosphere.

Adding Labels

To maintain an organized craft room, it is recommended to label everything. By assigning each item its own designated space and labeling containers, you can easily locate materials and tools, saving time during projects.

Utilizing Small Spaces

Even in small spaces, it is possible to create a functional craft room. Corner desks, wall-mounted storage, and risers that store jars and containers can maximize the use of limited space and provide ample room for creativity.

Installing a Convertible Table

A drop-leaf table offers an additional work surface for sewing projects or other crafts. It can be folded when not in use to save space and easily rolled out for a versatile and multi-use surface.

Utilizing Vertical Storage Space

Using vertical storage space can help maximize storage in a craft room. By mounting shelves or cube-shaped shelf systems on the walls above workstations or storage cabinets, you can store and display paints, adhesive, and twine, making your entire collection visible at once.

These concepts provide a foundation for creating a well-organized and inspiring craft room. By implementing these ideas, you can enhance your crafting experience and make the most of your creative space.

12 Craft Room Ideas That Blend Form and Function (2024)
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